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I love me some Japanese games, so for me, the Vita is alive an well. It gets a surprising amount of support for the games I most like to play. I used to play my 3DS more for such stuff, and still do occasionally, but the Vita definitely has more compelling software releasing on this front for my personal tastes, plus I find it a much better system than the 3DS overall....although I do actually love my 3DS also.:)

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I agree with you on the memory cards, but the games they brought out never stood a chance with the media or even much of the community. First people were claiming they wanted console games. Then they didn't want just watered down versions of console games. Then they wanted games from 3rd party, despite no one buying the system or the good games they did bring out.

I'm sorry, while I think Sony mismanaged a lot with the Vita, there was a pervasive movement with...

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PC Engine had more games released for it, and stayed on the market longer than the rest of the competition from that gen. It also had quite a few major games hit it which have gone down as some of the best games available.

Nowadays, it's more collectible and has more high priced collector's games than the NES and Genesis have combined.

Western support for the system sucked, but it was far from a loser system.

That being said, ...

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It's more that I'd rather see the devs push the hardware to it's limits, and create games within those confines and find ways to improve the games overall quality. When all they have to do is bump up the visuals, it's not improving the game, it's just making it look better. Throwing more power at a design does not simply make it better, it just makes it prettier.

Can more be realized with more power? Yes, absolutely. However...

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Not sure if Gal Gun is good. Seems to be getting good reviews from those who aren't all bent out of shape over the "sexual" stuff.

And yeah, Senran Kagura:EV is a great game.

Oh wait, you were probably talking about that list thing I posted. Yeah, that makes sense, because the entire community waits with bated breath for what you consider a good game.

You can deal with it because it suits your agenda. So I really can...

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IMO, if it can make it through Australia's rather strict and government controlled ratings board, it's fair to sell.

I don't believe they did this based on a Kotaku article...rather probably some outside pressure. EB Games would be well aware of what content was in this game before they decided to carry it.

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I say good too.

In fact, I'm going to go one step further.

Given Australia's aversion to guns, I say they should pull all games that have guns in them the next time some website decides to go on a self-serving political rant about violence in games.

Hail Australia!!!! Protectors of the chaste and morally righteous!!!

Here's what over sensitivity to such things brings Kaleb.

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Weird. So MS programmers are about as competent as a bunch of monkeys? It's like the Y2K thing all over again except this time, computers are more advanced and can comprehend more than 2 numbers.

Good to know it's on MS though, and not the mass public.

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I recall a time when I would take some mind altering substances which I, and others with me, could rationalize out anything to somehow come back to the number 7. I think that is what MS is doing in some way.

However, like my time with mind altering substances, everything written down about it to make us realize just what the hell we were talking about was completely incomprehensible the next day, so I think MS just took whatever number/word/symbol they had on the paper and...

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Thought they skipped 9 because they didn't want people to confuse it with their Win9x from back in the nineties. Because apparently MS thinks everyone is as incapable of counting as their marketing team is and somehow are too stupid to be able to just take it as the next iteration without thinking too much on something that happened over 15 years ago.

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360 is a marketing buzzword which sounds all cool and stuff to the trendy yoots of the modern age.

One is a marketing buzzword to indicate that it's an all in one device.

Xbox One S is just MS trying to copy Apple's nomenclature.

Project Scorpio probably won't even be the release name for the console itself...because Scorpio just isn't trendy enough for the mass I imagine MS will name the Scorpio the "X...

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Details about what Sony did or didn't do are all speculation. However, Tequila Works did reacquire the IP. No other info about the whole deal was given beyond that other than the game was going to continue to be worked on.


Publishing contracts often have acquisition rights up to a point in development....sometimes all the way up until it's released, and occasionally even after release. Price just goes up substantially the longer one wait...

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I'm really in no rush to upgrade. If the new generations are truly over due to this new model, then whatever. I see no reason to get excited and rush out and buy a console until I just absolutely feel the need to. Both Sony and MS can move to a mobile phone type model and release new systems every three years, and I may or may not get it, or I may and may not wait it out to see what they have planned for the next year to take my money.

As a consumer, it's just sa...

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While I agree with you, MS isn't really promoting it that way. They're marketing it as a premium version of the X1....for the discerning gamer who wants the best of the best....or something like that.

Obviously, they can't call it a new gen console any more than Sony can call the Neo a new gen console without getting tons of criticism, but that's essentially what we're getting with a little bit of a twist that all the content is likely still going to be...

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NVidia had more to do with MS releasing the 360 early than anything Sony was doing or MS being behind in sales.

In any case, how would MS be getting the jump ahead when the Neo is rumored to be coming soon...or at least sometime before Scorpio.

Slim is just a slim model with a couple added features. Probably overpriced, but given the prices of HDR/UHD players, it's within market range. MS could probably manage to sell more by undercutting those st...

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The HDMI could be updated through firmware. It's the HDCP2.2 that can't be updated. The HDCP2.2 resides on the HDMI controller chip though, and it's believed that the current systems don't have the proper silicon requirements as laid out by the spec. The systems themselves should be capable otherwise, but the systems came out before the HDCP/HDR spec was finalized, and now they aren't compliant with their current hardware.

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Yeah, the term clubhouse does imply that it's private property, in which case one shouldn't be going there anyhow to catch some Pokemon.

Not recommending people press their luck, just that jumping to the conclusion that one would be harmed by being around it seems like stereotyping. This particular biker club is more like a regular private biker club nowadays, and as far as I know, do not participate in sanctioned illegal activity anymore, so it's more just som...

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I understand. I'm not keen on being a beta tester myself, even if it had really good features that I'd want. I like my stuff to work, and I'm past the days when I had it in me to try out these kinds of things. A year of being a game tester drove that will out of me in about 2 months.:)

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I usually wait until all the episodes are out either way. To me, it's no different than just waiting for a game to be completed as a whole. Bigger problem I've seen with the episodic model is that the whole of all the segments tends to be shorter than a typical game...and to me it seems that if one goes with each episode instead of seeing the whole of the final product, they will never know what they're getting out of it if they follow it through to the end.


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Very sad really, because people place their own expectations on public celebrities, and then their actual quality of work becomes second to what those people's expectations are.

I don't feel he did anything wrong with getting married, or having a child, and being a celebrity, I'd understand if he wanted to keep it private from those who feel they have some stake in the mans overall life.

Same happens here in the US with Hollywood celebrities, ...

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