Rise Above Fate


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lolzz are you sure about it? the title says the graphics/visuals downgrade is comparable to ps1 and ps2 era

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here is why this is FAKE... Far Cry 3 is listed... but it was already offered a free games for the month of October http://blog.eu.playstation....

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Here is what actually developer: "There’s not really much to say. Sony contacted us first and were really excited about getting Ether One onto the platform.

“It feels like a good partnership and the whole PlayStation team has been great to work with. No one from XBOX has contacted us and none of the team are XBOX players so it wasn’t really a consideration."

how misleading the title could be...

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nothing new here.. this has been their (CD Projekt Red) response evertime press have asked this question....

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Late October is the best bet i can place... November early also look likely.... also wondering what those other new unannounced feature could be...

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youtube with ps4 firmware 2.0 is officially confirmed

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the author is correct to some extent, developers also have another option which is offer what is best i.e. 1080p or 900p for each consoles...

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holy shit... these are really INSANE if true.... Miyazaki bring it on

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first posted it with everything.. so that others don't post it here and then EDIT it.. anyways..

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a full copy pasted material from here: http://www.neogaf.com/forum... screenshot just in-case changes are made: http://prntscr.com/4ohvqc

placeholder post

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quite an impressive deal.....

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he is a producer of ryse son of rome, sunset overdrive and scalebound

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he shared some images from his meeting with developers..... but still reported as RUMOR...

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the resolution-gate ps4 vs xbox one ghosts.... :D

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look at what the title says compare it with the off-screen footage, does it make any sense... as expected from DS....

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but i heard, media molecule are working on brand new IP for Playstation 4

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"Every single car in Forza Horizon 2 has unique challenges and events"

sounds interesting.

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It's available for $50 at amazon. check link in that article. But ya temporary offer ..overall $60 tag, you right. must buy for those who didn't play it on PS3 and own a PS4.

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Epic.. E3's best announcement yet.

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I personally find vehicles driving very awful in Watch Dogs, unrealistic traffic signals which are always red and you have to hack every time, Car damages can never be seen from behind..no matter how many times you crash into a wall or anything else..it will always look new from behind..rest everything else apart from cars and driving is superb.

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