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This guy .... he made one game and he thinks people give a shit about him or his opinion, add the fact that FEZ is and was pure shit I will never understand this guy inflated ego.

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That would be glorious , I already have a huge line of games already and the console isn't even near a year old , and I plan on buying somewhere in the range of 7-10 games this fall for my PS4 so it will be even more insane if they don't give us folders.

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Would be nice someone bought Capcom and actually made Megaman Legends 3 ,and canceled the horrible mobile game Breathe Of Fire6 and turn it into an actually console BoF 6 instead .

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Man this and Mutant League Hockey were so much fun .

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I would love a good DBZ rpg..... I loved legend of the super saiyan on snes .

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OMG I just came ..... finally we get the last good Final Fantasy game .

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Man really ... another October release... companies have to realize there are other months besides October .

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Redcliffe is back I hope we can go to Denerim as well .

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NHL 15
Dragon Age Inquisition
The Evil Within
Assassins Creed Unity
Far Cry 4
Samurai Warriors 4
Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

I am actually glad that Batman Arkham Knight was delayed as well as Witcher 3 getting delayed a while back because I have tons of games to play this fall as well .

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Legend of Dragoon 2 ..... A man can dream.

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Where I live in Canada my local Future Shop isn't doing a Midnight Launch so I guess I will be waiting until tomorrow.

If there was a midnight launch I would have gone tho .

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I want Shining Resonance, Final Fantasy Type-0 and Yakuza 5 for damn sure .

Drives me crazy I have Yakuza 1-4 and Dead Souls ... I need Yakuza 5 so bad .

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N4G is ..... no surprise to see it on this site.

I could say I hope all babies grow up healthy and I would get disagrees .

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YESSSSSSS!!!! Just the announcement I was waiting for from them.

Only negative for me is my Fall gaming schedule is already loaded and I was hoping if this was announced it would be over the summer so I would have more gaming funds available to buy all I want .

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Holy Shit this year... wow didn't expect that , man my fall gaming continues to get better .

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This doesn't matter because I got screwed over because I bought the xbox one last month .... I wish I could get 100 bucks back for that useless kinect I don't want .

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I don't have much pity for them , because where I live in Canada we have 15% sales tax . Add the fact that games went up from 59.99 to 69.99 games are costing me over 80 bucks now .

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Really we get this but we never got Final Fantasy Type-0 localized.

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My problem with Stick of Truth is it was a 60 dollar game for 12 hours of gameplay.

Child of Light 15 bucks for 12 hours of gameplay is amazing .

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Also the fact they plan on making Breathe of Fire 6 as a mobile game ....... ugh just ugh ,the end is nigh for Capcom.

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