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Pretty excited for this one. YAY!

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These guys were so cool, and the game is amazing. So groundbreaking.

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Super excited for this panel.

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Really nice piece, really enjoyed it.

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so... yeah

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Very entertaining.

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@andshesays your opinion was not wrong at all. I completely understand where you are coming from. I am that way about most games that are not being reviewed by us. I usually wait. I have high hopes for the game.

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I would have to say that just because there is swearing in the game doesn't make it childish. You would have to say the same about games like Hitman, Sleeping Dogs, GTA, The Darkness, or really any other "adult" themed game. The game is stylistic and it has a grittier and almost in a campy way.

Also you make reference to the broken combat and other issues. I feel this is very difficult to wag your finger at since this is not a final release, beta-ish. This isn&#...

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@Xristo I completely agree. The game by it's self was mediocre but the story was so damn good. Love'd it!

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Columbine Shooter.

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I personally think this is going to be amazing. Main reason being, there are tons of people who love PC games but do not have a system to run them. A large amount of people also cannot afford a gaming rig required to run certain games, Crysis 3 will be the prime example here. If the steambox is affordable and capable of playing amazing games and is upgradable it will bring a large number of people back to the PC gaming arena.

or not.... who knows.

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You in no way need to drop 3 680 in favor of a 690 to play crysis. You only need a single 680 to run it.

Here are the "recommended" specs:
Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8

Latest DirectX 11 graphics card

Latest quad core CPU

8GB Memory

Example 1 (Nvidia/Intel):

NVidia GTX 680

Intel Core i7-2600k

Example 2 (AMD):

AMD Ra...

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Great video, really really funny.

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Talking about FarCry 3 it is amazing! 60fps on a core i7 3770/16 gb ram/ Nvidia GTX 560ti.

Gameplay is so amazing. I am doing a full play through right now. OMG it is so good! I cannot say that enough. it is close to perfect.

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I really feel that everything was rushed or just poorly executed as far as gameplay goes. The game is beautiful but to the culmination of such a great story you figured Ubisoft would have attempted to make a flawless game.

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That isn't too terrible. It's no World of Warcraft.

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Thanks for the clarification.

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Isn't it called Revengence now?

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We all know Nintendo will do well with the Wii U even if they are surpassed by the other's technology. People buy Nintendo because it is Nintendo. Not because of flashy graphics or ground breaking hardware. Nintendo owns shop because their games are quality and there is a certain nostalgic factor. Plus most people can just pick up a game and play, you don't have to be a hardcore gamer (for the most part). There are the exception as in any case.... but still.

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