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I've been compiling a database myself for a collection program I'm writing. It's rather tedious, and after compiling about 5000 entries based off gamefaqs data, I've been looking at other ways of getting the data.

I'd love it if this guy makes this publicly available, since I never plan to monetize it, as it would save me a lot of time, for something I'll likely never be able to finish. But it's just part of something I"m interested in, so I... #4.3
Wanna know a better example of indie's that people may recognize and realize their argument falls apart.


One of the highest grossing and most played games of the past 10 years is an indie. It's also well respected unlike other indie games that some people seem to like to lump all these games into.

There are a lot of fun indie games out there. Some have simply gorgeous graphics, and some dwarf the scope of the biggest AAA g... #2.7.1
Right. Got it. A game isn't quality unless you're interested in it. We also learned that you can judge a games quality despite not being interested in it, and having never played it.

Thanks for that valuable lesson. #2.4.1
Your comment brings another topic to mind. I've noticed Sony is going above and beyond to help market a lot of the indie games on the PS4. Even past E3, these games are getting a lot of exposure on their blog and some parts of the PS4 OS.

I can't really speak for 3/4 of N4G, but I can say that there were only a few games on there that I haven't seen or heard about at least once due to Sony's efforts to date. I am also not someone who really follows the indi... #1.2.1
Assassin's Creed does this now for both systems, and individual retailers at times. I'm sure it might sway the super hardcore fan of a series, but I don't know if it would sway the average buyer that much. Most of the content does become available at a later date through DLC nowadays, and outside our circle, most people don't go around researching who offers what and where.

I see nothing against offering such perks. It is just business after all. But I'... #3.2

Good explanation of what's going on in the X1. Kudos.

More options are there on the X1 for optimization. That's not a bad thing really. However, look at the PS3. It had lots of options for increasing game/graphic performance. Sony banked heavily on SPU offload to boost the PS4's performance to unseen levels. It really had a lot of potential. I was excited for it because of that potential. But how many games really used those options?... #6.2.4
By the looks of it, at least if you go by what people are saying here, X1 will get a rather large boost sometime later this year, or next year. That will make it "catch up" to what the PS4 offers now, or surpass it if you want to believe some of the comments. I personally won't debate it now.

What we'll see though is that Sony's tools and API's will see a steadier increase in abilities over time with the occasional bigger jump. That's pretty m... #3.2
I see them pop up at random stores that I happen to frequent from time to time. Not in big numbers or anything. Think the most I ever saw at one time was at Target. They had three on the stocking cart, ready to put in the shelf.

However, I don't really look for them either(already have one), so they may be more available than I'm aware. #3.2

Keep in mind that Titanfall was on the market for 19 days in March on both PC and X1. I:SS was on the market for 8 days in march on a single console.

I'm really happy Respawn is seeing success, but the comparisons people are making aren't accurate...at least not for the purposes they're trying to insinuate with them. #1.1.15

I'd be inclined to give your argument the benefit of the doubt, however all last gen Sony reported shipped numbers. I know this because Xbox fans were always pointing it out that they were shipped numbers, and not sold-through.

It seems odd that now, with a new gen, that Sony would suddenly make the mistake of reporting sold through numbers when they meant shipped numbers when it goes against their MO. I'm sure the terms they use, were exactly... #8.2.8
If MS keeps selling at the pace it is now it will maintain a healthy install base. Over the course of time, it won't matter if PS is beating it. If it has enough of an install base it will get support.

Publishers won't ignore a large install base, however, if PS4 vastly outsells it, then there will likely be less multi-plats over the long term. A smaller install base also means MS won't spend as much on exclusives since they won't sell as much.
I'm all for healthy competition, I just don't feel that MS brings much to the table when it comes to gaming. I also feel they have motives that aren't in the interest of the gamer, so while I'm not calling for them to bow out, if they left I wouldn't be phased one bit. I'd rather a company that wants to bring good things to the industry and work hard for the customers respect try to make it's mark on gaming. #1.3.3
Yeah..you have no idea how stocks work, or how they determine a companies worth.

Do us a favor. Go find out how many shares are available for each company. Then find out the market cap for both companies and come back and tell us why the stock prices matter at all.

Here's a hint. Sony is worth about 10 times more than SE, and has about 9 times the number of stocks available.

Sony wanted capital, probably to offset any losses. That'... #15.2
Console sales traditionally level out and then pick up when price cuts and big releases come out. They don't usually drop until well after a new generation comes out. For instance, the PS1 and PS2 sold like crazy after their successors released. #6.2
That really wouldn't have mattered as far as production goes before the reveal. TF for X1 certainly didn't use anything that took advantage of it's unique hardware. Most 3rd party games didn't. Truth is, the big publishers and devs(and likely MS) knew DDR5 was going to be in the system, and likely knew some of the basic setup needed to make their next gen engines work. Even the people who make the Source engine had access to API's to make it work on the PS4, which mean... #13.3
Be annoyed at EA, not Sony. IMO EA didn't have a lot of faith in the viability of this game if they'd ransom out exclusivity to finish it's production. EA funds games that are much worse than TF for more than a just a few systems. It sounds like it wasn't worth the risk to EA for an untested IP.

The things said in the article just don't add up.

Respawn didn't have enough money to make it on all the platforms? The game was close to... #7.2
Apparently. I'd really like to see him give some links to this "more and more research", since most of the research says otherwise last time I checked. #4.2
What annoys me is that if he were going to make statements such as this, he better be ready to cite some irrefutable proof to his claims. In this case he is not some random forum poster spewing hyperbole, but in a position of authority over the reader. He uses his credentials and people are seeking his advice.

It's highly irresponsible to blame the wrong thing as parents who don't know any better may use his advice instead of seeking actual professional help for the... #1.2
I wouldn't be surprised if it was just for monetary reasons. A composer on staff is rather rare in the industry. Bungie may be looking to contract out that work, as it's actually cheaper in the overall picture.

So if that's the case, his termination wasn't without cause, it was just without him doing something being the cause.

All speculation of course. I doubt we'll ever know the details. #6.4
In my experience, having fired many people when I was a manager, 99% of them go on to say how they did nothing wrong.

On a side note, I always enjoyed it since the invention of Facebook and MySpace to read their posts so all their friends could validate their egos by saying what an a**hole their boss is.

Personally live in an "at will" work state, so not much people could do about it so long as they weren't let go due to any of the isms. #4.2.2
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