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I had no issue with it.... because it's a F***ing Game .

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Peter Molynuex is one of if not the most overrated person in gaming

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Turtle Power

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I'm glad that you can customize your main character again , but I'm also glad they didn't make him a silent protagonist like in origins,Been gaming for nearly three decades and I'm so tired of silent protagonists in rpgs .

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Literally Dozens (probably more) of times over the years Developers say their games are going to be much longer then they will be.

Now I hope it is 100 hours long but I am no going into GTA V believing that only to be let down by it being 50 hours. I choose to do the opposite and assume it will be shorter(of course 50 hours isn't short) so if it ends up being longer I will be all the happier for it.

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I highly doubt it will be 100 hours long, I figure I will put anywhere between 35-60 hours into it.

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That would be an interesting development , Would I buy it a second time on a more powerful system..... depends on if I love GTA V like I think I am going to .

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I really hope this gives a better chance for the new PS3 Trails of the Sky to come West.

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I want a physical copy of every game I own, because I like to actually own a game. Is it likely Steam will shut down any time soon.... of course not but the fact remains there is always that chance of anything happening to any distributor , and I would be beyond pissed off because that means all the games I bought on Steam would be gone, where as the ones I have physical copies of remain playable to me.

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Yes I am a PS fanboy I have a had two PS3s to go along with my Wii and my two Xbox 360s wanna go last gen I still have my Xbox , Fact is Microsoft is just my least favorite of the 3 major players and I would be extremely disappointed if Microsoft made Atlus games Xbox exclusive.

I would go so far to say I would be disappointed if Nintendo or Sony bought it, Atlus works so well because their games can appear on so many platforms.

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I agree perhaps that is the reason why Tales of Xillia 2 was announced for NA already.

Personally Tales of Xillia is my most anticipated game of the year , I have had it pre-ordered as soon as I was able.

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Eh imagine Microsoft come outta nowhere and buy Atlus, I think I would wanna kill myself.

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CD Projekt Red are so great, they consider 20 hours a smaller game..... this is why I love them.

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Persona 2 Eternal Punishment had Maya as well. Of course they did mention mainline tho.

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Same here,when I pre ordered it I only had one option, then I got an email saying they changed to standard and launch, and I had Launch , So happy after getting that email.

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Huh , the PS4 is ahead of MS.

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Man so glad when I received the email saying I had a Launch Version of PS4, guess it means I'm getting one for sure.

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Like 4 games I'm getting in June, and if State of Decay comes out makes 5

Remember Me
The Last of Us
Project X Zone
State of Decay ( maybe ... hopefully).

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I always have a huge backlog of games as well, but I still keep buying new games and adding to that backlog even more.

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No summer drought for me this year.

Project X Zone
Shadow Runs Returns
Time and Eternity
Shin Megami Tensei 4
Tales of Xillia
Grim Dawn .

So overall great Summer for me on various platforms. Pondering about Saints Row 4 ... but the series has gone so far off the rails now.

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