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I don't want it to be but Skyrim was 2011 and Fallout 4 was 2015 . So I may actually be optimistic by saying 3 years from now instead of 4 lol .

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I think Fall 2019 at the earliest.

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While I am pumped for another Valkyria game I gotta say the comically large breasts are a bit much .

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I completely disagree that The Evil Within was a huge disappointment , I loved The Evil Within .

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I loved the old Langrisser games so much and I was so pumped when they first announced this , until I looked at videos and screenshots and realized they took a giant dump on a series I love

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I'm in the same boat as you , just got a new gaming pc last month and can't wait to try Witcher 3 on it . However I have 280 hours into Witcher 3 on my PS4 so I am going to finish blood and wine on my PS4 before I replay it on PC over the summer .

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Couldn't agree more .

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I'm happy about this, the other uncharted games are much shorter than 14 hours. This matches the time it took for me to beat The Last of Us.

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Ok I can accept this release date , a few weeks before Star Ocean 5 is out so I have plenty of time to enjoy the 20+ hour expansion .

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I really hope after Zero comes out it doesn't take 3 years for Yakuza 6 to release in NA .

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To the shock of no one both versions are awesome, Amazon shipped mine today so hopefully I will get it Friday afternoon.

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Indeed here in Canada it's gotten rough add the 15% sales tax and it means I don't want to pay 50 bucks for a season pass after spending almost 100 dollars for the base game .

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I remember those 2004 days very well, and I fully agree this is nothing but a cash grab .

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I recommend that emulator for sure, I have been using it for years with minimal issues .

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Soon my precious you shall be mine .

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It's a bummer about the delay , yet I have to admit I am more happy than sad about it because I already have so many games this fall .

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Damn I was hoping early 2016 , I already have like 13-14 games I am thinking of buying from September-December. I'm gonna have no time to play anything this year.

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Wonderful news.

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Yeah that is kind of a big mistake for no one to catch .

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So at the end the main character finally speaks.

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