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EXPERTS on next gen.
What are the qualifications lol to becoming an expert. #5
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Glad they improved the Speed of the UI. The old UI was slow like hell.

But its funny how they keep emphasizing how snappy it is to go in and out of the game.

PC has been that for quite a along time :) welcome to multitasking. #6
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console logic strikes again. The amount of memory used on a game does NOT have direct corellation to how long the game is. #1.12
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IMO Xbox has a better LAUNCH of games and features.

But I know in the long run PS4 will have more games for ME.
I hate it when fanboys fight over power this power that.

The truth is consoles offer the games you want 2> 3 years into its lifecycle, and in the end the graphics can only improve so much because of the static hardware found in Consoles. #68
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Honestly, its too early to say anything. #13
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I am all for Installing games on your HD like on a PC... but its funny how some PS Fanboys think 500 GB is alot of memory or is enough. Just for the sake of defending the system!

On my computer I have 15 games on my Origin acount and that takes a total of 200 GB..... That is NOT including my main gaming service Steam (which is MUCH larger)

Do you really want to install and reinstall the games. The reinstall aint so bad, its the patches that take a while.
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Same goes in reverse.... I find it all BS in the end of the day.

Just look at all last generation..... ppl kept saying we are only USING X% from the consoles power YET they struggle to hit beyond native 720p.

How little does it take to forget all these comments. #1.21
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They should just do a TEMP ban until launch day. No online features for X1 systems until the 29th.

I do not know why ppl are saying just let the situation fly! The purpose of all these release dates LIKE all companies in all industries is to prevent chaos on the overall marketing strategy/push of a product .

Let's say if store A receives a new launch product 1 month ago, and store B receives goods 2 weeks ago. If it were not due to release date restricti... #19
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yah 8+ years is LONG, especially nowadays many of the games the major developers wanna make games for all platforms.

Consoles hold their own value, and that is the exclusive games, just like how PC's have exclusive games.

I am dipping down on the PS4 first but I am sure Ill dip into Xone also since there will be some games I would like to play. #1.2.2
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I game on all platforms (mainly PC). It was a disapointment to see MANY of the consoles games struggle to do even 720p native resolution. This gen I am hoping that most games for good 4>5 years would do 1080p 45+FPS, but that is not reality (after all I have been playing PC games for years and 4>5 years can have a huge change in visual quality.

The problem with the console crowd is, many times the console only players move away from reality a bit and argue between c... #1.2
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Still Can. PC gaming is still going very strong! #6
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It wasn't a problem all last gen, even though many wanted it at the first 2 years of the console. Then reality clicked and the consoles just couldn't do it.

Good thing PS4 can do 1080p on a good portion of the launch titles, but the reality over time the developers will have to sacrifice resolution and FPS as games become more COMPLEX.

Same happens every gen. #3
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I am gonna stick with PC as primary platform, and consoles for the single player exclusives games (as I did with last gen).

If you look at both launches and your a PC gamer, there is little reason to jump the gun immediatly.

I am gonna get one of them for sure but Ill wait at least 6 months. #2.1.2
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Yah I agree with you to a certain EXTENT 1000+ does not impress me when half the cars I'll never play with.

But the game itself is GREAT and better than Forza so far IMO #1.4
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sorry to say this but MID Range gaming PCS running PC games today run SMOOTH. If you say games run like crap on your machine, your machine is not really that powerful #2.2.3
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The SAME applies on the PS4 front, ppl think the ps4 is even more powerful than a gaming pc.

Ppl should just play the console that has the type of games they want. #2.2
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Hype combined with limited funds to play games, which creates fanboyism.

Sorry to say this but if you enjoy playing games you would get all systems. Yes there is a preference, but all the consoles have a place, hence the reason why each console has exclusives.

Now my preference is PC gaming just because of the mouse and KB and better graphics and all. But one thing for sure Consoles have games that cannot be found on PC. One thing for sure is its funny how c... #12
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It was the norm for a long time now, even before this generation came out.

Some developers like to focus on multiplayer since alot of ppl are looking for that. #2.6
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Sorry to say this but there are many games that put Single player as an after thought. Same goes the other way there are many games that put multiplayer as an after though. In fact many games that focus on multiplayer give longer hours of enjoyment.

I remember back in the days of Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament, tribes, Counter Strike. Crap singleplayer but amazing Multiplayer. It was well worth the 60>70 dollars back then.

Just look at COD, battlefield, a... #1.6
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Although batteries are not good for the environment. You can get a BOAT load of them from i.e. costco at a very reasonable price.

Even at walmart you can get them at cheap price.

The only time I seen non-rechargeable batteries that are expensive are lithium. Other than that they are pretty dirt cheap.

Never liked the idea of having AA batteries in game controllers, but hey you can still get a cheap bundle of recharables at reasonable price... #19.1.2
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