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"Time to dance"


Just like everyone else it seems. #1
Soooo on the fence with this. I want it but id rather wait for psplus discount. #1
Impressive but wasnt it supposed to take 90 minutes? Maybe that figure was for a round trip rather than coast to coast? Someone care to put me straight. #2
Pretty sweet. They can take my money now. #1.1
As expected. Looks much better than Forza. I wonder how well the console versions hold up? #1
This isn't the most graphically intensive game to begin with but nice to see the ps4 version stacks up well. #1
4/10 from Gamespot seems pretty harsh but not totally from the left field looking at some other reviews around the net. I'd wait until this is bargain price first. #3
No reviews for this and it releases tomorrow doesn't bode well. #1
I will try these when I get home. Thanks for sharing. That usb transfer rate looks slow and a shame you can't do that in the background. #1
No. Just needs to be appropriately priced at 299.99. #2
Two different gameplay styles. Killzone started it all hence why it was shown as the flagship ps4 game and a launch title at that. #1.1
Some interesting choices although it's crazy to see support for the 900p Ryse when you would think it was the spawn of satan around these parts. #5
As of 16.35 Europe time I get the same error as reported here. Come on Scamco. #1
And people complained about MGS V being short. #1
What a weird looking game. Looks fun although not sure what was going on at the end with that loop. #1
The two versions are close but not that close. Ea just want to hype their game to the max. Nothing new about that. If they wanted sales it should have been a multi format release. #1
Still waiting for the killer kinect game then. Looks like it's never going to happen at this rate. #1
I look forward to this. Thanks. #1
Looks really nice but seems devoid of anything at the moment. Looking at the kickstarter page and this game needs a lot more funding to add basics like a survival mode. #2
Looks ok but not as good as the original Sky planner. #1
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