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"Time to dance"


Too many games. Too small a wallet. #2
Spotted a kill in the first 10 seconds tsk. #1
My thought as well actually (Alpha Protocol) but bored of Metal Gear? NEVER! #1.1 well played. #8
A lack of single player story campaign hurts this game imo considering it has been a big part of the series up until now. #1
Anyone else think this is going to cost a fortune? #7
Fully agreed. #1.1
The game is still locked at 30 fps despite what this benchmark shows. You need to edit the config file to unlock it. #1
see the end of the video if you made it that far. #8.3
Compared to The Witcher 3 I say no contest. #1
OMG those analogies. #1
I expect by 2020 mobiles will be able to stream high end pc like graphics to TVs and then like the Wii U go mobile. These numbers though are usually skewed given they do not differentiate between games like candy crush and full 3D experiences. #1.14
Two characters being forced rather than a choice is an interesting goal but one I'm not so sure about. At least they are covering the angles but at what cost?

Damn them Ubi writers love the family ties thing don't they. #1
Driveclub looks the most realistic as far as I'm concerned. The 60 fps of CARS looks good though. #8
There's a lot of hype for this game which is justified in my opinion. This has game of the gear written over it although there are going to be some solid challengers with games like Bloodborne and The Witcher 3.

Cool video. #1
It's been a while since I heard the words Guitar Hero. #2
Noticeable difference between last and current gen but not so much current and pc. One thing that's missing from the video is the improvement from having 60Fps. #1
Instead of backward compatibility we get this. #1.16
Apologies to all who find it offensive but to me this was incredibly erotic especially the audio with the heavy breathing and all the ambient sound effects (those tigers wow).

it's a lot more subtle eroticism than in your face porn. Team Ninja certainly know exactly what they are doing here.

I think I lasted 25 minutes before I fell asleep. Beat that you noobs.

/s. #19
PC is always going to look better but at least we can see by how much.

I don't think the visuals are as good as Black Flag but that might just be me. #2
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