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huh when has Sony been nicknamed the Evil Empire?.

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So long as Kevin Conroy is still voicing Batman , can't handle him not voicing Batman and David Hayter not voicing Snake.

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X-Men legends 1 and 2 and Marvel Alliance were fantastic games that each took me over 20 hours to beat, MA 2 was nothing but a cash grab during the Civil War story in the comics and I beat in under 7 hours.

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God I can't wait until Witcher 3

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I just want a release date already.

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I knew every one of those,probably because I got a platinum with FC3 , which is odd for me since I'm not a trophy achievement whore.Guess they says something about the enjoyment I got out of this game.

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Makes sense now,I remember a couple of times I didn't press anything and still won and I was like wtf happened how did I win the clash ,now I know why.

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Agreed I am so sick of people comparing cell phone games to handheld games, big deal they are cheap , but you get what you paid for , an incredibly short and repetitive game.

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OMG this would be pure win, I to have always wanted this, in fact this is one of my dream games if it came true.

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Well for me it's Far Cry 3 all the way,I already played Walking Dead same thing with Mass Effect Series.Don't care for MOBA's so no Guardians of Middle-Earth for me and Hawken I may try.

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Well here in Canada we still have Reviews on the Run and Electric Playground,I wonder will they be canceled here.... man tho I remember how great it use to be.

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I for one never expected it to be like the older games... I have no clue why anyone would expect it to be honestly after the resent games... but still tons of people were butt hurt expecting old school RE.

However I loved the fact it took me 27 hours to beat unlike RE5 which only took me 7 hours.

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I pray there is no reboot, we don't need another bullshit reboot like Devil May Cry is getting raping a beloved character like Dante.

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Same deal for me as well.

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Great another reason for hackers to try and steal accounts.

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Ha that's funny, I own all those games listed.

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I always loved the fact that the tales series gives fans what we want instead of drastically changing the series with every iteration.

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I know right, good for a laugh at least.

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Would love to see a Jade Empire sequel, and a Alpha Protocol sequel feel like I'm one of the only people who actually liked that game.

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Annoys me how people keep going on that FF7 was the rpg that got everyone into the genre,even tho I played numerous rpgs years before.

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