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Yeah, I mean, last E3, where we were told to wait for that event....remember? I do. They gave a developer diary saying how exciting it was working on the game, and barely showing anything.

Kind of what they did with the Scorpio reveal....saying how all those developer dreams could now come true.

MS likes to talk about the game, but they do seem to have a really hard time actually showing the game. That's not usually a good sign. Consider they show...

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Guess that means I won't have to subscribe to Netflix. Haven't been subbed for a long time now. Know it's a cool thing and all, but it's not like everyone cares, and if they do, they probably already have a way to watch it.

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I'm not sure what his point is. I recall there being a lot of critique from people about the launch line ups. Sure, the fans of a particular system, did look forward to what few interesting ones there were, but everyone else acted like they were lame.

So it's not amnesia, it's just the way things go with a launch line up.

Nintendo's isn't bad. Just their day one is a bit weak, because outside Zelda, I can't say there are any mus...

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Screw the fan boy war, and this false notion that somehow people are unfairly criticizing MS. I want MS to show me why I should care about that x1 I brought, so yes, they have to pull off one heck of an E3. Maybe not the best in MS history, but something damn good.

If you want to act like MS is being unfairly attacked, more power to you, but I prefer to pressure them into getting their sh*t together and releasing some games that interest me.

Their line ...

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I heard a rumor he's more a cocoa puffs kind of guy.

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I like these because the replies to his tweets are sometimes amusing.

Not so much this time though. At least he didn't start talking about Xbox while praising the switch. That's a nice change.

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So....what's your actual percentage of right vs completely wrong? Been seeing these articles for a while, and I stopped paying attention a while ago, because I don't remember them ever being right.

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I doubt it's going to be that much of a deterrent without trophies/achievements.

However, you'd think after all these years, Nintendo would actually implement something that has become rather standard practice over a decade ago.

Some people like them. They don't really take anything away from the game. In some cases, it can give reason to keep playing a game as it gives more challenges so it doesn't get dull as quick. So on and so fort...

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Yeah, sony is so broke they can't afford to release a new console. That means all they can do is release games. Sucks to be Sony I guess.

What a stupid argument you made. Did you really even think it through?

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Just takes some extra care. I always like the cases which allowed you to carry about 10 games or so, and you can carry them easily in your pocket, or some carrying cases allow the system to be carried as well. But switch is kind o big for keeping it in one's pocket.

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I don't think it's that outrageous really. I look at it as what will be the most powerful handheld on the market, and it'll probably get support for quite a while, since it's likely to supplant the 3DS within the next couple years.

If it were purely a home console, I probably wouldn't bother, because I don't see much there to make it worth it since I own the two competitors console.

I'll likely pick one up though. Would be g...

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Ah, didn't know that. Haven't used the service, but thought it was for all the games.

Learn something new every day I guess.

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Eh, SFII:CE on the Turbo Grafx is still the best version of the game.:)

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"arguably easier".


Thanks for the insight on how easy it is to develop games.

Here's a fact.

Whether a game is MP or SP really has no bearing on how easy it is to develop. Just changes the scope of the work that needs to be done to actually make the game. Game development is a skill trade. Those with more skill, can arguably have an easier time making any kind of game that falls within their skil...

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Same. Play both my Vita and 3DS, and 3 hours with the more demanding games, with a decent screen brightness, is a god send. There are some games which can last longer, but it's purely dependant on the game. Pretty commonplace really. Any mobile device(phones and tablets) really get about the same amount of time when playing more complex games, or even running tons of aps. My phone for instance, can maybe run YouTube for 3 hours before the battery gets to critical.

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It was full, just incomplete. I meant more that there was a full experience there, and not just a singular premise to engage the player.

I don't think it was that different or innovative compared to WiiSports or Kinect Sports. It's more along the lines of the first release of The Playroom. Some cool stuff to do, a bit of game thrown in here and there, but ultimately, just a way to demonstrate features. The other examples actually had full games behind them, even...

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Lily Bergamo was cancelled?

Now I'm disappointed. Really wanted to see more of that one.:(

Thanks for ruining my night.:(((

Ah....n/m, should have kept reading. See it's become Let it Die. Although I liked the presentation of LB more than LID.

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Yeah, seems that most people prefer more the same from a sequel. Reasonable people want the same to be improved.

Can't see why it's a con that it's more the same. Splatoon was very highly received, and considered one of Nintendo's best new IP's this gen.

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No, they weren't as bad, but they were full games. Not a collection of mini games where the engagement is actually not supposed to be with the game directly. The idea is that you engage with the game by looking into your competitors eyes. That's not a video game, that's playing make believe with your friends. All the game provides is the imagination, and a scoring system. Two things which make imagination rather dull.

For anyone that has kids, or watches th...

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They looked small for Japanese hands too. Probably not too bad when attached to the system, or using that dock, but the buttons and analogs are way too close to one another, and the analogs and buttons were very small with inadequete spacing between them....particularly on the left side joycon.

I have a Samsung 4K smart TV, which has a tiny remote. It's fine for the TV, because it's very minimalistic, but the Switch joycon is actually smaller than that. I mean, q...

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