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I'm sure the list will come, and if not from Sony itself, numerous out of the way, never before heard of say Wikipedia.....will have the list available.

No need to worry yourself, the information about which games get support will be out there, and some sites will even go on to say what the extent of that support is. For new games, they'll have PS4P labels on the box, so you won't be confused.

I'm sure DF will also have compa...

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99% of people really don't care. Most probably won't even notice. It got attention and notice, and subsequent complaints, because it was announced by Sony, a couple months in advance, and people in general just like to complain about every little thing.

My only problem with it is that I was only paying for PS+ for the free games, but since the selection had been less than interesting for a while, I was considering not renewing, and the price increase just sealed t...

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Ah. Wasn't aware of that. Makes the headline make more sense.

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That's gotta be rough, particularly with Vivendi's track record over taking over companies. I often believe game development would be so much more fun if we didn't have to deal with the actual corporate politics involved in running a business.:)

Hope it all works out for you and the other employees at Ubi. Know quite a few people at various studios around the world, and even locally, and lack of job security can be real rough at times.

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In this case, the takeover wouldn't even require 51%. 51% just gives a complete controlling share in the company where a single person or entity can outvote any kind of exterior motivations.

However, the founders of Ubi only currently own 22.5%(up from 19%) of Ubisoft, so all Vivendi needs is more than that to supplant members of the board with their own representatives(which they did have at some point), who would have more voting power than the founders, or other sha...

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I'm no business expert, but if Vivendi backs out of the take over, or dumps it's shares, wouldn't the shares go down in value either way? Things like takeovers can inflate the price, as the company, and those trying to keep the company, will be on the prowl for buying shares, thus inflating the price artificially compared to what the company is actually worth.

I understand what Ubi is saying that not knowing Vivendi's plan could cause some concern among inv...

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Game probably started turning a profit around 150-250K units sold. Persona is a big game content wise, and has good production values, but it's not really a huge budget game.

Loving the high sales. I know people say you shouldn't tout sales, but sales like this, in Japan alone, means that more focus could be put on the franchise, or better yet, more Japanese publishers will see that high quality JRPG's are a viable marketplace. Hopefully it continues to grow,...

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At this point, maybe $30 or so, or whatever that translates to for you outside of the US. $60 was reasonable at launch of course, but time takes it's toll on game prices.

It's not a bad game, although I can't speak to how well the PC version runs. Won't hurt to wait if you have something else in the meantime. I look at the game the same way I did The Order. A nice small distraction between bigger gaming experiences that is worth a look see.

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Thought the capital of the Netherlands was Amsterdam? The Hague is where most of it's political seats are, and as I recall the capital of the southern province.

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If you have to keep a company honest, then there's something wrong with the management and operating mentality of the company itself. A company is honest because it wants to be. If it's being forced to be honest, then it's not an honest company, just doing what it has to do to save face.

This is true of any company, or person, not just MS.

Don't try and keep it honest, just be honest. Everything else will fall into place after that.

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Yeah well, you know the media will blow it out of proportion if it becomes popular. They'll latch their claws and be negative about anything which draws attention, and pander to the people who don't like new and popular things with all sorts of tabloidesque nonsense. Pokemon go being a recent example of how isolated cases of idiocy can be made into epic travesties....although a bit different in terms of what's going to happen for VR.

I doubt it will actually ...

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You and your wife must be Gods among men.


For me, I got a bit lightheaded when first using VR at work, kind of like when you stand up too quickly. Never felt sick or anything. Worked my way through it in a couple days approaching it with some care and restraint. Most people there didn't have a problem, and no one said they were getting sick from it.

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I don't tend to buy the single game remasters. I do enjoy the collection remasters though. I'll also buy a remaster for a game that I would play regularly when I have the itch to revisit it. Remasters rarely make my day one purchase list though, with the exception of the Sly collection which was awesome. Most of my remaster purchases are when they are on sale, and there mostly for collection purposes, or to play a game I never got around to when it was first released.

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So won't give him the oppurtunity to speak?

If you're going to criticize, you should at least want to hear what he has to say. Or is it more about you and others just want something to show disapproval over, so it's better that he remain silent so he can be criticized for not addressing the matter.

Given the way people have been absolutely crushing him, making assumptions about his character, making assumptions about what went dow...

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Some of the negativity is warranted, but I wouldn't say that quite a few people's ongoing reaction to the matter is in any way reasonable.

It's gone beyond general criticism and calling out, to outright hate of the dev, leaving all sensibilities at the door when it comes to behaving like a decent person towards another. People act as if Murray perpetrated the biggest scam ever seen by the human race, and somehow personally did something beyond redemption to eve...

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I'm not really sure anything he says will even be accepted by many, and they'll just continue on with their hate regardless of if he does the right things in their eyes to make things right.

An explanation of what went down, a overview of his own thoughts on the matter, maybe an apology, and upcoming changes he may be making to the game should be enough for any rational person, but we all know that not everyone is rational. While Geoff Keighley will allow him to sa...

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Personally, I prefer the emulation on Xbox one. Lost Odyssey becoming available recently may be my first title through BC, as that's a game I wanted to get back in the 360 days.

I can see merit for PSNow, but it's not for me. Maybe one day if they change it's structure to be more appealing on the price side, with a better sub service, in which case I would use it for the occasional game which I don't care about too much, or while I'm travelling if I wa...

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PSNow is on PC, so technically, it is a PC thing as well.

Kind of sucks since the premise is somewhat silly to begin with, but that's what we do here in console land.

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And most will. And most people will be very happy with it.

I think a lot of the people clamoring for 4K don't actually have a 4K TV, and don't know just how good upscaled 4K can actually look, particularly with HDR.

Might be a frame of reference thing for now, since most people haven't had exposure to really high quality native 4K sources.

Plus, many of the better 4K TV's just look phenomenal to begin with, so you&#...

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1080, upscaled, with all the bells and whistles to graphics, at 60fps, and HDR, looks pretty damn good. It will actually look better than 4K with less graphical detail rendered natively, even if it's HDR. Some people will bemoan the occassional AA that crops up in upscaled images, but with 1080, you can get great AA techniques used so it's hardly noticeable without really trying to see.

That's why i think devs are going to go for 1080, HDR, high graphics, 60fp...

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