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Id rather get the shield. #20
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This looks like a sweet box nicely designed, better than the XONE.

In Terms of Looks
Steambox > X1 > Ps4.

I got my PS4 already and have no intention to pickup x1 or Steambox unless something changes on a regular gaming PC :) #35
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Get them on PC they are better and cheaper, and dont really require a powerhouse of a machine!

This is why it is good to have an open mind for all gaming platforms. The PC allows is backwards compatable, and we dont have to worry about REPURCHASE to get un part with higher quality.

Since there is no backwards compatiblity I would be nice to have the 1st party titles remade (not just a simple resolution update) #23
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I just got my PS4 its nice to finally have a nice update in terms of power, but who says cheaper is always is the better experience. I only got two games COD and KZ.

While killzone is nice graphically for some reason I got bored after 2 hours of play. I went back to COD and playing it straight through and enjoying it.

Other than that I don't really see much other games to play on the system since Knack is not inspiring IMO, and the rest of the games can... #1.13
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I am trying to sell my ps3 before it becomes worthless ;) #1.16
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AGREED, I mean come on you can get TR for 10 bucks on PC easily nowadays, and it is TRULY the definite edition.

But For a game like TLOU that is not multiplatform they should release it for 40 dolalrs on PS4. #4.1
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If they sell it for above 20 dollars it is a rip.

You can find it on sale constantly online for PC for 10$ #7
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PC gaming is Dead /s #7
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I am thankful that North America has 2 Thanksgiving Days :):) #155
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Yup's happens to EVERY console generation. Everytime I get a new console, I feel like I am waiting for games.

Why because you are truly waiting for the developer to MAKE the games for that system specifically.

I'll give you a good recent example. Imagine you somehow lose your PS3 either by selling it or it breaking down, but you wanted to play games like Gran Turismo.

1) you either tough it out and purchase a new PS3
2) y... #1.4.1
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The only thing I felt held back is the way the game mechanics have developed.

I.e. slower movement of games and rechargeable health, slight or FULL autoaim in FPS games. Other than that the graphics since Doom 1 Have always been superior in my eyes on a PC. I would say Consoles are only playing catch up because PC gamers have been playing so many versions of Shooters

I am still stuck in using a mouse and KB as a primary choice of control scheme. Till that... #1.2.3
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who says PC games are NOT optimized.... this is another argument that Console only players like to throw around.

Ill give you a good example. I had an Radeon x1900TX long ago, which is the same GPU as the Xbox 360, yet Gears of War ran better, at higher resolution, and higher quality graphics vs the Xbox. #11.2
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I am sure many PC gamers own consoles also, but it is the Console only players that tend to make the console seem better than it really is. #13.1
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You know most PC gamers do not always put gaming in mind. They build a computer for not just gaming, but for other things. #15
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same goes both ways, console gamers love to compare false facts with how powerful a console is and all of sudden when the facts hit them they just simply put a blind eye on it.

The truth is both Consoles and PC games have their exclusives! ( this is what sells consoles), but there is no denying that a MID> HIGH RANGE PC gaming rig is much more powerful and can churn out better graphics. And dont get me going on the gameplay argument. All platforms have GAMEPLAY!
... #1.5.1
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well the saying goes BOTH ways.

PPL who exclude consoles miss on the console exclusives

PPL who exclude PC gaming miss out on PC exclusives, better graphics, and better control flexibility. #1.1.4
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umm NO!

The PS4 GPU is basically a Radeon 7800 series chip. Let alone I am sure this is the mobile version.

PC gamers have been experiencing SMOOTH 1080p gaming for a LONG time. All I can say is Console gamers WELCOME TO 1080p gaming, this is the reason why console only gamers are so awed because they never really experienced this type of quality before.

Give it 2 years we will start seeing developers having to cut back due to the static na... #36
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It is sporadic, because I see alot of ppl are giving it benefit of doubt because it is a LAUNCH title. That should be NO excuse or reason to inflate the scores.

I thought it was all about gameplay in the eyes of console players??? ;)

I am waiting to play it in Decemember (console not in yet), and from the previews it seems somewhat decent shooter. I am not getting my hopes up! I am sure its going to be an ok shooter in my eyes. #3.3
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sometimes it is not always about power, but features. Lets hope xbox can promise those so called features, or they are doomed at year 2. #1.10
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so are ppl still convinced that a 400>500 $ machine can beat out a PC gaming rig, let alone a gaming laptop?.

The GPU is the most important part of gaming for the past 15 years, and this component in the current consoles only cost ~ 100> 150$ #30
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