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I love blitzball .

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I think I actually heard of at least 3 of those .

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They say "shocking news" as if every gamer wants a multiplayer component in their games.

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I just want Yakuza 5 .

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I tried to sign up for the beta but I couldn't because I am in Canada.

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The one thing that is hurting me is compared to the original's music which is so good the rearrangements of the music in the hd remaster are just average at best .

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I remember paying like 92 bucks (tax included) for Final Fantasy Tactics on the PS1.

So you aren't wrong there was some crazy pricing back then but it seemed to even itself out by the end of that gen and pretty much until now except for a period of time when ps2,xbox.gamecube games were slightly overpriced but that was everywhere not just Canada. So hopefully this nonsense won't last long .

Of course I keep hearing over the years Australians get absol...

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FFS ... at 59.99 plus tax its usually about 69 bucks for a game
now with 5 dollar increase it's gonna be over 70 now ..... disappointing. Thankfully I have Thief and Infamous Second Son pre ordered so hopefully they don't screw me there .

Still tho the whole excuse of Canadian dollar dropping I call bs. For years out dollar was like 30-40 cents less then the us dollar and the games were the same price now it's like a 10 cent difference and they change the p...

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I agree and unlike like Square Enix with Final Fantasy Namco Bandai doesn't always try to change the formula so much they alienate large portions of the fan base .

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Further proof that Square Enix continues to be garbage and they have no idea what the majority of their fans want.

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I agree it's foolish to believe that you will get a 0% failure rate. My PS4 had the blue light when it arrived , it wasn't the end of the world and I sent it back free of charge they got it back to me in like a week. Life goes on .

People went on like the failure rate was like 50% or something because all the people online complaining but that's because all the people with working consoles were too busy playing them to bitch online .

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Same here PS1 and PS2 RPGS are the ones I still regularly play now .

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I get like 650-800 kbps ..... I use to get max 150 kbps which I had for like 8 years so I know your pain.

Also drives me up the wall people complaining about like 5-10 mb speeds .I would probably kill for that kind of speed .

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Man was so happy I got my PS4 today ... of course the damn thing has the blinking blue light .

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Ah finally some more news about this game.

Can't wait to play this .

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I wish it would come out here .

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Shenmue series would be sweet but just as much awesomeness would be Yakuza 5 finally being released outside of Japan , I have every other one I need my Yakuza 5 dammit .I would love the yakuza games based on feudal japan as well .

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Only Gameplay isn't as polished bothers me when I go back and play older games . I'm currently replaying Parasite Eve , Suikoden II and Dragon Quest VIII and having just as good time as I do every time I go back and replay older games.

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I wish Dead Rising 3 would come to PC , because that is the only Xbox One game I have interest in .

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I will always prefer physical copies so I don't have to deal with this problem.I couldn't care less about games where I have to install 1-5 gigs, but expecting me to download 50+ gigs is nuts.

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