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Either you have been living under a rock for 10 years or you have not gamed on a PC before.

NVIDIA has always been optimized cards.
This has been an ongoing cycle Nvidia has over its competionn

1) their cards generally run cooler mean less need for high wattage PSU
2) they don't resort to dual GPU setup to stay competitive
3) they always have a premium card read for the competition hence the reason why their flagship is always hig... #1.3.1
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I learned this after playing Halo series, console only players tend to me more blind.

Have said that Killzone is quite fun in multiplayer, and same goes with all the COD's. In terms if similarities they are different, but there are some things that feel the same.

But in terms of FPS multiplayer, I have yet to encounter something as fun as the Q3A and Unreal tournament days. #5.7
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I did'nt mind Dead space moving towards more action. The problem with dead space 3 was it was tooo open to create your own weapons. #1.2.3
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Yah but you can stil have good AI or bad AI if you have an super CPU it depends on the developer! #13.2.2
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Drop the system down to 200 dollars and I might bite.

The problem is I see it as current gen system. I am done with the Mario's and Mario Karts. Need something fresh. #8
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They are ruling the portable market, but they lost support from me since the gamecube. #1.1.2
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Umm you will not do so well in business. You are either losing or winning nothing in between. It is a continuous fluctuation of ups and down.
The thing with the format war was HD-DVD was trying so hard to stand ground but at the same time NOT making ground. The final nail in the coffin was when WB dropped shipped because they couldnt take it anymore. It was after when there were true signs that HD-DVD could not make it the xbox crowd was supporting DD and also mentioning DVD upcon... #24.1.1
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same goes with the Apple products. #6.2
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how is it the radicals that will buy this machine?

If xbox offers games ppl want then ppl will buy it.

Did we not look long ago when the PS3 launched.Alot of ppl like myself bought it primarly as a Bluray player during the first year.

As much as I hate the kinect, alot of ppl bought into it for some reason. Look at the wii, the controls SUCK but it still sold millions.

Ppl should really step back and be glad that both SONY, N... #5.4
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yes it depends on the developers, but as years pass there will be bottlenecks.

Iwould not want a 1080P pong

60FPS at 1080 is quite difficult to achieve depending on the game and graphics on the screen. #18.1.2
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Since when does "agreesive AI" have direct correlation with the speed of the CPU? #13.2
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It happens not just in games. It is a principle that you set a self objective, and if you dont do it you rage.

You don't necessarily rage but there is a certain level of negative output whether it is small or big. #7
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ummm yah just like xbox 360 UPSCALED.
Truth is consoles are fixed hardware /specs in terms of performance. Overtime games will get more complex needing more juice.

We will not see many games native resolution 1080p as the console ages.

Have we not learned since from DVD vs Blu-ray.
I remember back in the days when Blu-ray was winning the HD format war, the xbox crowd would say DVD is all that is needed it can output upscaled 1080p.
... #24
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@ Software lover
True to a certain extent since established developers usually develop with all platforms in mind.

But the PC market right now is driven RIGHT now by Intel and Nvidia, and honestly AMD is not doing so hot (just look at the finacial records/performance records)
Till the day Intel Or Nvidia produces exceptional APU's over their flagship configurations I do not see it flying so far.

@STSonic , yes CPU is still important becaus... #1.1.3
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It wont really work for core PC gamers honestly.
Most ppl upgrade their GPU vs their CPU.

The CPU is less important when it comes to gaming.

It is a bit different when it comes to laptops, because there is really no flexiblity in upgrading your laptop from most manufacturers. Usually when a LAptop gamers wants more power he/she usually simply just buys a new laptop.

In terms of consoles its static, so there is no way a person can rea... #1.1
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just like how there are many ignorant ps4 fans commenting.

case and point they make 8gb GDDR the holy grail of POWER but there are many PC video cards that use much less GDDR and still beat out the throughput of a PS4.

It is funny how the battles now are 1080p this vs 720that. But when we hear 900p from the PS4 crowd it is SUDDENTLY OK

Truth is games should be aiming to the native resolution of your screen. Last I've seen most tv's s... #18.1
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The infrastructure is not there for consoles for cloud gaming.

Not everyone around the world has unlimited and fast internet connection. It's ok to prepare for it as a company, but I do not believe it is happening anytime soon.

IMO as a consumer Steam is in a better position to push this issue. Why because they can bridge the transition gap between offline and online play with all your games purchased in the past. All the consumer really wants is they p... #24
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Why 900p Min? is it because we are gonna see many games from PS4 and XONE front dip down below 1080p.

The min should be the native resolution of your monitor/TV since. Almost all TV's now are 1080p native.

This goes the same with the PC market, its not like we are running on CRT monitors anymore. A monitor/tv panel is calibrated at a native resolution. Meaning it is optimal at that resolution When gaming on a PC monitor I Aim for native monitor resol... #50.1
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I think N4G should create a mechanism like Ebay. You can put agree/disagree only if you put a comment on.

This will screen out the trolls, and there will be a true discussion rather than random clicks of agree's and disagrees. #39.1
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reality is most ppl do not look at POWER when it comes to consoles.
Just look at the ps2 vs xbox and gamecube
PSP vs DS #1.10
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