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Ya but it was a setup for a sequal lol #3.1
I loved the gamplay in this game I hope they get to build on it. #2
It was actually xbox live that chaos theory did best on lol #1.3.1
Conviction would have been better if they would have had.spy vs merc multiplayer, but it diddnt lol. #15
This author seemed to forget about Monster Hunter and Left 4 dead lol and it is an exclusive if its a 360 ps3 comparison anf the game isent on one of those platforms, beside if nothing is anounced at e3 xbox has a problem until then this lists dont mean much. #1.1.21
Castlevania best original score hands down! #4
Kinect not working in your home?
Are you kidding me! Kinect not working in your home is a stupid statment. Mine works great and guess what it is better than,the move. I played the move it is imptessive but kinect is more fun. Stop buying into the crap that has been flooding n4g about kinect being a poor motion,system. #28
Im sorry but I strongly disagree I have loads of fun getting a high rank and erning acievments and trophys. I buy collectors edition because I,like what they come with and want to support the game. I always have fun playing games and consider myself a hardcore gamer. #7
Still exclusive
Just because a games is on xbox and pc dosent mean its nit exclusive. CONSOLE games are what matter and xbox pc is still on xbox not pc so that is a exclusive lol #70.1
Well like somone said earlier their is a lot if ctoss platform games comming out,before e3 and when u have a juggernaught like gears 3 u dont need a lot to contain if microsoft still dont have anything at e3 then their is a issue but untill then their us no need to worry and capcom said it was a exclysive deal with microsoft for monster hunter 3 as well as if left for dead was gonna go cross platform it woukd have happend already o and another thing kingdoms wont go cross platform because its... #61.2
Sad excuse for a article
Ya 200 mill in 24 hours says your wrong lol #60
Sad day
Wow dance central no way but gears 3 is a monster exclusive that will out sell all like reach, im waiting to see in kinect games and kingdoms could be good if we see gameplay lol but im suprised left 4 dead 3 isent anounced and why wasent monster hunter in the list? #61
We will see
We will see with sales. #24
I think its really funny when a bunch of ps3 fanbkys hop on n4g and band together to say ms sucks meanwhile who is playing their ps3? Lol I own a xbox 360, ps3, and a wii and guess what one I play the most... Xbox. And guess what else im a writer for I get free games to review because I dont want to buy 75% of the games sony has. Ms may have less exclusives then sony right now but guess what xbox exclusives are better games and every 1 xbox eclusive sales is equivelint to 3 ps3 e... #18
The move is a fine piece of equipment my oppinion is im not gonna buy a motion controller unless theirs enough motion games im willing to buy, call me a troll but thats my oppinion. I need more than sorcery and support in games like imfoumus 2 #9
Mad world, no more heroes, dead space extraction what do you know theirs three ports right there lol well I just talked to my friend so nvm on madworld I missunderstood him #7.2.1
Kz3 and games like that have move support they are not full blown move games if I play those im gonna use a regular controller especially for shooter, a fee those I havent herd of but guess what everything I have seen from e3 and gamesom have failed to impress me besides sorcery. The play station move is a upgraded version of the wii it will be a while before it will really have some good games made for the move not a added in feature. #7.1.1
Yes its a solid piece of equipment but most of the games are wii ports, the only game they have shown that has caught mt attetion is sorcery everything else eh. I dont care about support either I eant move based games. #7
I see what the auther is saying but it hard to get excited for the move. #4
Cant wait
Im excited for this one to come out, I cant wait to try this one. #1
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