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Yeah, and those grips look really out of place. Idk but I hope this is just an early prototype.

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Pretty ugly

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How is this gaming related? Who cares! I don't understand how this site reports anything related to the gaming culture but allows it when relatively unknown celebrities hold a Yoshi egg.

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Yeah, it's a nice side of Los Santos we don't normally see.

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I kinda do miss Liberty City..

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Well, this is kind of thing where you need to play it to judge it. Watching it on Youtube is one thing and playing it is another.

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Sounds like a Ps4 owner. I still can't believe this 6v6 thing has people riled up. 4v4 was always the standard for arena shooters. The maps are not small, their big enough to house 6 titans, a whole team of players and bots.

The bots aren't something you go for, they're not a target. If you happen to run into one, you can easily just shoot it or run away. They're not your primary target, just a companion.

Don't judge it until you play it. ...

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Yeah, you nailed it there, Septic. But I think what he meant is that speed, you were talking about? That fast-paced, tight gameplay is what really sets it apart. Wall running mechanics aside, they were able to change the stagnant FPS genre and break the pattern.

The new standard is that no generic FPS will do anymore. With Titanfall and Destiny coming, I can agree that another CoD installment or any other shooter will flop, easily.

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Yeah, that could've been a nice gesture showing maturity and companionship.

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I wonder what\s going to happen to this guy. Ubisoft could have played it off as like a respectful salute. But instead, they remove it.

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He probably got himself a beta code and just flipped out and couldn't contain his excitement.

I can totally relate.

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Yeah, I agree then. Let's just hope it's not as short as we've heard it to be. Plus, it is a good month for games with THIEF and Titanfall coming. It's good money saved.

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You did, Why? I mean, sure, I wouldn't buy it but if I already pre-ordered it. Might as well pick it up

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Yeah, that's what I was thinking. If Ground Zeroes ends up like one of short-but-replayable games, I'll hold off until Phantom Pain.

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awwwesome. Honestly, cant wait.

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not entirely

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Yeah, same here. Just hoping I can get into the beta. No word on how we can get in yet, aside from pre-orders. I just hope to see a bolt-action sniper.

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Essentially, you're paying for the same stuff you do in Skyrim but in a huge multiplayer world. You're paying for the online aspect.

The embargo for the PvP part of the game isn't up yet. So I suggest you wait until next week and read the PvP previews before making your final judgement.

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Sure, it's going to feel like any MMO. There are certain features that are pivotal to that genre, so you're bound to run into a few similarities.

But that "slap" is what separates it from the rest, for a fan of the franchise, it's great. Plus the first person mode really makes quite the difference.

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