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"Time to dance"


Starrrshhh. Please make it happen as Jill is boss in this game. #6
That upskirt screenshot though. #2
Well said. Bubs. Aside from theft I still think PSO's loot system is good for this type of game. Diablo 3's was too much for me. I believe rare should mean rare and not something people can buy or everyone has.

I hope they include a trading system in the next game as this adds to the community until it gets hacked. #1.1
Pretty cool but the quickest time on the leader boards is under 2 minutes. I heard if you let the clock go over its max of 100 hours it resets back to zero. Also people have hacked times. #1
I just couldn't get into Evolved for some reason. Dying Light seems more interesting but is a different game. #2
You can't replace the abstract fear you get from playing something like Alien Isolation in the realms of VR with AR. Even with the downgrade in visual quality currently plaguing the DK 2.

AR does have its uses though in other applications and games so hopefully it's a win for everyone. #1.10
War? I wasn't aware of one. Having read a bit more about this I still wonder what the in built cpu gpu specs will be like to power the device considering the purported consumer cost. #1.2.3
The future does look promising for AR and Vr. Although I wonder how resource hungry this will be? The Rift requires a fairly decent gpu although AR isn't creating entire worlds so should have a lesser requirement I would assume. #1.2
Ubisoft's partnership with nVidia is obvious. Are you suggesting because the game runs perfectly fine on my gtx 970 there are no problems and people are just making stuff up? #1.2.1
Really impressed with that although I lol'd at the fetus in the bathroom. #2
Not gonna cycle through 15 bloody pages man. #2
Seriously? #2
Just like everyone else it seems. #1
Soooo on the fence with this. I want it but id rather wait for psplus discount. #1
Impressive but wasnt it supposed to take 90 minutes? Maybe that figure was for a round trip rather than coast to coast? Someone care to put me straight. #2
Pretty sweet. They can take my money now. #1.1
As expected. Looks much better than Forza. I wonder how well the console versions hold up? #1
This isn't the most graphically intensive game to begin with but nice to see the ps4 version stacks up well. #1
4/10 from Gamespot seems pretty harsh but not totally from the left field looking at some other reviews around the net. I'd wait until this is bargain price first. #3
No reviews for this and it releases tomorrow doesn't bode well. #1
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