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You played it at 7. Must of been hard.

Youd have to be an intelligent 7 year old to finish FF7 at 7 years old.

Am jealous

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I dont care if its on xb1. a true ff fan wouldn't

I used to be a sony fanboy. Get both consoles, you will be happier.

But i thought sony had exclusive rights to ff7 as they paid $100 million for its advertising and 100% of its development costs. If that is true, Square Enix shouldn't fu*k Sony over.

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Square Enix redeems itself. I will buy this even if I have to sell my legs and one of my arms

Sony won E3 hands down

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[insert crazy word here]

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Damn, I was a huge FF fa how could I forget the choice. I do remember that it gave some sort of turn based option but I forgot about that.

In that case i take back my words it is gives you the choice of deciding how you want to play. Old school or play itself.

But I still think FF12 had a poor story and poor characters other than balthier.

I forgot number 5 on my list:

5) Cool awesome and memorable characters that you can app...

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The story of FF12 was not in the same league as FF6-FF10. The gameplay was ok but felt many times it could play itself.

No need to discuss FF13, it is clear that these days there is a general consensus that it doesnt have a leg to stand on when compared to other final fantasies, that it is disappointing as you rightly said

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What got me hooked to FF:

1) Story e.g ff6
2) Tactical intricate mind engaging gameplay
3) Secret Bosses e.g Emerland Weapon, Dark Aeons, Penance, Omega Weapon
4) Fun Mini Games: Triple Triad, Tetra Master, Blitzball, Chocob Breeding

Those used to be in all FF games from FF6-FF10. Then they went downhill.

I would like to see a return of the things which made Final Fantasy be Final Fantasy

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I want these games which never got announced:
Dark Cloud 3
Valkyria Chronicles Console game
New Shadow Hearts
New Suikoden Console game

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youll never hear the word "damn it" in kingdom hearts.

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I havent been following amazons gaming development, but it could be related to amazon?

If not amazon I would assume Nintendo then

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Hoping for Dreamcast 2.

More competition is good, even I wouldn't mind if Samsung, Apple or AMAZON shockingly announces a console

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I forgot that the organs should also be harvested and sold to crippled children...

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I say we put him in the back of a white van and drive off. Then chop him up into little pieces, subsequently we douse the pieces in petrol and then set it on fire.

Finally we smoke his ashes with weed to hide the evidence.

Am just kidding...

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I hope the Japanese never get a taste for FPS games.

i hate the FPS genre. Its its like a plague reducing variety in the video industry.

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Games are no logner geeky

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Fukc you gamesradar. Dont give them ideas

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Sakaguchi deserves better and bigger projects and shouldn't be stuck making mobile games for a living.

He should return to Square Enix and stop being stubborn and forget his pride (he left voluntarily because of Wada and Spirits within bombing, he should return)

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I wont believe it till i see it.

I completely lost my faith in Square Enix.

Their the type of company that would go on mainstream media like CNN and announce they have a new massive game to be announced within 3 days.

Then when the countdowns up the game is something like "Lightning beach volleyball iphone game" and then they would say "Preez be excited" live on CNN.

They are totally out of touch

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