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I use the full scale. If other sites/reviewers give this score to a broken game then they're doing a disservice to their readers. To me a 5.5 is a game with a lot of issues, be they technical or gameplay but still something worth a look if you go in with that in mind. There's a lot to like about State of Decay but it's let down by tedium and technical issues. #3.2
They are a bit tough to go back to, makes it even sadder that Goldeneye XBLA remake was never released. #13.1
I will fully admit to having barely played the original NES game. Though I have played a ton of Super Double Dragon for the SNES, itself not an easy game.

But really that doesn't have anything to do with this game, I reviewed Neon on it's own merits not on whether it was faithful to the original games. It's a cheap, unfun and frustrating game, I wish it were better because it has some great ideas but they really missed the mark. #3.2
I can appreciate difficult games, when they are legitimately hard and not cheap. Double Dragon is hard because it's cheap, it piles things on top of each other to put players in unwinnable situations.

I have no problem with hard games, I'm not saying I'm good at them, but I've enjoyed Ninja Gaiden, Ghost and Goblins and most recently things like Super Meat Boy and Dark Souls. #4.1
I love the ones with really elaborate armour, that have taken the picture in their bedroom, haha. #5
Can't say I agree, I think Microsoft or Sony would be alienating a huge part of their audience if they implemented this sort of thing. #3
Was good fun being on the show, thanks for having me! #1
Totally noticed this in the Arcade Next trailer, very cool. Can't wait to see what else people can do with the track editor. #2
From the description and trailer it sounds super ambitious. Very intrigued, hopefully it turns out well. #4
Really awesome guide, I shall be using it myself when I go back to collect the few things I'm missing. #1
Looks like a pretty cool puzzle game. Gives me a more whacky World of Goo vibe. #1
Split-screen is a great combination, could make it a surprisingly cool party game. #2
Wolf makes some interesting comments, not sure I agree with all of them but definitely food for thought. #4
Really fun list! #3
Great review of a great piece of DLC. #1
Was surprised to see that 800 was still the standard, even if 1200 has been on the rise. #2
Not too sure on the design changes but still really interested in this. #2
Such an awesome soundtrack. #2
I don't recall many people complaining about the game being hard, mostly that it's badly designed in a lot of ways. #5
Great article, some good points about Kinect. #6
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