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I loved it.

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I know huh. I still recall playing stuff like TMNT II: The Arcade Game, The Simpsons, Street Fighter II Championship Edition and Mortal Kombat 3 to name a few that were always a blast to play an arcade.

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I really, really like this game. Been playing quite a bit of it, aside from NFS Rivals and COD: Ghosts.

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LOL I agree man, all this "gamer girl" stuff is over the top, especially when you can tell it's hella fake.

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I think it was a terrible idea to release it the way it was.

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I actually loved the GTA V soundtrack, but that kind of music, especially the older school stuff is my cup of tea.

As for Game of the Year, I feel like it should've gone to The Last of Us.

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You are a brave man for reviewing this game.

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I enjoy seeing a timeline, but the more and more I look at it, the more confusing it gets, lol.

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Now it is!

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I absolutely can't wait to play this bad boy. Great review!

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Mine is working OK but it's still disappointing to hear of this issue. Really hoping the Xbox One doesn't suffer from a similar issue, though we all know sh*t happens. Let's just hope Sony gets this situation sorted out quickly as not to kill the momentum of the launch.

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So far so good on mine..hope it stays that way.

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This game was so much fun!

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Do it!

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How are you liking it?

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I seriously couldn't stop staring at the game during the demo. Almost forgot to play lol.

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For AutoVista mode, there is.

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The easiest way to get one is through Nintendo's online store, as they do have them in stock. Check it out here:


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Pretty fair review. I'm playing the game right now and while it's enjoyable, it does feel like "been there done that".

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Lots of differing opinions from those who have played it but I enjoyed it. We'll see if it holds up after a few hours once the game is out.

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