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67ish for me, and that's not including shooting for all the titles and unlockables, which'll easily double play time.

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Wouldn't surprise me if they resigned, as MH has grown heaps on their consoles. MH4U (3DS) has been the best-selling game in the West to date.

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Yep, I did the same, and I know a few others who did too. Absoultely shameless. :D

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There was what looked like a chat box in the announcement trailer 22ish seconds in. I remember reading somewhere from someone who translated it that it was filled with greetings. If that's true, it looks like multiplayer.

Trailer's here:

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I'm playing it in Japanese right now (just beat a Tigerstripe Zamtrios, about to take on a Tidal Najarala) and it looks gorgeous. Trailers for 3DS games never do them justice.

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Is this NA-only? I'm in Australia but my 3DS hasn't lit up with it yet...

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It's been a news site for nearly 2 years now.

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Does anyone know the details of the microtransactions in this game? I know you can buy weapons and armour and such, but are can they all be earned by just regular play? It kinda defeats the purpose of the series if all best equipment can just be bought using real money...

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I honestly don't know which I'm more excited about. The fact that we're getting the game, or that Atlus are actually publishing a game, THEMSELVES, in the PAL region.

Hopefully this trend continues so we don't have to wait as long for SMT, Persona, Etrian Odyssey and other Atlus games.

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I would so go up to Sydney for that if it wasn't at the beginning of the semester D:

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I am normally one to play a game/watch an anime with dubs, but even I swapped to the Japanese VA for this game. It really... isn't that great.

Rest of the game is rock solid though.

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I've played 4 in Japanese, and I'll be playing 4G when it releases later this year in Japan. Yes, 4 IS awesome.

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The map in the background reminds me of Solatorobo. CyberConnect2 confirmed they're working on a Solatorobo sequel way back in November 2012, but we haven't heard anything about it yet. Also, a trademark for "Little Tail Story" was trademarked last week; Solatorobo is the second in the Little Tail Bronx series.

My bet is on the next Little Tail Bronx game. I guess we'll know in 5 days.

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Freaking love this game. I would love to make this purchase, but unfortunately the website in question doesn't ship outside of Japan. :(

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It is; I've played it all the way through since it's out in the PAL region already. Totally awesome game; would recommend to anyone.

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Planning to get Two Brothers over my Christmas break. Can't wait to see what they have up next!

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Glad you mentioned Freedom Fall; I enjoyed that game. Short, but the writing on the wall that you can read as you play is hilarious. xD

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I know I said it when this news was first reported, but:

Here in Australia, Etrian Odyssey IV released a couple of months ago. It was $70 in the eShop, and $45 at EB Games for a physical copy. This is the store I refused to go to for ages because they overpriced everything; day 1 release, $25 less.

Anyone defending Iwata here will have to explain how that makes sense. I'm not going to enjoy the game any more if I'd gotten it for more; in fact, I'd...

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I don't think we'll be getting Ike back... Sakurai wants to cut down on characters. I reckon we're going to get Chrom as the second FE representative, and no more. Ike was my main in Brawl, so I'd LIKE to see it happen, but I don't believe it will.

The Avatar would be cool though, I'd imagine being able to swap between genders would be a thing.

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Good to see. I was concerned he'd be swapped out for Masked Marth from Awakening.

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