Time to dance


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Been waiting for this day.

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Very nice. Cant wait for this. It has been years over due.

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Same ol same ol every year same game different clothing.

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Sweet - not sure what the relevance with Black Ops 2 is though.

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Both for me depending on the game... I prefer stealth though.

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Considering no one knows if xbox will release next year the Ps4 could still release first.

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Saw these earlier, I want this game now! :)

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MS are focusing their efforts elsewhere but for how long?

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I just want the demo j/k

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I've certainly got my eye on this now after hearing good things about it. Liking the pawn system very much.

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Don't want me on your team then ;-)

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Can't wait to get my hands on it on tuesday!

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"350,000" is all due to massive amounts of advertising from Microsoft.....

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That's a fair analogy I think.

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I'll believe it when I see it...

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The stories have always played second fiddle to the gameplay. I kind of liked the old school tongue in cheekness of classic Resi Evil, although I also am glad that the series has moved forwards dramatically.

It's the story that's needed a kick in the nads, and RE6 in terms of characters and story looks leaps and bounds ahead of RE5 already. So, here's hoping it all pans out...

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I thought both those games really sucked badly. Fingers crossed they do better with third person action games.

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I think I'll pick this up once the price drops - which will no doubt be soon enough :)

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I never buy consoles at launch after making the mistake of getting the full priced 3DS... :)

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The problem is, that the game appears in terms of gameplay may be below average where it counts, and that's in the light-sabring action moments. I bet when it clicks and it goes as expected, it's quite the magical moment though.

Truth is the material is for us, while the gameplay is aimed at the kids, it's hard to find that middle ground no doubt.

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