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one man's trash is another man's treasure :)

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please, stop with the cheap talk ... Microsoft's been spinning their wheels for years, ever since they declared Windows Me being a platform for gamers, only to start disbanding 1st party studios shortly thereafter.

You hyped up Sea Of Thieves like it was the next coming of baby jezus, and you didn't deliver .. again. I'm a total PC gamer, have an Xbox, Xbox 360 but didn't bother with the Xbox One. Waiting for some good games to justify the price (and no, I d...

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I hear ya, I was hoping to get to play Darksiders 3 and Biomutant.

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If only I had a PS4 dammit ...

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ROFL no surprise there :)

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From the wording in the announcement, it says you are playing "alongside" him in a PVE mission (solo or co-op) and get typical Sam Fischer gear as rewards (like his sonar goggles).

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Might have to go check this out again, but yea, hopefully this also means a new Splinter Cell game is in the works :)

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ordered one, and they canceled my order 5 mins later ..

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I have to agree, unless they have some super secret cool features yet to be revealed, $60 seems a bit much. More like $39.99 or something.

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I just love the music in the Horizon Chase titles

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The Horizon Chase World Tour version in 2015 was surprisingly fun on mobile indeed.

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def. looks interesting..

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it was previously only confirmed for PS4 and PC, but with 1C picking it up they added the Xbox One platform. As with the two other titles they announced today.

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I did .. nice booty though right ? :)

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A little bit early on this aren't we ? news embargo was set for later

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hahaha :)

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I'm an Xbox fan, but let's face it, the Xbox One has no amount of games to play like the PS4 does. Unless you're content with playing backward compatible titles, you're better off with a PC or PS4 this generation around.

I'm a PC gamer, but I still have an original Xbox and an Xbox 360, no playstation consoles of any kind, but if someone were to give me money for a console of my choice, I'd pick a PS4.

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Might have something to do with the new/big patch being rolled out? It's a full client download so maybe it's just temp. unavailable until the new version has been uploaded?

Or maybe it's for the better, so the game is no longer boring us to death :)

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well my bad then, not familiar with this person's shtick. Obviously I'm not in the known or it went over my head, but when I look at that YT thumb, that's all I see/read into it.

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