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The article's been fixed; the images are normal size now. #1.3
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Not mentioning it is akin to condoning? Is this a joke? They probably just figured that people have enough common sense to realise that it's also illegal. >_>

And I guess, technically, these copies aren't illegal since they don't actually contain the game?

Also, in the actual report:
"Do not download leaked versions."

What more do you want...? #3
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Do they even have the consoles in hand yet? This reeks of clickbait. #104
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They're random chance; I think there's a 1/8192 chance of running into one.

Breeding Pokemon with yours makes it more likely to be a shiny. There's also something called "chain fishing" you can try. I'm pretty sure you can also chain Pokemon in grass. I suggest looking this up; I know there are plenty of answers out there. #2.1.1
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That would be amazing. I'd love to see another Okami, though I did love Okamiden. #17.2
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The only thing I'm concerned about here is Monster Hunter, and I know people who are concerned for Street Fighter. Otherwise, I find I don't really care. #15
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The game IS infuriating with only one analogue stick; the 3DS version is remedied by the circle pad pro though. I struggle without the CPP, and I've put a lot of hours into the series.

I also find that the game is nowhere near as good unless you have friends to play with. I never got into the series till my best friend started playing Tri with me.

If you like action games, I'd say you should give it a good crack, because you'll love it. It takes a... #1.1
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I'm pretty sure only Japanese companies are allowed to bid, so MS isn't possible. #3.1
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I hope that whoever buys them is a third-party company; Marvelous would be awesome because XSEED. I don't want Atlus games restricted to one console. I'd like for them to continue doing whatever they want.

Also, it's possible that Nikkei simply jumped the gun and announced Sega's purchase of Index before they were supposed to... Sega may still have a couple of things to sort out before the announcement. I'm not completely counting them out yet. #4
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Exactly what I was going to say. It'll be MH4 causing this, for sure. What else uses it? #1.1
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You asked what X is above; it's the game I'm buying a Wii U for. The next game from Monolith Soft, who made Xenoblade Chronicles, Xenogears (technically that was Squzresoft, but it's the same team of people), the Xenosaga trilogy, Baten Kaitos and Soma Bringer. Go check out the reveal and E3 trailers to see what it looks like.

On-topic, I do think Nintendo do ride on nostalgia somewhat. But as long as they keep giving me great games like The Wonderful 101, Bayonet... #2.5
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I don't like that fact that circumstances beyond my control could make me lose all of my save data and the money I poured into digital purchases.

If I got a Vita and it was then stolen, that would be a pain but my save file and purchases would be recoverable because all my stuff would be saved to the PSN, not to the console itself. I'd have to buy another Vita, but at least I'd get all my stuff back.

If my 3DS is stolen... It's all gone. All o... #2.1.2
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I really hope this happens. I want to start buying my stuff digitally; it'll free up space on my shelves. This is the only thing holding me back in doing so on Nintendo consoles. #2
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We don't live in communism... Australia as a whole just isn't a big embracer of games. Which is weird, because our indie scene is really active. The creators of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride are here.

A friend put it perfectly a few years ago:
"Australian culture doesn't give a crap about anything unrelated to sports or beer." #1.1.1
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Stupid. If they can do it in movies and TV shows, why not games? And what's the point of an R18+ rating if stuff is still getting censored? #4
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I think I figured out why the XBOne wishlist was so high to begin with.

It was all those stupid teens who couldn't afford to actually pre-order it themselves, whereas the PS4 was actually pre-ordered in droves by people who actually had the cash for it. #8
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So excited for this! :D I have good friends in America that I can't play online with. Now I'm looking forward to the hunt even more! #12
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All of them, now. It was originally going to only be for PC, iOS and Android, but now that it's hit this goal it'll be made for Wii U, PS3 and 360 as well. #4.1
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This is fantastic news! No wonder everyone loves NISA. :D #1
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I buy games new when and where I can, because the developers and the publishers deserve my money.

But I can't always afford to get a game on or near its release, and as someone who loves niche Japanese games, this is a problem; those types of games disappear quickly and don't get reprinted.

And what if I hear about a game a year or two down the track and think I'd like to buy it? I couldn't if the next-gen consoles don't allow for use of... #1.1.6
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