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That kind of neglects that Sony has no impetus to end the generation early if they're the one's that get to decide when it ends. Why stop a good thing just to start over at an unknown? It makes no sense for them to rush to a new generation, when there is significantly more profit in letting it ride as long as possible. If the competition doesn't start to encroach on Sony's very comfortable position, then they can take as much time as is prudent before pushing new hardware....

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The market has grown. Console market alone is actually more than 50% bigger than it was in the PS2 days. Whether it hits PS2 sales will depend on how long the PS4 sells after the primary generation is over. PS2 got a significant portion of it's sales after the PS3 released. I think for the active generation, it'll outsell what the PS2 did during it's time, because it's already doing that, and as of right now, there is no real reason to believe this generation will end in a...

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If MS doesn't do much with Scorpio, or the Xbox brand in general, going forward, then Sony is going to be in no rush to push out a new console. They'll be in a comfortable position to take their time to release their next console when they're ready, and take advantage of any hardware boosts vs. costs advantages that come with waiting it out.

2020 is probably optimistic for the PS5 release. That would mean that Sony would be announcing a new console in about ...

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The number it has to outsell needs to be determined to decide if it outsells the PS2 or not. Quite a significant portion of the 150 million sold came after the PS3 released. I think a lot of people forget that the PS2 sold up until about a year before this gen realistically, if Sony can manage to even come close within this gen alone, it'll be quite the impressive feat.

100 million is almost a given at this point. Sony would have to literally cease all ...

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True, but nowadays, there isn't much worth in reading past the headline for a good majority of the content that gets posted around here. Particularly on topics such as these, where the guidelines are so strict on what's allowed that it's really the worst of the worst that usually gets posted as is.

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Nadella actually put a stop to that talk a long time ago. When he took over, he pretty much ousted the guy who was pushing shareholders and board members to spin off Xbox. It was pretty serious talk for its time. It wasn't because it was something MS itself wanted to do, but rather, what some outside influences wanted MS to do.

Nadella stopped it by basically making Xbox a key component in how they were going to push their windows service going forward, by branching ...

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I was once blind....but now I see that I was just deaf

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Eh, he said mobile would kill consoles as well. In fact, this was supposed to be the last console gen....until it became the fastest selling console gen ever. Talking across the board, not just for one console.

I think he missed the part though where Sony has been moving away from the idea of built in services....because there was no adoption. I don't see how anyone else is going to pick that up. Google is the most likely candidate, but as of right now, MS and Ninte...

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I wouldn't say mass market yet. Certainly on the uptake. It's capitalizing on a lucrative segment of the market though. Which is fine.

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Good for MS. I'm sure it was just some technical glitch, but I like when companies take responsibility, and offer a little extra for the inconvienance and frustration.

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Because we've been conditioned to think that any article about these subjects that gets approved is actually about how it's necessary, and doesn't take a contrary view of the idea of "forced representation"(using it as a catch all descriptor....not to start a debate).

Probably doesn't help that subjects like this are taboo around here from the mods perspective....and typically only the pro side of inclusion gets a pass on the free from censor happy...

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Video was literally one minute 12 seconds long, and said what should have been said on this subject perfectly, and probably even lines up with what most of the people here complaining about believe.

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Why would he be concerned about saying the wrong thing? When he does, the fans don't call him out for it. They defend him religiously against those that do call him out for his asinine statements....which he does make.

He has his own little safe space to say whatever he wants. I'll call them the PJW.

You asked for an example from Bathy.

here's one.

Not too long ago, Phil stated that games like Horizon o...

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There's still a lot of the year left, so this won't even be a complete list of contenders IMO.

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I remember P4G got some portable GOTY nominations and wins.

I can't see it reaching that on consoles though. Might win some JRPG GOTY awards though. I know many will give it to Zelda though, because it's also a JRPG.

If something else comes along to give both those a run for their money, then I'm not complaining.

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Quite a few movies are released on 3D blu-Ray. Typically cost about $5 more, and typically for big action type movies. It's far from uncommon.

It's also worth noting that many 4K displays can support 1080p 3D.

Sure, the 3D branded models aren't as common anymore, but it's not really a dead format....otherwise, I wouldn't see 3D versions of movies still being released regularly.

In the theaters, I'd say any big...

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LOL. yeah. You'd think the damsel role would be better represented by the 14yo girl who needs to be taken half way across the zombie infested country. I mean, why would a 14yo girl need a MALE chaperone? Of course, that wasn't the original intent when they got paired up, but still.....Ellie should have just gone on her own. Never mind her eventual outcome may have been death.

It's funny when the trope is used as the problem, as opposed to the cliche that ca...

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They proved that years ago. Didn't stop her.

She's gotten less attention as of late, because the gaming press I think realized their readers don't really care what she has to say about anything. She still has a couple last oasis' to peddle her nonsense though, but she's mostly moved on to the more lucrative lecture circuit.

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People may not have known the terminology, but gamers have complained about all sorts of tropes long before Anita used the word for a title. I'm sure in every day discussion, many did the same things, in reference to TV shows, movies, and even music.

But, I will say that movie reviews, whether professional or otherwise, I've seen the word used often. I typically used the word cliches, which is actually more apt for most of her examples.

You see,...

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She didn't start with good intentions. Go look up feminist frequency and what it is, and who started it, and you will see this was all planned. Anita cares no more about the subject of female representation than she cares about the breeding habits of the common house fly.

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