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I imagine the old style donation boxes are still available. This just gives some people something to do or maybe an incentive to get rid of change they cant use. Plus with waiting on a flight, there is usually plenty of time for everyone to play should they wish to. #2.1
We can't know if Epic actively pushed for it's sale, or if MS made the offer and Epic accepted because they weren't interested in it anymore. Truthfully, Epic makes more on it's engine licensing than it does on game development, even games as big as GeOW.

Even though Epic didn't develop Judgement, they did have some input into it's development, and it's highly likely that they wouldn't let it release unless it met their standards, which can me... #4.1.3
suspend/resume is probably the most prominent feature, and very welcome, because trust me, there are going to be times where you're going to use it for whatever reason, and you'll be thankful for it even though you don't think you will ever use it.

Other than that, I like being able to delete 0% trophies off my list. Obviously backing up to a USB drive is awesome, although I would prefer being able to use one to play games as well. Also the updates to remote/sha... #7
Picks up at the frame where you suspended the game. It's just like going to the Home Screen and then back into the game(for the PS4, PS3 was just an overlay on the game), except now you can power down the system. Basically saves the game state from memory onto the hard drive...or possibly in low power state RAM if it's only available in stand by(not sure if you can power down completely). it's not unlike your PC going into sleep mode. #1.7.2
It's one of those features you don't realize how good it is until you use it. Was absolutely great on the Vita, and definitely makes sense on a portable, but I think this feature will be greatly appreciated even if one doesn't use it that often. When the time comes to need it, then people won't complain about it being there. #1.4.3
I don't ever really notice. My receiver and TV take longer to turn on than my PS4 does from stand by....heck so does my PS3. But it will be nice to bypass those starting logos just to resume a game...and there are times when I don't want to get to a save point(I'm a big JRPG gamer and they can take a while sometimes). #1.2.4
Couple good laughs in there. Liked the online gaming how it should be and how it is. Also the graphics from Pong to Ryse was humorous. Also laughed when the father took the controller away from the guy to play the game instead. And gaming with friends. #3
Windows has had the same thing since Millenium. It's fairly easy to get re-activated, though it is an annoyance. #3.1
Some 3rd party publishers individually have more remasters than all the console makers combined. Maybe not if you include the 3DS in the bunch though, but I see mobile remasters as a different beast, as it could be games that people would want to take with them...so it's more a port. #10.1
So the winner is SquareEnix? The master of re-releasing their old games in every format imaginable is winning the generation on remakes and remasters.

Anyhow, yeah there are a lot of remasters. Some are good, some are bad. Some are warranted, some are unneeded. I want some, but not others.

I would understand why remasters would be a problem if there weren't a lot of other games also being released, some squeals or adaptations of a series, some brand ne... #7.2
Does MS even care about Kinect anymore? Did they to begin with in terms of software?

Anyhow, I wouldn't doubt some sort of TV show like they are doing with Halo or quantum break. #8.1
I think they brought it because Epic Games wasn't interested in making another game in the series. Likely keeping it exclusive was a consideration, but GeOW is a money maker and pretty much a no-brainer if you want a return on investment. #4.1.1
Who else are you going to quote? He's the only dev who is praising it in regard to it's effects on X1.

You could quote Phil comments as well, but only if you don't change the meaning of dramatic.

Seriously though, who cares what and who you quote. If the quote can be argued it will be. No need to be all trollish by asking this question. If you want to make an argument using this guy, then go right ahead. If the fan boys don't like it who... #22.2
Only fan boys care about this crap. The vast majority of consumers...the ones that carry a generation after the first couple years, only care about the games, and won't give two craps about DX12. If one system has better looking games, regardless of the systems actual potential, it will be perceived as more powerful. That's why MS needs to put up...and well they aren't really speaking of DX12 on X1, so I won't say they need to shut up.

One 3rd party dev(I R... #21.2
Is it concerning that he is the only one of the lucky few who is excited enough to talk about it and that when he does talk about it it always sounds like some PR statement? #11.1.1
The ability to distinguish is really dependent on the display IMO. I can tell the difference in a larger TV, or a computer monitor for some reason, but on smaller TV's I don't see much difference. Resolution was never hugely important to me either way though. Nor was 60fps. So long as it's a steady frame rate I'm good. #4.5
Was at that point a couple weeks ago. I said the same thing. he's about the only one talking about it and the improvements it'll bring to X1.

I wouldn't say he's a shill, but when he is the only person saying something, it does make one wonder if his motivation isn't more to push his own game and engine.

That's why I keep saying let the game speak for themselves in 2-3 years when they finally come out. But a lot of people want to be... #1.6.2
Unfortunately not. Or rather fortunately.:)

Registering a TM doesn't not make it your's, using the trademark makes it yours. McDonalds could lose it's registered trademark, yet no one else could use it, because they used it first and are associated with it. #7.1
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I dunno about hilarious. I'd say it's more ironic...or meaningless TBH. #1.2.10
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Wow...haven't heard the "agency" buzzword in almost 5 years. It was BS then, and it's still BS.

Some SP games have more agency than others, not having it doesn't make it bad. Player agency is simply the amount of control the player has over the game world, and in the case of the order, the player didn't have any control over the game world, but did have control over their avatar during game play segments.

More on topic, The Order... #3.2.1
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