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If there is a silver lining it will be that Patcher will not have a place to call home anymore...unless he's picked up by someone else...which he probably will be given how he drives now my silver lining is just a rainy day.:(

I honestly can't remember when I stopped going there. I think I just grew tired or watching videos to get the news. They used to have some original shows which were good though. But now, places like the Escapist and Rooster Teeth s... #15.1.2
I'm almost of the belief that Nintendo needs to ride it out till the end of this gen, and come out swinging with a competitive console when people still care. Either that, or make the NX a console which is more powerful than the current gen...because at least they aren't coming in near the end of a generation like they did last time, so they need something that can make it desirable, as well as keep it afloat into the next gen for a while.

Some of the rumors floating... #9.1
Biggest mistake is not locking in publisher support for the long haul. All the other stuff is more for gamers to argue about, but without publisher support, there are not enough games to entice people to buy the system. Without software sales, there is no incentive for publishers to make games for it. Thus, Nintendo has to incentivize publishing on it's system, or sell a ton of systems to make it so publishers won't ignore it. #4.2

It all depends on how Nintendo releases the console, what kind of power they give it, whether they consider a current or next gen console, and when it's released. WiiU had some decent support out of the gate, but there were no game sales, because Nintendo didn't make it into a next gen console, but a very late to the then current gen console, and the games just weren't that enticing to draw in the players.

If Nintendo doesn't hit the gr... #1.1.5
The 75% CliffyB referred to was a vast over-generalization on the costs. It may be true for a SP game with an added MP component or campaign, but for a full MP game, the budget is probably much higher considering that a MP/SP game will reuse assets, and asset creation is a pretty expensive part of game development, and the SP components typically have some rather expensive stuff to produce like music, mocap, etc.

Granted, it is cheaper to make a MP only game, so the other co... #1.4
Input lag is caused by the game loop. Low FPS can give the appearance of input lag. I'm not terribly sure what the dev was calling input lag myself. The technical terminology is usually transparent to the end user, as they have the same effect, except that input lag means that you will probably die because your input wasn't received and processed in time, whereas low fps means that you will die because you didn't realize you had to press the input at a certain time, and when yo... #5.1
In Engine means the cut scenes are rendered within the game engine. This could be done either while playing the game, or during development with the output being made into a video file for display while playing the game.

Real-time just means that the cinematic is rendered in real time, as opposed to each frame being rendered despite the length it takes to render said say days for a really complex frame. So basically, in this case, real time means that the cut... #1.3.2
Generally anything under 100ms is considered acceptable. The game loop doesn't run that fast anyways for input polling, and the human brain can't perceive time on that level for an interactive medium like games.

Dunno what QB was at, but can't imagine it would ship with anything above that, and from the one example I've seen of it, it seemed more like a lag of the game loop than from input polling, which is a different issue, and likely fixed after all this t... #1.1.1
There is a pretty healthy collector's market for almost every game system out there. Old collector's are always deciding to move on and sell their collections, new people are always starting off in their collections. Just the way things go. Surges and lulls happen all the time. If it's low now, in 3-4 years it'll be high again and vice versa.

Honestly, outside of some very dedicated indie gaming stores, which are becoming rarer, the entire collecting marke... #11.2
Prices for 2600 stuff was never really that high except for some of the really rare stuff in new or like new/complete condition. Nothing has really changed in the collecting market for the past 5-6 years as far as I can tell. There was a surge where some people on Ebay raised the prices, which made it seem like it was hotter than it really was, but that died down after people stopped buying them at the inflated prices and everyone else came in to try and get higher prices which eventually n... #3.2
I think there may be licensing issues with a retro console, although, if it's backed by Sega, and has the proper hardware then I suppose it's possible. Not really sure how that works for these kinds of consoles. I know there is a Genesis Retro console which as I recall uses some sort of emulator, and is fully endorsed by Sega. You can see it occasionally in shops, and it's easily available online. It can play the original carts, and also the SMS ones, as well as having a bunch... #2.2.2
Except devs are adding DRM and spending money on DRM software to combat those that are pirating, so those that are stealing a digital copy are having an effect on you. If piracy was not a thing, or if it's effects were inconsequential in the big picture, then you wouldn't have those things that affect you.

I hate chicken and egg arguments, but in this case, the pirates are the reason that DRM exists. The intrusive DRM which effects you is because it's taking mor... #9.2.1
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Wasn't aware of that...although I assume your exaggerating a bit. If so, will be interesting to see software sales going forward, and if Denuvo actually manages to curb piracy.


I wasn't aware any numbers had been released yet. What I'd be more interested is the percentage of pirated versions compared to actual sales, because more people pirated W2 than actually brought it. If the exclusion of DRM changed this dy... #8.1.3
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I think the exceptions are much more in number than many pirates would care to admit. But since there is really no way to quantify any data on any side, lets just say we're both full of sh*t, and the pirates are still breaking the law.

Fair enough? #6.2.2
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No doubt. I didn't mean to insinuate otherwise. I was just saying that eventually, people seek out new things.

As far as Destiny though, they had a ten year content plan for it. While it's not sub based, there are expansion packs. #2.2.2
Think the problem is that people that work at GS are usually fairly young, and likely don't know how to spot reproductions, or fake carts. It's fairly easy for them to spot fake CD/DVD/BR discs, because they know what those things look and feel like, and even professional reproductions don't feel like the real thing, and often times, the art is off in some way that's easy to spot. Carts also didn't have a lot on them that helped identify them as genuine, and actual profe... #2
Author wouldn't have bothered asking if he realized that the FEPA was not really something that requires forgiveness. It wasn't a war on video games, it was simply a way to enforce current selling practices which most retailers already have in place.

These kinds of laws already exist for movies, including the one that allows for government analysis of the rating system itself...which is about the only thing I took issue with, but since the rating system is actually p... #7.2
Censorship isn't likely to happen. It's an area that will strike the wrong chord, and has too much potential to blow up in the press among those who value free speech.

Enforcing the current rules the ESRB sets forth to not sell M rated games to minors is not censorship, it's just good practice, and no one seems to find it offensive or damaging.

Banning violent games will never happen, and the blame that goes on is just to pass the blame onto some... #5.1
How would she be a disaster? I doubt she's going to make any of her policies have anything to do with video games. I can't see any candidate doing that. As it is now, it's usually some lone senator who decides to try and pass any video game related law, and it's usually shot down before it even begins.

These people may play this whole, "lets blame something else so we can ignore the real problem and make those who give us money happy" game, but in... #2.2
Is Aquaman a gay fish? #13.1
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