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Pisses me off so much that we haven't got Yakuza 5 yet. I loved 1-4 so much. Hell I even bought dead souls to support sega not because I wanted that game . #2
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Hmmm I am almost afraid to download it. Last update messed my PS4 up to the point I had to initialize it then it worked right . #20
I am still pretty pissed here in Canada that games are 69.99 again . Makes no sense with there excuse Canadian dollar being weaker.

Considering games were 59.99 when I was back in high school and the Canadian Dollar was like 63 cents compared to the US Dollar . Now it is 93 cents to the US dollar and 69.99 .... complete and utter bullshit , cash grab is all it is . #9
Good I will have this a week before Samurai Warriors 4 releases. #9
I agree I can't comprehend why SE keeps shoving this pile of garbage down our throats . The FFX remake outsold the most recent unnecessary FFXIII sequel yet Square doesn't learn. #1.1.1
Haha well done title you got me . #1
64 square kilometers and it is just one of three areas you can explore, and it's not even the largest one very cool news indeed. #4
Because I was interested in how this game was going to Reignite a console war . #4.1.1
Witcher 3 ..... #2
I own a PS4 and Xbox One . I have no interest what so ever in this game regardless of the console it appears on . #4
This is good news indeed. #3
This guy .... he made one game and he thinks people give a shit about him or his opinion, add the fact that FEZ is and was pure shit I will never understand this guy inflated ego. #74
That would be glorious , I already have a huge line of games already and the console isn't even near a year old , and I plan on buying somewhere in the range of 7-10 games this fall for my PS4 so it will be even more insane if they don't give us folders. #1.2.4
Would be nice someone bought Capcom and actually made Megaman Legends 3 ,and canceled the horrible mobile game Breathe Of Fire6 and turn it into an actually console BoF 6 instead . #54
Man this and Mutant League Hockey were so much fun . #1
I would love a good DBZ rpg..... I loved legend of the super saiyan on snes . #7
OMG I just came ..... finally we get the last good Final Fantasy game . #18
Man really ... another October release... companies have to realize there are other months besides October . #7
Redcliffe is back I hope we can go to Denerim as well . #8
NHL 15
Dragon Age Inquisition
The Evil Within
Assassins Creed Unity
Far Cry 4
Samurai Warriors 4
Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

I am actually glad that Batman Arkham Knight was delayed as well as Witcher 3 getting delayed a while back because I have tons of games to play this fall as well . #27
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