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Sorry to say this but Graphics is needed just as much as gameplay. It is the overall feel of both gameplay and graphics. Some game I enjoyed to death of the past with great gameplay and good graphics back then, but now when I pick up the game the graphics SUCK. I just can get the full immersion or feel of the game.... making it less enjoyable.

Part of the gaming experience is also the visualization of the goods.

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Ppl should really be comparing the games from the LAST 2 years the last two generation vs the new generation. I love it how ppl love to bring up launch games from last gen vs launch games of this gen. Best to look at the systems from a evolution stand point.

All I can say is there was a bigger jump from ps2 end generation to ps3 start generation VS ps3 end generation vs ps4 start.

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Why pay 600 dollars when you can get that right now. And usually the Vita has game bundles.

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IMO better to include the VITA TV vs this.

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Pssh its like comparing Civics and Corollas.

Can we just stop with these comparisons. I thought consolers were about games lol

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I prefer the PS over the Xbox because I know PS will have more games that I WANT vs the xbox.

Having said that, the xbox IMO has a better launch of games and features. We can only see a general trend 2>3 years from now.

Ppl should really just focus on the games they want vs this console is better than that console because they think its better.

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ummm I just realized they stamped DAY ONE on the controller. That is quite tacky!

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Well we all knew IE is not the greatest or quickest.
I use Chrome for home use but when it comes to work I use IE over any other browser out there. Why because its not about speed but its reliable to the extent that all my web apps just work.

But then again Consoles are not meant for work use, and I'd rather much browse on my PC vs a console, because consoles are usually in front of TV's and it aint that good for browsing vs a standard monitor.

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So all of a sudden 1080p is such a big deal. Remember the last gen.... ppl were like there is no difference bla blah blah

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Although I like the Dualshocks, we tend not to play symetrical.

One of the best contorllers IMO was the gamecube, and the analog sticks were not in the same location and the they were NOT the same. Even the key buttons were NOT the same size.

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I play on all platforms consoles and PC, and all I can say is the real ANSWER to this whole scenario is if you cut out PC gaming your missing alot more VS if you cut out PS4.

There is just so much you can do on a PC gaming rig. yes you have to spend a bit more but is not hard to build a gaming at a decent budget.

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ummm why repurchase when you can get the PC version for ~$10!
Plus if you have an NVIDIA card you can get the sexy hair physics.

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Resolution has always MATTERED on top of FPS and gameplay. We need the over all better feel of the game.

As the generation ages to the 4>5 year mark were gonna see consoles gamers reverting back to comments its OK to have SUB 1080p its all about the gameplayzzzzzzz. Blah blah blah

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That is why I shifted into selling all my games when I have a chance and if I wanted a collection Ill be playing on my PC.
No more physical clutter.

At one time it was cool collecting, but I found that alot of the games I finished I never went back and played them, because more games would always come out.

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Sorry to say this but KZ is more SP focused.

- the Campaign length is actually more than 5 hours long
-there is actually a supporting story (although not the greatest) you do see some form of story buidling up

I have always seen a multiplayer focused game like quake 3, unreal tournament, tribes, COD.

This is why reviewers focus on the SP it is truly geared as a SP game.
Yes it has multiplayer and all but I am sure ...

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Ummm who says KZ is multiplayer focus... I always found it more SP focused. I am never really got int the MP of KZ. I bought it for the SP.

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Overall package is MORE important than just gameplay.

I've played many multi platform games on different different platforms, and graphics/resoultion/FPS are important factors.

It is the overall feel that counts!

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..... and I though consoles were meant to work without any ISSUES.....

These are the arguments that Console gamers have against PC gamers.

Its funny that a console to have fixed components have this eradic random problems.

Crossing my fingers my system is no a dud in December

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When you see an announcement like this from a BIG company it means there is something is going on! They are trying to protect themselves from negative viral marketing.

Why take the heat for another company, especially when fanboys make conclusions out of random "facts"

I am confident that Sony will fix the issues, no company is perfect but some fanboys try as hard as possible to apply damage control

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Maybe cuz of PC gamers.
The graphics are good on KZ, but they wont blow you away.... unless you just play on consoles most of the time.

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