Time to dance


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Always one isnt there.

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People are calling out for a change of period for AC. I guess Ubi said lets just make a new game.

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Sounds feasible enough.

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This game could easily transition to consoles. Maybe with next gen we will see more of these sorts of games.

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I tried this demo which lasts about an hour. Not a bad little game. Could do with some polishing.

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It's a shame with some pc games that it's either or. This time it seems Nvidia is better supported. 3D vision support right out the box.

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Not a fan of indie games but this looks like it has a cool concept.

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This game is not in any shops. A true stealth release.

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In before the feminist brigade states that the opening totally sexualizes the main character. Stay classy Capcom.

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If you want exposed boobs then play Scarlet Blade not this trash.

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Might look good but gameplay looks kinda generic.

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TV show was nothing special. I won't be going out of my way to see episode 2. Something for catch up methinks.

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I think it's a cool idea from Ubisoft but this is an exception not the rule. Without imagination ideas could become stale and if too jarring might not work. Blood Dragon has a great theme to it which is its selling point. Skyrim set in the future anyone? No. Didnt think so.

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2:19 in and 83 points is clearly displayed which somewhat negates everything you said because you didnt watch the video fully. Pot calling the kettle black.

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Just bring the game already. Who cares about polys.

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DRM sucks but until theres some factual info from MS I will reserve judgement.

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Great game but not as good as Bioshock 1.

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Kiillzone beats it when it comes to artistic direction, but the physics arent as impressive as BF4's. Can't wait for both games tbh.

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Gaming at its breast...I mean best.

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Bargain bin fodder with less of the bargain.

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