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Platinum tends to be hit or miss on it's success or flops regardless of system exclusivity or being multi-plat.

They make good games overall, but they tend to sometimes make games that don't really reach wider audiences, or they get terrible marketing...which seems to be the case on some of their better games.

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I prefer hearing the steps in their native language. It's more authentic.

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So long as it meets the minimum specs of the game and one purchases the game from the Windows store it should be able to play. There are some laptops which are suitable for gaming, although the really good gaming laptops tend to be pricey.

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I'm speaking from the point of view that the legacy hardware still has to be considered when designing the game. It's either sacrifice the game on the legacy hardware, or sacrifice it on the new hardware. Game design can advance without new hardware, but it doesn't really change that much. Even this gen doesn't see a lot of advancement on the game design itself, and the gains are just more graphical and have more wow factor.

Not saying there won't be ...

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I know. But I've found it to be somewhat therapeutic to use logic to dismantle fan boy arguments.

Unfortunately, there aren't enough decent intelligent conversations around here to get my logic processes going, so this satisfies my need to exercise my brain and draw abstract concepts into meaningful, albeit useless, arguments.

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LOL. Thanks for that Dragon. All the more reason to never visit a wal-mart store.:)

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Which sadly means that there is no real advancement on the game design. It's a superficial gain. While many people like better graphics...I mean...who wouldn't? still doesn't allow the kind of freedom to try new things that weren't possible before.

Granted, not a lot of that happens anyways, but it'd be nice for those devs that actually do go to the effort to innovate and do more with more power.

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I think the new consoles will only have superficial gains to get the games on that hardware. Better graphics are a given, but native 4K support is unlikely given 4K TV least for a while. Higher frame rate, maybe some better AA, but nothing so significant that it would impact the actual design of the game. Maybe better draw distances, and less blurring effects.

None of that is particularly bad, but hardly warrants the purchase of a new system IMO. It's ...

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Publishers will more than likely dictate that a game be released for the larger install base. Once the Scorpio/Neo install bases become significant enough to support a game, is when they will likely allow for exclusives to happen...and that's if Sony or MS don't force legacy compliance.

That's actually kind of how it goes now with new generations, and PC gaming considerations. Publishers want the game to be able to sell to more people, so in PC, we have the l...

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I always forget it until it gets mentioned, then I think, "Oh yeah, that one looked good, whatever happened to it". Then I go back to forgetting it again. It's not really making the hype rounds anymore.

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Really? Because 56% of the games shown have a release date by Q1 2017.

You don't understand percentages do you?

For those that disagree, here's my actual research for both the Sony and Xbox conference.

Enjoy, and please put this stupid argumen...

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Here you go vega

In comparison

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So you sold your X1 also?

I guess playing the games that did release wasn't really worth keeping it around for. I mean, they released more games they showed than they haven't, so your selling off the PS4 for the reasons you state doesn't exactly make you look like a really smart consumer. I mean, do you really think selling your PS4 for the reasons you state is really an indication of intelligence or being a savvy consumer? Should we take you seriously when y...

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Why not try hard to answer his questions on what the point of the X1 is then?

While I don't agree with him completely, nothing he said is really untrue. Outside of PC/Console preference, what is the point of X1? It would seem it's just a way to play games from the Windows store, and I assume would only appeal to those who want MS exclusives, because 3rd party games are going to be available on any console, and Steam. Scorpio can likely play the more power card fo...

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If they couldn't unleash their power on the Xbox One, what will more power do for them? Game design isn't directly tied to the power of the system itself. MS 1st party needs to be a bit more innovative or compelling on the actual design of their games before they worry about the power of the system. All the power is going to give them is the ability to make better looking average games.

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Iterative just means a new step in this context. No matter how Phil wants to define it, Scorpio is an iteration of Xbox. This is stated quite clearly in their own marketing of the system. It's a bigger iteration than Sony's rumored product, but an iteration none the less.

MS however stated they weren't interested in small least in context. Phils command of the English language is just poor, although better than yours.

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I'm really for a BC until the end of time for all consoles. It's nice, and makes the transition easier. I'm also not opposed forward compatibility, but realistically, as you say, the cord will have to be cut, and eventually some gamers are going to be left behind. I feel this is something MS should be a little more clear about, because it's going to come back to bite them in the ass, despite every company that adopts the paradigm being in the same situation.

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"Console gamers for the most part choose console gaming because they don't want a PC"

Then what's the point in combining the ecosystem and making it a seamless experience for gamers to game across as this Xbox exec states being one of the major intentions of it all?

Your comment seems completely counter intuitive to what MS is trying to provide, and says to me, MS is trying to make the ecosystem the thing, no...

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As opposed to what? The indie market?

Is it a platformer or a puzzle game? Is it a story driven game with a weak story and barely any game play or a full fledged AAA game?

There is plenty of variety in the AAA gaming market. You just choose to narrow your view on what a game is to block out the variety that exists. Yes, we have our yearly releases which gets lots of press coverage every year, but to say that that is all there is, or every game tries...

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My fiancee can beat me in DOA more often than not. She likes Hitomi in her cheerleader costume. I prefer Kokoro in her Japanese Geisha outfit which doesn't really show much skin. It's also the only fighting game she likes to play despite trying to get her to enjoy other fighting games that aren't quite so fan servicey.

Go figure.

Guess your assumption is as narrow minded as you are judgmental.

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