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different resolutions but same idea.
http://www.red.com/learn/re... #15.1
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There are people who play games for the simple fact that they are fun and provide a rich experience you can't find anywhere else. They could care less about which system they play on as long as they have a good experience. Then there are the people who have their experience ruined when they see jaggies and can't raise the AA up to remove them. The type of people who want to play great games while witnessing them in the visual glory it can behold. Thirdly there are the savvy shoppers w... #9.2
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Arguing with this guy reminds me of a Kitchen Nightmares episode where Ramsay rails an owner for adamantly standing by his thought that food prepared from frozen is just as good, if not better than food prepared fresh.
You can own a Nvidia Titan and run everything on max and use 720p and look better than a GT Geforce trying to run something at 1080p whilst only getting 20fps with all settings on low.
In this case the xbox one is more like a gtx550ti maxing out 720p since goi... #6.1.3
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Penello himself listed cloud compute under "intangibles".

1. Incapable of being perceived by the senses.
2. Incapable of being realized or defined.
3. Incorporeal.

Thank you for clarifying Mr. Penello. #5
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Lol, I remember that fight, i kept dying so i ended up sitting behind a pillar an hitting her with the ranged character in between attacks. That fight lasted all of about 1 hour. #3.1
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GDDR5 has a higher clock latency than DDR3 but the clock frequency is more than double that of the DDR3 counterpart that Microsoft is using. 5500MHz for GDDR5 compared to 2133MHz for DDR3. This means that the ABSOLUTE latency will be pretty much the same for both types of memory. #2.5.2
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I think that the file size of 4K media in itself would discourage people from pirating 4K media. I mean 100GB for an average movie. #8
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The Xbox One isn't even launching in Saudi Arabia so they will have to import one from another country if they want one. MS website also says "Xbox One-Supported Xbox Live Countries" so no XBL in Saudi Arabia for Xbox One? #22
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That doesn't change the fact that Twitch will be available on both Xbox One AND PS4. That being said it was said that Ustream's partnership with Sony is in no way exclusive either. So if both platforms have both services how does either have the upper hand. #15.1.1
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Twitch doesn't even have an exclusive deal with MS.


I fail to see how it can be a game changer when it will be available over both platforms. #15
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Thats why I said minimum donation, on humble bundle it's 1 dollar to get the base and beat the average to get more. So $5 min I would assume. Plus there will always be the people who appreciate the value they get and donate more. #4.2.1
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For some reason when I was reading this I was thinking:
Wouldn't it be awesome if a company adopted a policy that was a free premium account that you can donate money to each month. You would get to play online multiplayer with the account and you can unlock the bonus games(using ps+ free games per month as example) with a minimum donation. The donations would go towards making the online system better and users can feel free to donate as much as they feel like, kinda like the hum... #4
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All I have to say is if you make a good game people will find it, review it, share it, and enjoy it. It doesn't matter how hidden it is. #8
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Man I do love me some Sony and I found myself with some extra money after selling a paintball marker. I sat down and looked at the options. PSVita or 3DS. I sat down and thought to myself, what game do I just HAVE to play. After thinking it through I said to myself, Fire Emblem. I know there are some interesting games for vita released and coming soon like Gravity Rush, Soul Sacrifice, and others but none of those to me were must play titles.
Maybe Vita will start doing better 2-3 ye... #14
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It says it would affect DVR boxes with built-in cameras, and depending on how "built-in" is clarified it may now even include Kinect. If they refer to built-in as a physical piece of hardware that is part of the DVR box then I don't think it would include Kinect. If "built-in" is described as a piece of hardware required for the dvr box to operate correctly then it would affect kinect.

To my current knowledge, and I may be wrong, I do not think Laptop... #9.1
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I wonder where you get your confidence from? If you truly do work in marketing like you have said before than it shouldn't be hard to notice consumer interest for each product via polls by websites like amazon and gamespot. Taking into account media backlash over MS policies, E3 reactions to Sony's press conference I would draw the conclusion that the PS4 has a pretty big lead in a marketing standpoint, as of now. MS continues to release clarifications about it's policies which ma... #18.1
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I notice a lot of people bring up Gamestop when talking about used games yet, for the consumer, it is definitely not the most profitable venue. If you bought a game on release day you can get most of your money back by selling it on ebay or craigslist within a month or so. Gamestop is, in fact, the most convenient venue for buying and selling, since I would assume most people don't want to deal with listing an item on ebay, or fear of human interaction over craigslist. So what I am trying... #11
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I guess it just comes down to what you want out of the system. For me personally faster RAM and a stronger GPU mean a lot more to me that advanced TV or a voice recognition/gesture system ever will. You may view things differently but to each his own.

Skype will be available on both consoles so that is a moot point. Well for me it would be since I have not once used video chat while playing games, yet I used skype voice chat almost daily while playing games.

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You know PS3 was "worth" the extra money too with bundled wi-fi, which was a $100 add on for 360 at launch, and blu-ray drive; but that didn't stop people from saying xbox360 is cheaper so it's the better decision.
IMO if Kinect wasn't mandatory and both systems launched with the $400 price tag the PS4 is the better value hands down based on what is known right now based on hardware/system features. #31
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Since when has polygon.com become a reputable review website? I mean going by their advice you would go out and buy Remember me over The Last of us.
Just another way for a small website to get more hits. Even the review itself sounds like gibberish. Pretty much a pacifist little person who does not enjoy any sort of challenge. #1.2.5
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