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This is how Sony pushes their software.... show something not in real time and then later on show some some things in real time....

I know many friends who are dedicated console players..... simply put it they like cut scenes (whether it is real time or not).... On the flip side Im a PC gamer and I crave in game graphics and in game engine cut scenes.... It's not like Sony says its real time..... it the fans/haters that blow it out of prop... #52
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@ Finalfantasykid
amd what is ff to MS.... its not really exclusive hence it wont really make give character to the xbox. #3.4
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Lets just wait and see in 2010, when the game actually comes out.

Im pretty sure ps3 will surpass the xbox in total hardware sales by that time given the trend of the ps3 since interception.

Lets focus on what xbox has to have to offer from now and 2010..... thinking thinking ummm nadda. #38
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im getting tired of hearing this
Kudos do MS for making a great business deal with square to remove thunder from Sony....

But honestly if the BIGGEST thing MS has to show this year is a non exclusive game then MS is actually in trouble..... When is ffx13 coming out in english speaking territories?? 2010 from what I heard

MS still really has to show some true exclusives (games that cannot be found on pc or ps3).

Yes old school franchises spike sales in consoles simply because they are... #12
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the moment mgs comes out on xbox
Or an iteration of it comes out....

xbox fanboys will all of sudden like this type of game. #70
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I knew that the moment i bought a few games from the gcube..... sorry not buying another nintendo system until they come out with a ton of resident type evil games. #19
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@ bloodmask
hehe its funny how you bring the PC card into the picture so quickly to bash the ps3.........

Yet most of you xbox fanboys avoid the idea that many of the xbox games find their onto the pc platform yet are in denial that it is not exclusive. Btw this is including yourself. #6.22
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The trophies will not steal ms's thunder..... as long as Sony refines how ppl join games with ease and easy communication with during gameplay ..... that is all you need.

Im sorry but trophies are just too old school for me to care...... #46
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Demand is there for that price.

Gamers are willing to pay 50 bucks for games..... add the extra markup for consoles games of 10 dollars there is enuff ppl to buy at this price of 60 dollars.. Now if the game does not make enuff money in the 3-6 months since launch you tend to see these games dropped to 50 bucks. #25
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I have 75 blu-ray disc movies
Have yet to have it crash on me during playback. #4.5
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But Nvidia top cards are still at the premium price.

Its not like the price of cards have dropped it just forces the competition to get their ass moving a bit more. #7
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Why not just put all the songs on the disc rockband 1+2 songs, instead of downloading it. Im pretty sure the BD disc can hold all the songs.... not sure about the xbox version though #10
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look ppl
Its not that they are bashing the gameplay.... It's the art direction.

Alot of ppl did not like the art direction of doom 3 but it was still superior graphics of its time..

I for one am not to awed about the art direction either.... but it still pretty good for a fantasy sortuv game.... It would have been more cool if they had the art direction like fallout 1/2. Using bland mix of colors and less cartoony characters.... .But hey its opinions and lets leave it at... #12
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Im sorry to say this but many xbox extremest put a blind eye as to what Sony was doing with their console. Yes its a gaming console at heart, but the truth is it was planned since the ps2 era that the playstation brand will be marketed and try and show that it is the electronic all in one entertainment unit in the living room.

The question that I kept bring up to the xbox fans was .... why not consider gamers as also movie watchers. Sorry to say this but gaming is not the onl... #10.5
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how is it stupid?
Yes its a game station at core, but when it was released it was the smartest choice in choosing a blu-ray player. #8.4
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Title is very misleading.
Blu-ray did not need saving

It was sony's goal to use the ps3 to push blu-ray.

They priced the console at the right price which targeted individuals aged 25 and up.

This bracket has more disposible income and they came from the previous generations of play station.

Smart move and sony knew it. #17
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Having kratos on the screen would add too much clutter.

Could you imagine seeing the blades of chaos with super long reach. #12
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I dont really care about trophies for old or future games.

The only thing im concerned about this patch is voice chat and ability to chat to others with a simple push of a button. This should have been done long ago but its never really too late.

I don't really understand what the big deal with achievements is ... its one thing that live had which I did not really care. #24
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just a thought
Updates or done from different teams between both consoles.

Maybe the ps3 team has learned how to debug and program faster now. #22
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1) to justify purchase
2) bad experience in the past with competition
3) can't afford something and basing opinions on other peoples opinions are news articles.... which can be opinions also.
4) good experience with past products from same company.

Yes we all go through this but to become a true fanboy you have to outloud speak about it against the other fanboys against you. #16
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