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I want Suikoden 6 and a new Breathe of Fire game.

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Ha they got the release date wrong says Q4 2010.

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I love how at E3 Reggie was running his mouth as he always does about how Nintendo isn't abandoning the hardcore gamers......really Reggie have you looked at your Wii line up.

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Well I never bought UC 2 but did play the MP in it and I sucked died constantly.Yet in UC 3 beta I'm doing pretty good,so I like 3 better so far lol.

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This worked for me

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I can't update the beta,everytime I try to it just resets my PS3

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I have the colored discs

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Ha thats funny he mentioned Legend of Dragoon.I'm currently playing LoD for the first time in about 11 years still great.

Also there really does need to be a new Breath of Fire game and also wtf konami Suikoden 6 needs to happen.

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God damn the lag makes it unplayable for me.

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Probably another case of oh well lets not release this in North America since no one will buy it because they only like first and third person shooters.

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I expected this game to blow honestly the first one was below average as well.Just too bad JRPG genre has been crapped all over this gen compared to the last couple of gens.

Thank god Tales of Graces F is coming to North America next year.

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Now I'm not saying it's gonna ruin the whole franchise for me but it will defiantly have boring parts if I have to use Catwoman.

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I agree.There are too many sheep that just follow their shepherd,their fav site gives a game a 6 then they don't buy it,yet it gives another game a 9.5 and they rush to buy it.

I also agree with GTAIV as well.I thought it was overrated and no where near as fun to play as GTA San Andreas.

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Nice,she has some great boobs.

Also The Witcher 2 is gonna be awesome just like the original .

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Couldn't agree more with you.I'm so sick of people thinking it's the end of the world when u can't play online.

I play single player games probably 99% of the time.

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I'm so sick of people calling everyone who plays a certain console a fanboy of that console.

I'm actually a fan of gaming and own multiple systems.

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lol at the fact that they said unfortunately there won't be multiplayer .I think it's fantastic that it won't have mp in it.I'm so sick of everyone wanting online play in all the games even the ones that don't need it.

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Still makes me sad that it's for the 3DS.

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Sigh ....and the slow death of JRPG continues with no news about any at all......

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I really hope it is just 15 hours if you don't do a lot of the side quests,and can be 25-30+ hours if you do all the side quests they have.

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