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This is my honest opinion.

1) The model on the OLD version is MUCH better because her looks and reaction match with what is truly happening in the story
2) Lighting and textures are SLIGHTLY better than on the PS4 (what can I say its the newer version).
3)The price does not justify this "remake" cuz it really does not seem like a remake. From what I hear and read in terms of gameplay and content there is NO real added value.

In th...

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I do not mind if there is more competition in the gaming scene.

But What I am afraid of are the Sheep who make the hardware better than it really is.

It is the fanboys that ruin the experience. One thing about apple is they have brainwashed to make their followers think certain features were created by apple, or it is OK to buy overpriced hardware.

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I play on PC as primary platform (graphics whore and love those PC exclusives/ great looking multiplatform games)

I got all systems in the previous gen. And Nintendo stood out as NOT being a primary platform to play on. Yes it had its quirks like any other console but It never pulled me in like the others.

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I played this on PC, honestly it sucked thought it would be different on PS4. I was wrong.

There is a reason why certain games are free to play.

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Overeact or not..... DRM is always not a good thing IMO. The problem with all these DRM schemes is companies do not take the effort advise how it works in detail.

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Sorry but IMO Nintendo has lost it. Yes they had great games in the past.... but these great games have never really evolved. They are really living in the past, and gimmicks like the game pad don't dot it for me. I am surprised event eh motion controller from the WII was succesful. I had a WII and Gamecube, and they really collected dust. I am no making the mistake a 3rd time.

Yes first part titles are great to have support on but in the end of the day you still need ...

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I am tired of platform games they all feel myeh (I am a long time gamer) of the list above is thumbs down for me. Yes I did give them ago, but the genre is not engaging for me anymore.

Hell I find all the recent mario games snooze fests.

Tearaway is unique but I would not go as far as saying it is incredible.

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I am a PS4 owner owner also! Part of me feels I got into it too early, and tomb raider is NOT a system seller given we already played the game last year.

This is a cash grab scenario, I just feel the developers are taking advantage of the scenario because the new consoles are really starving for games.

My console is only a netflix player now... and sorry KZ felt medicore, and COD was OK. The rest of the games are multiplatform or myeh.

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I bought my Vita at launch, for some reason I put most of my hours into plants vs zombies!! Where are games!.

I bought all the major games like KZ.

Sorry to say this but Killzone Mercenaries was OK... graphical achievement for a portable (spetacular), but in terms of gameplay it actually felt mundane and short like hell.

Had this game been ported to PS3/4 it would have gotten mediocre reviews.

I just wished they added androi...

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It is more like console only players are insecure. To a PC gamer cost to the machine is NOT so much of a concern because a PC is NOT just a gaming machine. Yes you can build a PC gaming machine around gaming, but I can assure you a lot of money is put into it not just focuses on gaming. Not only that games cost much cheaper than console games.

And this is where your wrong a $1500 dollar machine destroys an 400>500$ console. Do you research before throwing these numbers. ...

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it should be really implemented like the PS3 style. Logging into a profile per controller is ridiculous kindov reminds me of the xbox method.

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I am currently using my PS4 for netflix now.... and one thing that is bothering me is there is no BD remote for the dam thing!

I have to wait till my DS shuts off by itself without pulling up the submenu.

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I am playing this game at 50 FPS average at FULL ultra detail 1080... Sorry but 30 FPS does not cut it esp when the game costed me only 10$!!!!

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lol at the disagrees.... just shows that alot of ppl here are FANBOYS... just because there is some form of negative comment to the PS Brand. Truth is I loved my PS2, PS3. But the PS4 simply did not give the same level of ENTERTAINMENT vs when i got the launch PS3 (blu-ray) movies had a large factor in the value of the system.

Truth is the only exclusive game that is currently decent on the PS4 is Resogun. I am waiting for the games at the moment. maybe cuz I have a PC ga...

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for me its not being used much at the moment so its VERY VERY COOL ;)

I finished KZ and COD, and Resogun is OK. Most of the time its being used for netflix now.

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Ppl should really not buy this game at full price. Doing so will only entice developers to charge much more than it is worth! Just look at all the DLC crap that went on last GEN

You can get the same game on PC for fraction of the cost and you can buy it cheap on consoles nowadays.

It is sad the emphasis is the look of lara's face! yet over half the time your following her behind.

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There is no real point honestly..... Knowing these companies they will just make the definite version come out on the PC in the end of the day.

Look at deus ex and Doom BFG.

It's not that PC hardware has as much constraints as consoles. Spend your money on the good exclusives coming out on the PS4. I am in the same boat. I only have Killzone and COD on PS4 and honestly they are not as inspiring as ppl make it seem.

Good thing we went th...

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Sorry higher 60FPS is awesome on all gaming!

Just look at those OLD nintendo games on emulators at High FPS. Smooth as butter

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Price to content ratio is BIG.

I am sorry to say this but this is a cash GRAB scenario!
The differences are are so minute.

Just look at the Deus Ex scenario they release the "directors cut" edition after on PC and other consoles.

There is nothing a patch can't do and this is the not the first time we have seen this.

Look at doom bfg edition

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