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IMO I thought the game was mediocre also
KZ2 and 3 were WAY better. It does showcase he potential of the system but that about it.

I don't remember sitting through the game at long periods at a time vs other games

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I was about to preorder it.... now I will just wait till it drops even more.

There is a reason why the preorder (PC version is about $30)

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with all these constant steam/origin/uplay sales its hard to finish a game IMO

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It is only the fanboys who can't tell the difference.

Just look at what happened when Blu-Ray first came out.. ppl defended DVD saying they did not notice much a difference.

How about all the arguments last gen about the sup 720 P resolutions. Ppl actually were convinced that COD on consoles was native 1080p just because it says so on the box.

The same will apply this generation when games become more complex and were gonna see dipping...

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At this moment not right now... maybe best to wait till the games come out... Same goes with the Xone.

I finished KZ (quite a dissapointment) and Knack looks very myeh. The rest of the games can be found on other platforms.

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I have a PS4 (1 month after launch)

Honestly where are the EXCLUSIVE games I am using mainly as a netflix player at the moment.

I kindov feel buyers remorse where the PS3 was a better machine at launch vs the PS4. At least PS3 had something fresh when we were waiting for games (BluRay MOVIES). They should have at least put the same features in the ps3 at launch.

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Need's to reach 20 dollars.

Those ppl who paid full 60$ got suckered in.

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1) Uncharted 2
2) Uncharted 3
3) God of War 3
4) Killzone 3 (felt more polished and clean vs 2)
5) Gran Turismo 5

Xbox 360
1) Gears 3
2) Gears 1
3) Gears 2
4) Alan Wake
5) COD2 or Rainbow Six Vegas

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Do you know what has not matured.... the fanboys from all fronts :)

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steam is quite awesome that is all

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I got these on when I had my PS2 and PS3.... no way I am paying it a third time. Unless they give an incentive for those already that own it on PS3 it is really not worth it IMO.

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Try saying this about the graphics processor.

We all know the GPU is the most important in gaming for many years now

We usually hear about bottlenecks from the GPU rather than the CPU. This is why in the PC scene you see ppl upgrading the GPU first before chaning their CPU or CPU+MOBO

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no.... duh ps3 is a completely different architecture. That is why I do not see any PS3 exclusive games being ported anytime soon.

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Yes easily one of the best controllers. They just have to fix analog sticks so they move in a more circular motion, and the triggers to be like the xone or ps4

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Doom 3 was great for a single player game (but it got somewhat old at the 14 hour mark). I don't speed through games often anymore but It was quite an awesome ~20 hour game.

As for Rage it was quite awesome and decent game length. My only gripe to this game was it just ended abruptly.

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This article is as important as the continuous articles and ppl who attempt to justify the 60$ price tag.

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It's is definite to those who have not played it and dont game on PC.

For me I am definitely not re-purchasing this game especially it is now ~10 dollars on other platforms

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I actually sold mine in 2013.... the only game left to play IMO was GT6..... I was willing to move on and forget about the past.

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Its better to wait a couple of months if you truly want to play it.

The gameplay is somewhat on part with Uncharted in some areas.

The reason why wait. You can get it CHEAP on PC ~10$ and also on the older consoles it it can float to close to that range. It will for surely drop in price.

Unless you are really starving for games and your only dedicated to PS4 or Xbox One

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Confident in getting our monay.

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