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I honestly prefered KZ3 MUCH more than KZSF.

Sorry to say this but the pace of the game seems fragmented and the AI sucks.

Graphically the game looks good thats about it. #50
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Resogun is only good for short spurts also IMO Arcade style game. I don't really see it as a full fledged game.

Plus it aint free unless you get PS+ #4.3
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The fact is there is alot of hate towards this franchise from a small minority of ppl. The fact it is a very popular game and it caters to the mainstream market and alot of ppl enjoy this game for multiplayer and singleplayer.

Hence the reason from the continuous sales.

Did we not forget that the WW2 theme went on for very LONG time. Because ppl enjoyed it! yet the small crowd who wanted change was giving so much hate towards the WW2 games.

... #3
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Umm NO.... the most i'll pay for a remake is 30$ and only if its a console exclusive. #9
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Sorry till the day consoles assure backwards compatibility I will stick with physical discs. At least with physical discs I can sell off my old games. What happens when you have a huge collection at near end of a generation your console bricks?

As for sales etailers for steam and origin keys offer a much deeper cut in terms of discounts and they are usually region free

Plus pay to play multiplayer is quite a cash grab imo #1.4
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It's ok it is the console gamers that brought it to themselves just like all the DLC crap out there.

Just look at how MS tried to do it with Live on PC, yet on consoles they ate it up.

The console market got excited for things like having Bejeweled on xbox arcade like it was revolutionary

Many of the PSN deals still do not beat out the deals found on steam and other etailers.

In more recent news Trine 2 on PS4, fanboys ma... #3
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Sorry you need both gameplay and fancy graphics which = the overall package. #2.4
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PC gaming is quite awesome.

1) It pretty much almost fully backwards compatable.
2) Super discounts all year round from various Estores #8
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@ Mestre
I play alot more games not just on PS4 ( I do not keep my gaming experience isolated to single platforms)
Resogun is an ok game that feels more for the VITA
AC4 and BF4 are MULTIPLATFORM and are better on PC IMO
Warframe blech!

Plus trine 2 has been out on PC and now is 4$ on steam. #1.4.4
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how is it a bad risk? I have a ps4, but I am all out of games to play with.

At the moment the xbox has a bit more going for it but less future potential. #1.4
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Honestly the same can be said about PC VS consoles.... .consoles IMO area always last GEN.

Can we just accept that what makes consoles sell is the games.... and all companies have them! #1.2
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Part of the reason why I still play alot of my games on PC. They usually retail lower price and you get super special deals ALL year round. #1.3
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In terms of ergonomics, it is quite awesome.

The touch pad and touch pad seem useless at the moment. I am picturing it will be as useful as the rear touch pad on the Vita.

Battery life SUCKS!!! and this is a major downturn of the device

I like how you are able divert all your sound to a standard cell phone headset. #17
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honestly for some reason after playing COD Ghosts and enjoying it! I jumped onto KZ.... I am really getting bored.

One thing I notice is the gameplay itself it is not consistant. One minute your in the heat of battle, the next minute your getting frustrated where to go and its DEAD. And then all of a sudden enemies start coming and then silence again. #12
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I am not really for AA batteries for Game Controllers, but it does hurt to see the weak battery performance on the PS4.

Wish Sony added the quick battery charge in their controllers like some of their walkmans.

Having said that it is not a big deal IMO to have AA batteries in our controllers.... just look at all the remotes we have. We still use batteries! #2
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I have the ps4 with 2 games only
1) Killzone
2) COD

There are a few things I find problems with the PS4
- bluray player is really not as good as the PS3
- battery life of the DS4 is weak.
- I actually enjoyed COD more than KZ! Need more games. #22
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Id rather get the shield. #20
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This looks like a sweet box nicely designed, better than the XONE.

In Terms of Looks
Steambox > X1 > Ps4.

I got my PS4 already and have no intention to pickup x1 or Steambox unless something changes on a regular gaming PC :) #35
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Get them on PC they are better and cheaper, and dont really require a powerhouse of a machine!

This is why it is good to have an open mind for all gaming platforms. The PC allows is backwards compatable, and we dont have to worry about REPURCHASE to get un part with higher quality.

Since there is no backwards compatiblity I would be nice to have the 1st party titles remade (not just a simple resolution update) #23
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I just got my PS4 its nice to finally have a nice update in terms of power, but who says cheaper is always is the better experience. I only got two games COD and KZ.

While killzone is nice graphically for some reason I got bored after 2 hours of play. I went back to COD and playing it straight through and enjoying it.

Other than that I don't really see much other games to play on the system since Knack is not inspiring IMO, and the rest of the games can... #1.13
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