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It's hard to say, although I'm sure some more serious console gamers would prefer an unrestricted format, because they likely already play that way. The average gamer would likely not worry about the restrictions so long as there is enough content to go around...which apparently there isn't for the time being.

The biggest benefit though is that Chinese gamers are still a huge market, and that will mean a lot of sales of the consoles themselves(regardless of manuf... #10.2
Guess it depends on if you're buying stock or buying video games. Which do you care more about? #5.5
I'm curious as to what made them have a delay just three days before release. Certainly by that time, units would be ready to ship, if not in the stores stockroom by now.

Probably some bureaucratic thing with the Chinese government, so I'll give MS the benefit of the doubt here and not blame them.

I'm pretty sure that any american company looking to release any american product in China will be looking at new products being released over there.... #3.2
While I agree that anything can happen, and it's too soon to call a winner, I do believe that you are way overestimating how much one single game can move a system. No halo to date has seen a 11-12 million boost for the Xbox brand. GTA, GT, Halo, GeOW, and GOW would be the definition of the biggest system sellers out there, and on their release, we generally only see a 50-100K unit bump for a few weeks after their releases.

Long term it could push more consoles, but it&... #2.4.1
It's not a forgone conclusion that it'll happen though. It didn't happen from PS1 to PS2, or NES to SNES. For next gen, I think all three companies will have plenty of historical data and market trending research to realize they should focus on their target market and stick to it.

Sony made all the right choices for this gen, and they fixed their PS3 mistakes. I can't see them repeating them, and it's likely they'll keep focus on profitability inste... #14.2
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I wouldn't mind seeing Samsung step up to the plate. On the other hand, being a Korean company, they have the capability to undercut the rest of the industry, which could cause problems.

I can't really imagine another big entry other than Apple, but I would not want to see what Apple's vision is in the console space.

Google perhaps, but they're too big on open platform, and that's not something that's going to get support from the bi... #8.1.2
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There's never been a monopoly in the gaming console market. I doubt that would ever happen with the money involved in the industry. But they could certainly dominate, and make it harder for new competition or current competitors to succeed. They did it before with the PS2, and it wasn't considered a bad time for gaming except for some salty DC fans. #7.1
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I dunno. Sony had pretty much no competition in the PS2 days. It was there, just like it will always be there. But they certainly dominated, and it went on to be known as the golden age of gaming.

I agree that it led to some poor decisions when it came to the PS3, but honestly I think Sony learned their lesson there. They learned that they weren't unstoppable, and MS, along with help from Nintendo, helped take them down a couple notches.

It shows t... #4.1.4
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Seems like Lizard Squad is going to take credit for every internet hiccup out there. Many are saying it wasn't out for very long, and is likely an issue with Activision servers.

Thing is, not every server error is a hack. Sometimes things just go bad for other reasons. Giving credit to LS just because of this is rather premature.

On another note...weren't there reports that some of their members were already caught? #3.2
Yeah, we won't see a case redesign until the internals are changed to be smaller. There's no point, certainly not 15 of them like this article says. I'm sure that Sony and MS and possibly AMD have designs for new internals, but it takes time(and money) to refit factories and get all the stuff together from vendors. #9.2
After it was first revealed I thought it was huge and I thought to myself, "Are you serious MS?". But later, when I saw a demo unit on display at GameStop it didn't seem that bad. I can see it being too big if you're limited in space, but I imagine those situations are pretty rare as it's about the same size of the original last gen consoles. #8.3
I'm not even going to speculate on if it may be correct. VGC has no credibility, and they have that stigma because of their own actions. Even if by chance the numbers above are even close to accurate, no one will believe them unless they already want to believe those numbers for their own purposes. That's all VGC is...a fan boy pot stirrer. They don't need to be accurate because they make their money off the fan boy wars, not by providing fans with useful information. #8.1
Each Uncharted game(an exclusive) has sold more than the first Tomb Raider reboot across multiple platforms. Except one. I think TR was a late bloomer, but I don't see it happening. I'm sure both will be good games though. #1.4
Meh. I wouldn't want them to just because everyone seems to love MC. But 2 billion for Mahjong? That's a lot of new IP's they could make. Mahjong to date is a one-hit wonder, and while Minecraft is fun and addictive, and profitable, it just doesn't make sense to dish out that kind of money for a single IP which could easily go the way of the dodo in a fickle gamer's market. #1.5
There's no verified source for this, so no need to get mad. And if some of the reports about IGF are true, then it is racketeering plain and simple. A crime is a crime, and the FBI is obligated to investigate, and the attorney general decides if the evidence is enough to prosecute. Then a jury will decide their guilt and innocence.

The FBI isn't going after gaming websites, even if this source is true. It's going after the individuals and companies involved... #36.1
Yeah. The article is down, and it should be failed until they update it with a proper source.

But if this is a sourced article, then they should have verified the source and the actual case. Journalism 101. The FBI isn't going to discuss an ongoing investigation, and if it just started they wouldn't even say if they were pursuing a case at all. #18.1
I dunno. I haven't been keeping up with any of the stories about how me may have "hacked" himself. But I have to agree with you that that all seems rather convoluted. More often than not, the simplest answer is the true one. Plus I don't think Fish is intelligent enough to go and hack himself to make himself look better, or subvert any guilt on his part. It's not really what he does. He takes pride in what he does, but too much of it. #2.2.5
I have to disagree death. At my local GameStops, the Vita section is about the same size as the 3DS section. The 3DS section just has more space devoted to used games. The overall game selection is on par, and in some cases better for the Vita. Walmart has a slim selection of Vita. My local Best buy has a larger Vita section than 3DS section(2 bays for vita, 1 for 3DS/DS combined).

Some of this may be a regional thing. anecdotal evidence aside, there actually are more... #10.1.4
I think in all categories, Sony is beating X1 in terms of ip's and exclusives. The only one MS may have a 1up on is new AAA exclusives coming this holiday timed or otherwise. However, I haven't been keeping track of the holiday releases, so I may be wrong there. #9.1.1
Kevin Butler was the best thing to ever come out of Sony's marketing firms. Hilarious pandering to the fan boy wars, while still being able to give info/market the product they were trying to market, and the actor was awesome on his delivery. The Gran Turismo one is still one of my favorite game commercials of all time. #1.2.3
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