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the only good thing skyrim had it was music and voice acting, everything else sucks.

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ice ice baby! :)

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bioware thats why, that company is crap.

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do yourself a favore and play this game if you havent already :) buy all episodes.

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i am with you on this. those parades are so stupid.

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And silent hill 2/3 HD release

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at begining i enjoyed it, but the more i played the less joy i was receiving. for example first 20 hours or so joy was 100%. 20-50 hours only 50% fun 50-100 hours 25% and 100-150 hours almost no fun at all thats why sold it without even finishing.

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AMY ON PSN i so wanted my money back, but sony refused.

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forgot to mention fallout 4 :)

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Enslaved super good game, loved it alot.

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is masturbation the future of gaming?
seriously how can mobile beat consoles or pc? not a chance, who would prefer little screen on stupid phone instead of tv?

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Something simmilar from the creators of Catherine.
Dead Rising 3 Next gen.
Bully 2
metal gear 5,6,7,8,9,10.
portal -3
walking dead game - season 2
enslaved 2
pixel junk monsters/shooter - 3

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true, to long games sucks, i started skyrim explored everything carefuly, talked with every posible person and after 150+ hours got bored and sold the game. Not even completed it.

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i am a gamer, but i never was interested in any cheats of anykid so i didint knew the answer too :)

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this looks very good, but i am sure it is for ps4 and nextbox not for this gen.

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this game so cute, so nice, music so good as well as voice acting! And the world map is superb!
My number one game! :)

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for stealth i play metal gear :)

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this game looks promising though i am not noughty dog fan, uncharted for me is the game that you complete in one day and throw away and by throw away i mean sell asap on ebay. (multyplayer is not my thing)
Single player is fun, but it is like tipical holywood action movie that you watch one time kinda like it, but dont want to watch it again.

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no dear patcher not a chance, gta 5 will be released in spring 2013 IF everything will go like planned, if not then summer or autumn of 2013.

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