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Banning firearms won't solve the problem, but it may mitigate the problem, or make it so behavior that may not be in the best interest of society becomes more apparent, so something can be done about it before something bad happens. From what I've seen of most of these mass shootings, I doubt any of them would have happened if the people who got the guns had to go through some effort to obtain their weapons. It's not like most people have access to, or know how to get things ill...

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2000 hours? That's an excessive amount of time for any unlock. Particularly since there are other unlocks that people would want to get. When the average MP player probably won't play that much on any single game that has copious content and several expansions.....like say COD, it doesn't make sense.

Unlocks should be achievable in a reasonable time frame. A game has to respect the players time, and make things feel like they're achievable, because ver...

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GaaS is such an all encompassing term, that the idea of it has become bastardized so a lot of people just see it as MT riddled filth. But GaaS also includes MMO's, F2P games, regular games that just get support after release to varying degrees, etc. For the most part GaaS can be applied to any game that gets support, features, or content added over time. Sometimes those things are funded by secondary, or primary revenue streams like MT, other times they're just there because that&#...

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Very much so. For all the shifts and slippery slopes which would destroy gaming we've seen since last gen, we still see plenty of games that fall into more traditional style releases. I don't think we see as many big hyped AAA non-GaaS style games as we did last gen, but they're still around, and quite a few of them have been doing pretty well this gen.

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GaaS is a consumer friendly term for what we've had since last gen with MT riddled games that get support after release. Not all GaaS games are bad....for instance many MMO's do well, or F2P games that get copious support through MT, and things of that nature. Unfortunately though, GaaS models are being applied to full priced games, and there is really no standard on what kind of service you'll get out of the game over the long term.

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I think Disney is actually the one that judges what games will get made, and then license them out to make a game based on what they want. They chose EA because of their ability to produce a wide variety of games...and likely EA was willing to pay the most.

I don't see Disney allowing anybody just licensing the property because they have an idea. Disney I guess has some sort of plan for the IP, which seems to be making back their money as fast as possible, even if i...

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I'm curious is non-white people actually spend that much time worrying about the gender of the characters in most of the media they watch. Sure, when it would make more sense to have a different race, maybe it's a big deal, but would any movie, game, or TV show actually not be watched because they didn't meet some quota for number of different races.

I recently binged watched Star Trek: Discovery, and after about 5 episodes, I asked my wife why all the interest...

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I f you want the most powerful console, just wait it out a couple years. Particularly if you have one of the base consoles. One isn't losing out on much by not upgrading. Spent the money on games, and one would have more fun than just having prettier games to look at

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If you haven't brought an Xbox, and want one, then sure why not. Personally, I couldn't see buying one as an upgrade to an existing x1. But people can decide for themselves what they're willing to spend their money on.

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What else could they say to try and bring down Sony's hype at the time? Sony nailed the reveal IMO. Probably one of the best ever for a console. Nothing cringeworthy, and it stated a lot of facts along with showed off some of the key features.

MS shouldn't have been so worried about what Sony did at their reveal, and instead should have spent time making their reveal interesting. While MS did announce and show off key features, they didn't seem to bother w...

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I believe he said he's already working on it a while ago.

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Material isn't slick out of the box. It wears down just like the XBox controller. I never had them slip on me, and I tend to have oily skin.

Weird shape? You mean round? Aren't all of them round? Or is it because they have a concave middle? Is that such a problem since it means you can push and pull on it easier?

Agree on the touch pad, but that's more on the developers.

Options and share button I have no problem with,...

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Funny how people were fine with it for years until Xbox came around....more specifically 360, where suddenly it was a problem. Also funny how most PS fans don't seem to have a problem with the controller, yet known Xbox fans find it close to sacrilege. Me personally, I guess I prefer symmetrical, but that's likely due to me playing most on PS. I have no problem with asymmetrical, and don't complain about the differences, because ultimately, I have experienced no practical limit...

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Remember when they were getting all that criticism for not showing the console at the reveal? Seems like a distant memory about how trivial that was of a complaint, because it was about the only complaint that could be found. Larry Hryb tried to take a shot, and it backfired big time when they finally showed off the X1, and then Sony showed the sleek looking PS4.

Sony played all their cards right this gen. Even the reveal of the PS4 had MS delay it's own reveal. Eve...

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I'd say for all Sony did right this gen, the best thing they did was get this trend going where people talk up just how good Sony is at support. While they have always been good at it, and there have always been random pockets of comments which would say how good they were about it, this gen, it's become a big theme among the forums that Sony delivers. I think MS own lackluster performance on this front only helped highlight this, as it has become a huge console war talking point, a...

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The thumb pads fell apart on me too. Both on the one that came with the console, and a 2nd controller I brought on lauch.:*(

I got one replaced under warranty, and they let me keep the one I had. The other, I let go too long to try and get a replacement, so I never got it replaced. Brought some aftermarket covers for $3, and they're good enough.

Otherwise, the controllers are fine. Light never bothered me. Even when they moved it to the front, ...

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I think the one's saying it's racist are worse. Mostly because whether it's racist or not depends more on intent, than what the actual reason for calling it racist is. I doubt the intent was to exclude other races because the developers themselves are racist. I think it's probably more they just believed that people of color weren't prevelant enough in that area during that time frame to consider putting them in....or they just never considered it at all.

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There was diversity in medieval times. Most of that came through the expansion of the Holy Roman Empire which both predates, and post dates medieval times. By the time this game took place, trade routes would have been well established with the African and Indian subcontinent, along with much of Western asia where what we think of as "black people" mostly originate from. Even before the Holy Roman Empire, migration did see pockets of different races, although due to the more insu...

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Anything to get attention really, although I think the original quote wasn't about it being racist, just that's what happened by the knee jerk reaction of those who really aren't that intellegent, and seek more attention for themselves, rather than try and make an attempt for positive change. I find most SJW tactics to be more about attention, than an attempt to do something about it, because complaining just means that they want other people to do something about it. I have no ...

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I agree. They'd be better off releasing it a few weeks before, or a month after. It was already delayed until April.

This is kind of like Fallout 4 suddenly releasing on the same day as ROTTR. ROTTR didn't stand a chance.

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