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In my opinion, I think media that portrays domestic violence(DV) like this are incredibly important. There are many people who do not recognize what DV is and live with it as if it were normal. Others recognize it and don't know what they can do. To the abusers, sometimes they can't understand the consequence of their actions. I believe that the number one way to prevent undesirable outcomes is to first be educated on the topic. If you want to know what the derivative of 2x is, you le...

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I live in China right now, Nanjing to be exact and I can walk into a regular electronic store similar to something like best buy and see a little XboxOne station that demo's forza or some kinect app like fruit ninja. I look around the set up and there are only 3 games available. Forza 5, a kinect game, and some sort of free to play chinese based game. It's kinda hard to sell anything with only 3 games available. Another interesting thing is that in the same store the PS4 is not repres...

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A lot of people here probably didn't even read the whole review. The man is reviewing the game based on it being a wheel based controller racing sim. Most of his cons come from the settings that make using a wheel as a controller impossibly difficult to use while giving gamepad users an unfair advantage with excessively aggressive driving assists. He is also disappointed in how the game does not penalize drives for driving recklessly and cut corners especially in the special competitive o...

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I think Bradley Cooper could nail Drake's persona.

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Loos like a cool game.

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Looks like a pretty interesting platformer.

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Game looks really cool.

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different resolutions but same idea.

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There are people who play games for the simple fact that they are fun and provide a rich experience you can't find anywhere else. They could care less about which system they play on as long as they have a good experience. Then there are the people who have their experience ruined when they see jaggies and can't raise the AA up to remove them. The type of people who want to play great games while witnessing them in the visual glory it can behold. Thirdly there are the savvy shoppers w...

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Arguing with this guy reminds me of a Kitchen Nightmares episode where Ramsay rails an owner for adamantly standing by his thought that food prepared from frozen is just as good, if not better than food prepared fresh.
You can own a Nvidia Titan and run everything on max and use 720p and look better than a GT Geforce trying to run something at 1080p whilst only getting 20fps with all settings on low.
In this case the xbox one is more like a gtx550ti maxing out 720p since goi...

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Penello himself listed cloud compute under "intangibles".

1. Incapable of being perceived by the senses.
2. Incapable of being realized or defined.
3. Incorporeal.

Thank you for clarifying Mr. Penello.

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Lol, I remember that fight, i kept dying so i ended up sitting behind a pillar an hitting her with the ranged character in between attacks. That fight lasted all of about 1 hour.

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GDDR5 has a higher clock latency than DDR3 but the clock frequency is more than double that of the DDR3 counterpart that Microsoft is using. 5500MHz for GDDR5 compared to 2133MHz for DDR3. This means that the ABSOLUTE latency will be pretty much the same for both types of memory.

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I think that the file size of 4K media in itself would discourage people from pirating 4K media. I mean 100GB for an average movie.

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The Xbox One isn't even launching in Saudi Arabia so they will have to import one from another country if they want one. MS website also says "Xbox One-Supported Xbox Live Countries" so no XBL in Saudi Arabia for Xbox One?

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That doesn't change the fact that Twitch will be available on both Xbox One AND PS4. That being said it was said that Ustream's partnership with Sony is in no way exclusive either. So if both platforms have both services how does either have the upper hand.

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Twitch doesn't even have an exclusive deal with MS.

I fail to see how it can be a game changer when it will be available over both platforms.

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Thats why I said minimum donation, on humble bundle it's 1 dollar to get the base and beat the average to get more. So $5 min I would assume. Plus there will always be the people who appreciate the value they get and donate more.

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For some reason when I was reading this I was thinking:
Wouldn't it be awesome if a company adopted a policy that was a free premium account that you can donate money to each month. You would get to play online multiplayer with the account and you can unlock the bonus games(using ps+ free games per month as example) with a minimum donation. The donations would go towards making the online system better and users can feel free to donate as much as they feel like, kinda like the hum...

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All I have to say is if you make a good game people will find it, review it, share it, and enjoy it. It doesn't matter how hidden it is.

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