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Most people on both systems haven't transitioned. There is no guarantee that 360 owners will obviously get a X1 anymore than there is a guarantee that current PS3 owners will transition to PS4. It just doesn't work like that. #15.7

They probably won't, but if they fail to perform this holiday, and PS gets an even bigger lead, I wouldn't be surprised to see a enticing bundle or a $350 version by the next E3.

MS isn't doing poorly, but they won't want to let themselves get too far behind PS. That would make support harder to get for the long term. #1.3.6

How can you say Sony definitely had planned the same kind of DRM and then use a quote from a top Sony exec which completely contradicts what you say was definitely going to be there?

Andrew House said they hadn't planned on changing anything when it comes to the distribution of games on it's systems. They were going to do the same thing they had been doing for the past 3 gens...which is leaving retail alone. #1.1.18
I've actually found that most stand alone players nowadays are better overall in Blu-Ray quality. Can't speak to 3D since I'm half blind in one eye, so it kind of doesn't work so well with me, but I'd imagine it's better as the processors for it are more specialized. Stand alones are much quieter as well(particularly for me having the original phat PS3).

PS3 is the easiest to update from what I've found. It also seems faster on boot. I also fin... #22.4
GT6 had weather, that came out last year. #1.17.2
Yeah, Every single person I know that has a 3D capable TV(4 of them), have an actual blu-ray player to watch blu-rays on. 3 of them have a PS3, 2 have a PS4, and 1 has an Xbox 1. Heck, I have a 3D capable blu-ray player that I've had for almost 2 years now, despite not having a 3D TV(half blind in one eye...doesn't work to well for me).

3D Blu-Ray is a great feature to have on a console that plays them, but it's far from a selling point, and I doubt any company... #1.8.8
I doubt it. Things like this aren't generally thrown in at a whim. They would have been working on it for a while if they were going to put it in. If it comes out only half-working though, or not at all, then I will retract my statement.:) #1.1.20
The survey comes out similar to the ones that were taken over here, and the results in sales after release of said consoles reflect a similar result. If you ignore the initial one where PS4 was over 80% after the X1 reveal. The rest were similar to this though.

It's one thing to downplay results, but when actual sales reflect those results, is it out of the realm of possibility that the same thing can happen in China.

One thing to keep in mind, around t... #17.3
Here's the link to the actual survey if that helps.


Might try going to the main site, it looks like most news aggregate sites without as much flash.

Sorry it ruins your downplaying of the results by discrediting the site delivering the message. #14.2
Guess it's a wash then, because apparently Chinese people don't like the Japanese either. At least according to all the experts on foreign societies that we have on here. #11.2
The survey itself was conducted by a website called NetEase. It's a news portal similar to N4G, but more generalized to all news, and not just technology or gaming.

Care to retort or retract your statement, since the survey wasn't conducted on a Playstation specific site?

Just because the survey was reposted on a PS specific website doesn't mean that the survey itself was skewed...although with most web surveys, it's probably not 100% accurat... #1.2.9
China Telecom is a state owned corporation in China. That means the government can control the distribution and pricing of the Xbox One console. There is really no reason for them to push or compete to sell the console at all. I don't know how that is a good thing.

I don't know about you, but I can't see how a communistic country controlling the distribution and sale of any consumer product such as this being a good thing for the success of that product. The... #5.2
Except China doesn't have a huge co-operation with MS. The country's government is officially moving over to Linux for all it's OS needs. Has been for years. They have made active strides to distance their computer dependency on Windows and Office.

China Telecom is a state owned corporation. Being the exclusive retailer of the Xbox isn't necessarily a good thing, as it means the government can control it's distribution and pricing of the system. Imagi... #3.2.2
6 days(at most). They "buried" the info for 6 days. The network was down for 3 weeks, but the public knew long before that that the PSN was hacked. They let PSN users know within a few days that something was going on. I thought it was two, but it may have been 3-4 since I wasn't aware anything was going on at the time until I got that email, which is why I remember it so well. I do remember getting a short email from Sony saying that information may have been compromised an... #11.2
The issue with the civil suits is that some believe that Sony didn't take enough precautions to protect the users information. The CC info was encrypted, but none of the other data was. It wasn't all plain text like some early reports said, but it wasn't hard to decipher.

In addition, there were some security flaws with the servers themselves, and that's where people are seeking civil compensation. The hackers exploited those flaws. They hacked the servers... #7.1
The hack happened somewhere between April 17-19th. They took down the network early on the 19th. On April 26th, Sony issues a press release on their blog and regular press and sent a copy to all their members emails. Not sure how you measure time, but that's less than one week...far from four.

Before the press release, Sony did send a short email to people letting them know that the network had been hacked, and that they were investigating and more details would be comi... #5.6
They were being sued for not taking enough precautions to protect customers data. Most of the information that was stolen was easily obtained, namely name and address info, along with passwords and security question answers(which is a bad thing as it could lead to actual theft).

I really can't speak to the merit of it as I don't know how far they went, nor is that information easily obtained. I also don't know, nor does anyone else for that matter, seem to know... #2.8.1
Dunno. I remember getting an email about it what looking back was 6 days after the initial hack happened. Going back and doing research I saw the hack happened between April 17-19. On the 26th, Sony issued a press release through email and on their blog about what had happened.

Otherwise, I've never known a company to come out immediately after something like that happened. It's always been at least 3-4 days, if not more. Sometimes they don't even say anythin... #2.5.2

Ever consider that even if they stole the info that they couldn't use it because it was encrypted? Believe it or not, heavy encryption is almost impossible to crack without massive amounts of processing power, and an idea of the encryption keys used. It's highly unlikely that the hackers had the resources to crack the encryption. There is nothing that points to this hack being malicious with intent to distribute that information anyways, but was used more as a... #2.2.7
You need to stop spreading misinformation. The credit card info WAS encrypted. The hackers said this themselves, and that they couldn't decrypt it. Sony let users know two days after taking down PSN what was happening. I remember getting the email before I even realized they took down the PSN. Sites didn't even know that the take down was intentional due to the hack until Sony did this, which happened after people started getting contacted.

In that email, Sony le... #7.4.1
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