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I remember those 2004 days very well, and I fully agree this is nothing but a cash grab .

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I recommend that emulator for sure, I have been using it for years with minimal issues .

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Soon my precious you shall be mine .

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It's a bummer about the delay , yet I have to admit I am more happy than sad about it because I already have so many games this fall .

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Damn I was hoping early 2016 , I already have like 13-14 games I am thinking of buying from September-December. I'm gonna have no time to play anything this year.

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Wonderful news.

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Yeah that is kind of a big mistake for no one to catch .

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So at the end the main character finally speaks.

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Dammit I just bought Ground Zeroes 2 weeks ago .

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I to am one of those million

It's just too bad that millions of copies will be pirated due to their stance on no drm .

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I'm still shocked we are getting a Star Ocean 5 after that mobile company bought tri ace

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I wonder will we get this one. We got the first one which I bought day one and enjoyed .

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I just wish it wasn't another AC game in Europe . I just don't understand why they won't make one in Japan or China for a completely different looking experience at least .

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Damn I really hope deleting 0% trophies is true , I have numerous ones I would love to get rid of

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OMG I want it to be true so bad. The Witcher 3 and Xenoblade Chronicles X releasing within like two weeks of each other glorious absolutely glorious please be true .

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Man gonna need a new 3DS now ....

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OMG if Suikoden VI gets made I will shit my pants .

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Dammit Sega just give me Yakuza 5 !

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I really don't care what anyone thinks about games I like I am not that sensitive.

Also It shouldn't have to be said if it is my opinion or not . I was the one who wrote the above text so clearly it is my opinion on Crytek and their games .

Somewhat similar to how it is your opinion that metacritic means a damn thing . While I think it is worthless, to each his/her own .

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Of course it looks great it is a Crytek game, sadly the only thing Crytek does is make good looking games not good games.

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