Time to dance


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The women character models look pretty decent and the skin options are a bit of overkill considering most of the body will be covered in armour unless you like to go rogue in your under garments.

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AMD released new beta drivers which improves performance for this game.

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It's not a bad comparison if you actually watch the video and get over the fact they are different genres.

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Deja vu here. But this video makes F5 look worse.

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Interesting way to do a comparison. But the video quality makes Forza 5 a little too washed out.

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Condescending much?

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Because like a moth to a flame that headline drew me in and i simply couldn't resist posting my opinion on the matter even though I care little of the growing Indian market. I am also quite indifferent towards the fact people might visit N4g from anywhere else other than UK Europe and North America. My sincere apologies to the swathes of Indian gamers who frequent N4g. Next time I'll keep my immature comments to myself.

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Yipeee...no wait. I don't actually care.

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Hyperbole much or you really mean no one played these at all?

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Only those with poor eyesight or who are in denial would say there is little to no difference between last and next gen DR.

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No Boreza did you really include that in the title? Pretty lame imo.

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Looking forward to seeing this pan out.

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Cool story bro. You still had a massive delay in getting the X1.

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Why do they need to go head to head. Why not both enjoy their respective systems and just game?

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Now you can perv and play on the go.

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Incredible. This is pretty bad and fleecing fans. I can understand charging more for characters as these need to be hosted on servers. But costumes at those prices is wsy greedy.

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Some people have the game early. It happens with every release and from what Ive read, this game you're only going to run through once or twice at best.

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This might be true but the fact remains that people like to moan about optional features they dont use.

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Some big comments were made as expected. All companies do this though oncluding Sony. We can all remember real time weapons switching and giant enemy crabs. I thought the reveal was dull and not geared towards gamers. Stroll on e3 but right now Sony looks like they have captured gamers.

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Always one isnt there.

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