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K, why would those in your social circle care what you think when you are so petty that you care more about being passed over now for business reasons involving a plastic box, as opposed to actually being about the games themselves.

You act like these devs and pubs are doing this out of some personal vendetta against you or said plastic box.

Why not skip MS for not being able to get that kind of software to sell on their system by actually trying to do so...

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I think you answered your own question. Many 3rd party devs from Japan and indies are skipping Xbox.

Sure, some people don't care about those games(Japanese ones as X1 gets indie stuff already), but I'm sure MS wants those gamers who do care about them to buy their system.

It's one reason why Sony does so well.

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I would be curious to see how it would sells. While there are a lot of people who say they'd like to have it, the actual concept of HL3 being made has become more a joking meme than a discussion of tons of people eagerly hoping it'll get made.

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I think Sony has a good mix of new, somewhat new, ongoing franchises, and remakes/remasters to fill in pretty much everything someone might be looking for. Obviously, you can't just release hundreds of remakes or remasters and expect it to always be successful. While enabling more PS1/2 classics for digital play would be great. I don't know if that's capitalizing on nostalgia, or just keeping the doors open for revenue for those that like to play old games for whatever reason, ...

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Soccer is to most of the rest of the world that Football(NFL) is to the US. Both Sony and MS sponsor various sports leagues around the world. It's really nothing new. Some do whole "official jock strap of the NFL", and others sponsor here.

basically to become something official means that you just were the highest bidder to have the rights to put your name in front of the thing in question, and in some cases, be the only one who...

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Most champions spend so much time becoming champions that they never really have a clue about anything going on in the world. So it'd make sense they'd pick Xbox, because MS did a good job last gen making it seem like they were the console of choice

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Since you're a soccer guy, I have an off topic question.

I've seen this Real Madrid mentioned a lot, but was curious if there's a fake Madrid.

The Real qualifier to the team title always seemed odd to me.

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Maybe because he'd probably look more like Tyrion Lannister than Squall based on the pictures.

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Yeah....but who wants to look like River Phoenix? Even River Phoenix doesn't want to be River Phoenix.

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Two totally different games, but MS had the marketing rights to both, and pretty much threw Square Enix under the bus with their marketing of ROTTR once they secured FO4.

MS got a good year...if that...of ways to hype it's system over PS4, and then didn't give two sh*ts once UC4 got delayed.

Square Enix should have thanked Sony for delaying UC4, but completely raked MS over the coals for how they handled the marketing for ROTTR. MS taking on FO...

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The first two came out on the PS2. It's highly likely that years ago, many people who did have a PS2 moved onto the Xbox platform, so the notion that there are no fans on the system is not valid.

I know the game won't sell as well on the X1X, but I don't think it will be DOA. Might not light up the charts, but likely it'll sell enough to warrant the port.

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Think the biggest problem is it's the conclusion to the story arc. However, maybe it's not such a big deal since we haven't had a KH on PS since the PS2, and it's quite possible some PS2 people went over to Xbox during that time.

DOA, can't say, but typically JRPG type games don't sell well on Xbox.

It'd make sense to at least release the remasters on the system soon so maybe it can get some fans. Even if they never played th...

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It's been stated by Sony, and somewhat confirmed by reasonably reliable outside sources, although never definitively, that the laser in the PS4 can not read CD media. This would prevent disc based BC, and since some PS2 games came on CD media, not all PS2 games could use it.

I'm still not sure if the BR drive can read UHD discs. I've read varying reports it doesnt require a different laser, and others that state it is required.

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I remember many games where I'd spend hours trying to finish a level, and eventually just becoming frustrated with some of them and giving up. Sometimes I'd come back, and maybe even sometimes be able to get past certain points, but half the time, I just never finished a game.

As I've gotten older, and gotten into retro gaming, I've become more patient with some of those things....and adderall does help me focus better....and I find it rewarding to get pa...

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No doubt. Remember when all games were kind of difficult. Things like megaman or master blaster were a real b**tch. Sonic the Hedgehog could be brutal. Mario could be tricky at times. A lot of times, they didn't have difficulty levels, they were just hard.

That's how devs made games last longer. No autosaves. Limited lives. Ever increasing challenges in the game.

Was pretty much the norm, particularly for platform games.

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They're not really obtrusive. At least not on PS. Haven't seen the Xbox one in a while so won't say about that. It's a game related service which people may want. Not everyone uses the paid services on PS either, so there is that.

Is it really taking anything away for them to add an icon on your home screen? One that is game related. One that can be deleted? Do most people really spend so much time on their home screen to be that fussed about it? So...

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I know you're not a MS fan boy, so I respect your opinion, but it seems that the cinematic approach isn't your thing, which is fine.

But it seems a lot of people are actually looking at your comment as a putting down TLOU(which you did), as opposed to your bigger point that Sony shouldn't make all their games(hyperbolically speaking) with a similar approach.

While I agree not every game should be made in such a manner, nor even most of them, I...

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I don't think it'll be jammed down our throats. The interpersonal relationship stuff isn't of the romantic nature in these games. Even the Left Behind DLC wasn't heavy handed. That could change of course, but seems like a distraction from a good story, since the only logical reason I could see Ellie having a reason to pursue such a thing for story purposes would be to rescue her love interest, which is kind of a weak premise compared to the first.


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It's always been one of those games which I thought didn't need one, but so long as they can make a good story to live up to, or surpass it, then I won't say no.

There is the risk they mess it up in the sequel, but to me, that would only be a problem for the second game, not the first. I felt the way it ended was good enough that it doesn't have to be considered part of a franchise and can stand on it's own.



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lol. The only way you can do this consistently is to play on easy, where there are enough supplies to actually upgrade mellee weapons.

Don't play on easy, then complain about the game being too easy. On normal mode, if you're prudent to not waste upgrades where you don't need them, and stealth through some areas, you still couldn't mellee every clicker necessary to actually kill with one hit, because there wouldn't be enough supplies to do some of the ...

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