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Yeah, Superhot is definitely on my list. Wipeout VR as well. I got the Skyrim bundle with two move controllers, until dawn through PS+ a while back, and already had GT:Sport. Played Until Dawn for a bit, then let my wife try it out, and she wouldn't stop playing. It's deja vu for when she started playing Criminal Girls on my Vita.:(

Tried the playroom robot rescue game, and I hope someone makes more platformers in that vein. A sonic game like that would be awes...

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And still there are other consoles which did it long before this gen. The N64 had the expansion pack. 3DS had the N3DS. 32X for Sega....although that was more it's own platofrm.

NEC was probably the first console that actually had what would be considered a mid-gen upgrade, technically twice if you include the arcade card, although they didn't mandate forward compatibility. It came out well before the 360S.

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Game design isn't advancing fast enough to warrant making a new system every 4-5 years. About the only thing that changes is the graphics. Some devs do things that weren't possible in the prior gen, but there really isn't a need for a new generation yet.

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Thanks for the enthusiastic clarification.

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I just brought a PSVR today. Couldn't find one at launch, and put it off for a while. I'm looking forward to RE7 on it. But will probably only get to Until Dawn, GT:Sport, and Skyrim over the weekend.

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The last instance was when they created the ESRB.

Since then, the ESA is merely a lobby group for the industry. They do a lot to get tax breaks to build industry in different regions, but mostly lobby to keep random legislators from trying the ol' "gaming causes violence and needs to be censored" routine.

In this case though, they're showing that they only have the industries interest in mind, and aren't really considering it from...

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The ESA is a lobbyist group for the industry. He doesn't have to believe it, he just has to sell it.

Despite them being good in the past at trying to balance things between government, the industry, and the consumer, they seem to be all about the industry in this case. They won't acknoledge the problem or talk about why it's a problem. They won't say that the industry will regulate itself on this, only that the industry should be allowed to, because the i...

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If the industry isn't going to regulate itself to the benefit of the consumer, then maybe regulation should be looked at.

Just because the game industry got ahead of the government back in the 90's when they were under attack for causing violence, doesn't mean they've done jack squat to regulate anything since.

The problem is is that the industry, and the community seem to be at odds over what is acceptable, and if you allow the industry...

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One day, when you're old enough, one of your parents will explain it to you, your church will shame you for it, and your girlfriend will never do it for you....and then you'll understand, because you'll be doing it too.

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Maybe because there don't seem to be a lot of huge 3rd party games coming anymore, and most of what there is that's already popular, already has marketing deals with Sony. RDR2 is about the only really big 3rd party game let to look forward to, and maybe Anthem if they manage to show anything worthwhile.

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The games were always more satire on the subject matter than anything. It was kind of like the American Pie of the 80's. I played the originals back on the 386, when I was barely a teenager, and I wouldn't say that anything in it was that titillating. Even when I was barely old enough to understand the subject matter,I found it more funny than erotic.

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LSL is pretty PG13 compared to some of the games that exist today. It's more a satire than a pervy adventure.

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"Blackness" is rarely addressed anymore, unless the story is specifically meant to address such things. They're either black, or they aren't. Any mention of a person's race tends to be in reaction to the media itself, even though such things are typically inconsequential to the story being told.

In this case, I'm going to assume that the bigotry towards androids is metaphorical to any kind of bigotry that's been fought against tin the past. ...

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You know your own review is a fail if you have to resort to reviewing another reviewer. That kind of stuff is best left to the community.

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Speaking more seriously, I imagine an actual android rights movement wouldn't center around their looks, rather on if they deserve human rights being that they aren't fundamentally human, but rather beings created to serve a purpose in service to humans.

When it comes down to it, since androids are created, it'd be easy enough to just stop creating them with the desire to have the same rights as humans. The notion that AI becomes humans is always flawed in mov...

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Based on those.numbers, it appears the average play time is six hours.

Consider.that most people probably play a new game for.3-4 hours, so I'm going to extrapolate that a lot of people played this game once, and haven't gone back. The ones that have gone back have made the numbers higher, so really, maybe ms broke a record for number of players starting up and trying the game, but it seems they may be failing by their own.metric of actually engaging the user. ...

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Used to have the open zone which people could go troll each other freely.

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Make that 8. That's a record for setting records.

MS sets another record for most times saying record in a year....and a added bonus of being a company that sounds most like a broken record.


Except this is from ms official x box news page. Are you saying that ms now resorts to click bait to keep themselves in the news?

If.ms.is.going to use the title, they should at least clarify what record they actually ...

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That's a record? Can't read the article on my phone, but by what metric is that measure. I'm pretty sure any given COD game has between 3-5 million players day one.

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Somehow, I don't think polygon is one to chastise someone for not knowing history. Even if they're correct in their assertion, they believe that suffrage should simply disappear without any real effort, and do nothing to make their case, or take the actions necessary to further their cause. What's worse is they are not interested in civil discourse, which is absolutely vital to affect change. There's a reason polygon was implicated during gamergate, and a lot of that reaso...

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