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They aren't. But publishers like to go on about how important they are for the future, and more attention should be given to them, with less focus on the SP side of things.

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I am familiar with Epic's general terms of service that was likely enacted for Bluehole's use of the engine for PUBG considering they weren't a big dev when they started, and weren't publisher backed, and really had no reason to use something else at the time as it's quite an expensive upfront cost, although can be more beneficial for the long term. Things like that are generally reserved for games which are expected to be successful....and woul...

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MS wants that licensing money from all the third party games they sell on the console. The cut they get from the XBL store(and windows store). That money is much more significant in terms of revenue than the money they make off game investment, because game investment is always risky. It's really no wonder MS is showing signs and even inferring that they are more focused on GaaS models, as the expenditure is lower, thus reducing the risk and liklihood that they'll turn a better pro...

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Think the point is is that they are maxing out one core as opposed to balancing the load between multiple cores. If all the cores are not consumed with processes, then you actually have more to work with for other tasks. It also allows more data to be processed for a single task as you have multiple threads running through multiple cores, as opposed to trying to push them all through on one core. If that one core that's being used becomes overused, then there is less to work with, thus...

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Yeah, I misunderstood you're intent. Sorry about that.

I would argue "patenting" is akin to "ownership" though.

However, just to point out, "copyrighting" may be a better term here, as patent is about implementation(how it's done), not concept(end result of what's done). Copyright applies to both, but is applied in different ways when it comes to software.

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Except their agreement to use the game engine gives Epic the right to use any game created on their engine for marketing purposes for anything Epic does, or with any of their affiliates or partners. This is explicitly laid out in the license agreement, even the free version.

Bluehole can be upset all they want, but they agreed to this when they licensed the engine....just like every other dev does.

There may be moral or ethical implications worth discuss...

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Mine would be FF and DOA.:)

Considering what Monty Oum did who could that not be seen as awesome?

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That's my concern too. however, they apparently made quite a bit of money off the DLC over all these years, so maybe they'll realize that so long as they don't go backwards on the initial included content then they'll be alright to do it all over again.

DOA5 was great IMO, and I'd hope the next game would have the same amount of content. The original wasn't exactly provide a huge number of additional outfits, but at least all the female characters ...

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Forza is quite good.

But if you're looking for the same feel as GT, then you won't really get it. Plenty of racing fun in Forza, but the feel of the races is just different. Both have their pros and cons in this area, but that's what makes them unique from one another.

I doubt anyone would be disappointed in Forza so long as they aren't expecting it to be a equivalent replacement for GT.

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I'd be fine with that if they include a proper career mode at some point. I can easily play a GT game for 2-3 years.

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I would have said the same, but I'm really disappointed in the lack of a traditional career mode. What they state is their new career mode doesn't appeal to me, as it sounds like an extended version of the license tests of old GT games, which were my least favorite part of the game. Plus, I'm not that fussed about online play, so that aspect doesn't appeal to me.

And I'm one of the biggest GT fans on this site. Absolutely love the series as a whole. ...

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Sure, that'd be a good start. Really anything that shows they're trying to make more new games. Not just some small games like SoT or CD3 which I consider mid-tier, but those big AAA games which really get us excited.

It's not that I can't find some good within MS offerings, whether 1st or 2nd party, it's that it's not being brought with enough frequency. As of right now, the games I'm still looking forward to on the ...

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Battle royale is just another term for free for all. He has his own implementation of free for all, and is being given credit for creating the genre for use in video games.

While I question if just having a name change for a well established game mode(free-for-all) is somehow creating a genre, I have to say his own unique implementation is worthy of respect.

That being said, just changing the name doesn't entitle him to be offended by others using ...

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If this became an actual thing that publishers and devs actually pursued on a large scale, and somehow had right to do so, it would be disastourous for the gaming industry. I'm not even speaking hyperbolicly here. The notion that only games which are completely original or completely unique in a genre or sub-genre are acceptable would stall any and all game development as said publishers and developers spent more time bickering about who did what first.

Every publishe...

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Unreal Tournament(can't remember which one) had a free for all mode. So did many other FPS games. Heck, there are plenty of games in other genres which had free for all modes.

Just because Bluehole put in some of their own concepts and changed the name from Free for all to Battle Royale, does not mean they created the battle royale genre.

As an example

From software doesn't own the "souls" genre(implementation, not...

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I think the point is that there is an option to tide over the lack of PUBG in the form of fortnite. This in a way is actually beneficial for fortnite, as all this is actually bringing more notice to their game, which in the end will make it harder for PUBG to make any headway if it ever comes to PS4.

The fact it's on other platforms is really not that important, as PS players simply have an option....and honestly, it's from a much more established developer who isn...

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I'd really rather not see this become some stupid console war thing.

I think the principal of what's being discussed is important, and diluting the nature of artistic interpretation is much more important than some silly console war.

While it may be amusing to see that maybe MS didn't get quite the coup they were hoping for because PS has an option, it doesn't need to be more than an amusement. Realistically though, there are always optio...

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If they're not comparable then what exactly is Bluehole's problem? I thought the impetus of the complaint was that Epic copied them.

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While I agree that "some dude on the internet" doesn't represent the whole, the sales numbers do kind of back up the notion that the player base isn't all that interested.

But I also feel that getting the sales for different kinds of games is kind of a chicken and egg thing. You don't get the user base until you get the games, and the games won't sell before you get the user base.

That being said, those random dudes on the in...

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I don't think MS considered VGChartz in that decision. But I do think MS knew that reporting them was mostly useless outside the console wars, and they knew they weren't doing well, so avoiding the topic on an official channel basically left it up for speculation.

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