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OMFG no way ....this proves that god exists.

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This series is my on gaming addiction I just can't shake.Even tho they always tend to be nearly the same I just keep coming back.

I suppose it's the fact I shut my brain off and just slaughter people that makes it fun.

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March is gonna leave me poor,potentially 5 games to buy.

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The hell who disagreed with me.It's not possible to disagree with the statement I made since it was a personal statement.You can't disagree with the fact that it didn't happen to me so I never knew about it.

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I never even heard of this problem until now.

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Seems they are on board with those of us saying its clearly fan made.

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Yeah it's fake for sure,Since the joker was a mess in an earlier trailer thanks to his use of venom makes no sense how he was magically healed.
Also as other people have said the joker uses the exact same lines from that he does in Arkham Asylum.

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Final Fantasy Versus XIII may be my last hope for the Final Fantasy series being fun for me again.Since the last 2 Final Fantasy games haven't appealed to me at all.So I pray that Final Fantasy Versus XIII turns out great.

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I've been playing this series since the beginning when it was a 1v1 fighting game.

After that game however these games are nearly the same every time and I always say I won't buy another one.....but I do.

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Would be nice if Tales of Xillia gets released in North America ...but it probably won't happen since Namco Bandai will be too busy releasing crappy Dragon Ball Z games that are the exact same as every other one that comes out.

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Damn Square Enix for delaying Deus Ex:Human Revolution.Wanted that game in March.

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It's not just PS3 gamers its most gamers this gen.It is the gen of the graphic whore,Seems like every review I read about any game one of the first comments anyone makes is about the graphics.

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The Comment "what’s with people’s fascination with mobsters? Seriously, we just had Mafia 2, and now we’re getting a Japanese remake of it?"

Remake? be nice if someone would know what they were talking about before they write something down.

Also the Yakuza series owns Mafia series in every way possible.

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Such great news I was hoping for this for a long time.

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...this makes me sad .I hate motion controls so much.

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The Fallout one is great

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I've almost given up hope on this ever happening.Happy Day.

Hope it's true

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It actually has a few people who worked on Radiata Stories.

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I loved Radiata Stories and I believe Radiant Historia is made by a lot of the same people .
I really hope Radiant Historia gets a North American release.

Sadly I doubt it will tho.

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No wonder Joker is always smiling,I would to hanging around with Harley Quinn all the time.

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