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Im ok for remakes on consoles (since there is no backwards compatability), but to charge full price that is highway robbery. #49.2
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They better no charge full price like Tomb Raider.
This is why I tend to point towards PC gaming.... you pay for a game and lets say its not the highest quality... you still have the potential of playing it again a higher quality in the future without paying a dime. #51
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Not everyone plays open world games. #2.1.1
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If you want both get point towards PC gaming. In the long run like every generation developers have to make sacrifices.... and this INCLUDES the so called learning curve and optimizations.

I play on all platforms but consoles tend not to keep up cuz I need both graphics and gameplay. The mains reasons consoles do well is because each platform has their own sets of exclusives.

All platforms have gameplay and it is nice to have higher FPS at higher resolution. #14
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I don't really care about discounts at this point. Where are the GAMES!!!. My PS4 right now is my Netflix box...

Luckily Diablo 3 is keeping me busy. #2
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It better not be more than 20 bucks... you see this game floating around 10 dollars on steam. #13
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Ummm with all this remote play reviews/previews coming out you mind as well start previewing every single PC game on the NV Shield. #9
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Your statement is a very bold claim in itself.... from the looks of it Destiny is no where close to how Titanfall plays.

This comparison is just like how ppl used to compare Dirt to Motorstorm back in the days of PS3. #1.5
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ummm depends on the quality and quantity of games #12
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Could ppl stop with the BS
Remember the days of Quake 3 and UT...
I had very good memories of those games and they were only MP. The SP was just an after thought.

Just look at the new MGS its 40$ for a 3 hour game?

It goes both ways ppl find value from just SP games, and the last only x amount of hours. #33
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LOL this articles are funny because it brings the worst of fanboys from the console fronts.

If your SO concerned about POWER just jump on the PC bandwagon....... but then again these exact ppl like to bring up the price to performance ratio when comparing console to PC

Kindov reminds me of the car market.... when ppl who by pocket rockets think its comparable to the driving a standard BMW. #49
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more like the other way around. Games on PC tend to be cheaper. They drop down much faster on PC and stay down.

Plus you get full backwards compatablity.

It is not uncommon to hear PC gamers have a HUGE backlog of games because there are constant deals. #1.12.5
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Ahhh a typical Console only player comment.

Truth is if you shop SMART it is much cheaper and more enjoyable than a console.

The concept of constantly upgrading means you did not shop smart, and you get stuck in a spiral of always buying mediocre hardware.

Plus the games are CONSTATNLY cheaper on pc with cheaper deals. #1.14
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All games should have demo's IMO #2
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Looks good honestly.

Kindov reminds me the days of Q3, UT, tribes... focus was on pure mutiplayer.

Nothing wrong with focus on multiplayer. I liked KZ2/3 but its funny how some ppl defended KZSF saying the focus was multiplayer... I think not. #12
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LOL I am a fan of the PS brand.... but one thing to learn is NEVER trust the consoles marketing schemes.

I play on all platforms.... and as a primary PC gamer you can easily tell that the console front tends to pull strings and ppl FALL for it!.

So much that even the console fanboys are quite in denial even when proven wrong.

Just look at the 1080p/720 fiasco we had last Gen. Ppl were actually convinced that it is 1080p just because it said... #167
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IMO I thought the game was mediocre also
KZ2 and 3 were WAY better. It does showcase he potential of the system but that about it.

I don't remember sitting through the game at long periods at a time vs other games #1.1.18
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I was about to preorder it.... now I will just wait till it drops even more.

There is a reason why the preorder (PC version is about $30) #29
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with all these constant steam/origin/uplay sales its hard to finish a game IMO #21
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It is only the fanboys who can't tell the difference.

Just look at what happened when Blu-Ray first came out.. ppl defended DVD saying they did not notice much a difference.

How about all the arguments last gen about the sup 720 P resolutions. Ppl actually were convinced that COD on consoles was native 1080p just because it says so on the box.

The same will apply this generation when games become more complex and were gonna see dipping... #47
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