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Not sure since it seems the definition of 1st party has changed this gen.

David Jaffe is now an independent developer, however the game is also being co-developed by SCE San Diego. The IP and trademark are owned by Sony, and Sony is producing and publishing the game. Until this gen, that has been considered 1st party. Some merit could be given to it being 2nd party, but that just depends on what people define as 1st party nowadays.

I'm not sure if DTD... #4.3.3
I don't think MS gave up on indies, just that ilikepizza's reasonings conflict with one another.

I don't see Sony's push for indies as a way to compensate for their perceived lack of AAA 1st party titles, just as Sony recognizing the merits and popularity of indie games that has come about in recent years.

Sony was pushing indie games last gen as well when they were releasing a ton of games. They've expanded on that this gen, and made i... #5.1.6
Good rundown here. I like how it doesn't list the things we don't know to confuse things. Although some may take this to mean that there is nothing but what we know now. While reading I kept thinking, "but what about this studio's other team/teams", or "what about this studio, why isn't it mentioned", but then realized it was an article about what was already known. #4
Possible, it's about a quarter of the way there after less than 2 years. There's probably another 4-5 years left in this gen. #7.2
You assume they care about legitimacy, or that they had any in the first place. Otherwise, I'd say it's a reasonable assumption.

Another reason might be so fan boys have the time to say that it's likely different now(2-3 weeks later) due to --insert reason here--. VGChartz has always been an Xbox fan boy circle jerk, so there is really no reason for them to try and guess when they can just wait on official numbers, since they know their guess work will have mu... #4.2
"Grown men obsessed with collecting toys"

I've collected gaming memorabilia for years now. I have some items that are worth more than my car. Obsessing and collecting are two different things. People obsess because they believe it's either a good investment or that they believe there is some social status attached to it. They collect because there is some sort of emotional connection to doing so...and occasionally some recognition from other like minded... #26.1
are we talking about games or physical DLC unlock keys? there's a difference. Diversity of games is fine. Gimmicky collectible DLC keys does not actually add anything to a game. Skylanders, Infinity and Lego Universe, are parts of an actual game play mechanic, whereas Amiibo's simply unlock content...which is the DLC that most people complain about in another form. #25.1
And they're more valuable to collectors because they aren't as ubiquitous. The more time that passes, the harder things like that are going to be to find. Amiibo's will be plentiful to find many years down the line due to how many of them are produced, and how many of them are sold in the hopes of turning a big profit one day. The smart investors are the ones turning them over quick while the price is artificially inflated. Everyone else just gets screwed. Maybe 20-30 years f... #21.1
I gave you a well said because I think you're spot on with most of your argument.

At the same time though, several forms of character oriented additional sales have already seen success despite being all different forms of the same tech. Skylanders, Infinity, and now Lego, seem to draw in the crowds, and there's no indication that another one couldn't also enter the market. I know it's not quite the same, as those are game mechanics, and not a gimmicky game... #17.2
I think that's a stretch. Ammibo's popularity has more to do with their collectible status than it does with their implementation in games. There's really no reason for Amiibo's except for a fancy form of unlocking locked on disc DLC...something most gamers seem to not like.

I think if they pursued a purely collectible stance on figurines, then it could see some modicum of success. but they'd have to manage it in such a way to allow people that actually... #14.1
I never found them gimmicky. I think their implementation in games are gimmicky and mostly unneeded, but overall I found them to be a good collectible item. I never got into collecting them, because I found Nintendo's handling of distribution to be completely mishandled, and I don't care to either support that, nor care to go through the trouble of collecting them.


Odd you left out the WiiMote, the father which bore those gimmicks, or at leas... #10.4
Maybe not as many recognizable by the mainstream. Xbox has fewer characters that would appeal to their demographic in terms of a collectable. Sony characters could go either way.

You also have to admit that Nintendo does kind of scrape the bottom of the barrel at times. They also just put the same character out with a different theme. Nintendo does have a good staple of recognizable characters, but most of them wouldn't reside on the mind of the average gamer. #6.3
"Makes that listwar pretty irrelevant for people like me or for people who share my opinion."

Again...so? Does your preference of games change the facts of the quantity of 1st party AAA IP's releasing this year? Are you saying only your opinion matters?

OK then. Im not a huge FPS fan, and I'm not interested in getting another racing game until I'm ready to get a new wheel setup, so MS line up has absolutely nothing this year because... #2.6.5
If there's a price reduction on the 500GB, it's probably going to be to clear out stock. I doubt they'll keep making them. 500GB drives are going to become harder to find, and it may even be likely that they've already ceased production...not unlike how you can't find new drives less than 250GB's now.

Overall, if a 1TB is the same price to the manufactuer as a 500GB(with a 500GB possibly even being more) why not just go with the bigger one? #16.1
I really don't see another price drop for MS yet. They're more likely to see what happens this holiday with their line up.

It's much more likely for PS4, but given the sales of the PS4, it's questionable if Sony needs to drop the price. It will depend on if Sony wants to cut it's profit margin, or allow it to keep increasing.

New models are generally cheaper to make, but that doesn't mean they have to pass the cost onto the consumer. #3.1.2
I think that's the frequency that the system can run, not what it's running at. It's possible there are chips that run that frequency that are beyond the CPU, as everything can have it's own clock.

Either that or it's the highest frequency part that is emmited by the system itself, which would mean it's for the wireless network. Doesn't make as much sense though since that's not a clock frequency, but a radio frequency. #1.6.1
Retail games require the entire game to be installed. It never runs off the disc itself except for the install and the verificiation. The 12GB last gen was for the casual user, your idea would be for the do-it-yourselfer who plans to upgrade immediately.

On the other hand, Sony could give the option to not do full installs anymore. There is no reason why most of that content couldn't remain on the disc, as most of it is not data that needs to be accessed at a moments n... #1.4.3
Could you give examples of how it affects games? #3.2.2
These arguments are based on the assumption that the game was designed in such a way that would take advantage of newer hardware, and not hardware that is older. It also assumes that parts of games are scrapped because they don't work on the older hardware, when usually the older hardware just gets dumbed down versions of the same implementation. #1.10
yeah, I understand that. My point is, is why are people upset EA is adding more teams? Just because they aren't fixing the other problems doesn't mean that adding more teams isn't a good thing. There's nothing wrong with being upset about the other problems, and there is good reason to be, but EA doing this likely had no bearing on those other issues.

The part about SJW is also true, which is why I brought it up. There are a lot of people who are making th... #6.2
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