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Will sell PS4's in Japan. #1
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I play JRPG's for the story and tactical intricacies which make my brain engaged.

And third person shooters for the fun and excitement #3
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Its ok to make such a reasonable comment showing concern.

But I bet you dont even pay tax...*giggles* #2.2
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I wouldnt mind if most JRPG's were released exclusively as digital copies to reduce distributions costs.

But if that happened, that would say something...that JRPG's are becoming niche #5.1.1
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If anyone of us are going to be honest.

Then we need to speak the truth and says that if the Wii U does have better quality games.....then it has better quality games.

However i think some people ignore the console as they want even better graphics #1.2
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I loved Suikoden 1 and 2.

It was like Dark Cloud in the sense that you build things and can then go inside the buildings.

I tried Suikoden 3 but for some reason could not get into it. #1.1.1
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I was just commenting how the scans remind me of GTA. that city seems very large and their driving a car.

I would love for FF15 to be as popular as GTA and for the FF series to return to the glory days of FF7.

If making FF more open world, or like a sandbox is what it takes for that to happen, I dont mind #1.2.2
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What about Dark Cloud?

Ever played that series?

I am hoping they make a Dark Cloud 3 #1.2
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I sure as hell want another Valkyria Chronicles on the PS3 #1
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I hope they determine who are the liars and exaggerators and who are the honest people and take action against them whoever they may be. #1
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GTA Final Fantasy???

Am willing to give an experiment like that a try... #1.2
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N4G should ban all websites which split an article into more than 1 page.

These guys split it into 7.

Ban crap like this. #1.2
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I want a JRPG of the quality of Persona 4 or Dark Cloud 2. That would do me good.

I also want more niche risk taking games like this: #1.1
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Shouldve known it was a mobile game #1
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This article reminds me of this:

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #1.2
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So sony didnt give accurate information about the graphics and now its gone to court.

Am fine with this so long as it sets a precedent and deters companies from false advertising like what happened back in the PS3 era with the Killzone 3 CGI trailer and Mirrors Edge that was claimed to be ingame.

I want less false advertising

Who congratulates a console???

Thats like congratulating a toaster.

When I put it that way it does make you sound like a f*cking idiot right? #3.1
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You talk as if your in a situation where you can only choose to save 1 of your children from a burning house...just before its about to flattened in a fight between Godzilla, King Kong and Chuck Norris.

Just buy both consoles if you can afford it #2.1
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I have both consoles. So I laugh at poor fanboys.

Competition is good. Businesses tend to be very monopolistic if they have the chance. So am happy that neither are able to totally dominate.

Having said that I will be and honest and say I do have a slight bias towards sony... being a huge JRPG fan. #1.2
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A football trophy is not won by winning 1 match. You have to go the whole season.

Sometimes I dont care who is the winner or even if its a draw, so long as us (the consumers/gamers) get good entertainment #1.1
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