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Agreed, it was a bit disappointing that the PS4 version will have a drastic change in texture and lighting quality. I guess that is why its called a remaster vs a remake.

It's great that they managed to achieve 60FPS and 1080P.... this is very welcome and I hope all ps4 games do this in the future.

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Yes but its quite outrageous to charge almost full price for a remaster... just look at tomb raider. Ppl defended the full price tag for some reason, but hey the price dropped pretty quickly.

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For ppl who play on all platforms NOT just consoles, I as a consumer like to bring up and compare between all platforms. It's gaming after all!
There is no harm in bringing graphics into the picture but hey some ppl take full offense.

I hate it when console fanboys like to only compare to PC when they feel like their might be advantage on a console. Seems more like an inferority complex more than anything, at times its hypocrytical

Your comment ...

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Most remakes/remasters are CASH grabs.

The game is great but to pay full price, it might do it for some ppl but if your patient just wait 3 > 4 months and for sure it will drop in price.

The sad thing is we see both xbox and sony fanboys arguing over which games are cash grabs. The reality is both fronts have been doing it for a long time (just look at the vita)

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If Capcom needs to be purchased by Nintendo, MS, SONY. It will only provide positive outcome to the highest bidder.

Although I do not really like Capcom games nowadays ppl still want / play franchises like

Resident Evil, Street Fighter

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I don't really agree to this policy but it is documented. At least this teaches some ppl a lesson don't purchase a remaster at full price because chances are it will drop sooner vs a fresh game.(your asking for it and your just supporting these business practices)

I have not purchased a digital game in a while is it still tax free..... I guess that can ease some of those ppl if that is the case.

And do ppl who think this is a mistake by SONY, some p...

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Few months ago there was indeed shortages, but honestly nowadays its VERY easy to find stock in all the retailers I've been to.

Don't know why ppl get defensive when ppl saying it is now easy to get like it is a negative thing.

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I actually am one of those ppl who has moved away from Nintendo. I tried really liking the Gamecube and the Wii and it did not do it for me. Zelda is the only game that pulls me back and that's about it.

I Like sony's approach new IP's. For example PS2 offered God of War, but by the time PS3 came over Uncharted ruled the scene. I am hoping a new IP to rule over Uncharted.

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I have been a long time PS supporter and still am, but to see articles like this disgust me about the gaming community.

All I can say Is I bought my console at launch .... finished KZ/COD but waiting for my next game (most likely TLOU). All I can say is I am using this primarly as a Netflix player and I noticed that my controller dies to one bar in under a week.

I can't imagine how it will be when I start heavily gaming on this machine.


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I'd rather they re-programing the controller to turn on the light only when it is needed, and the ability to use Netflix fully with my TV remote.

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How am I trolling?
The truth is PC is just like any other gaming platform... its a platform which ppl play games

If some ppl choose to exclusively play on consoles for whatever reason that is their choice but I love how when ever PC game is pretty much far superior looking they the console crowd seems to conveniently say oh the PC platform is a separate beast it should never be compared. And when ever a game gets somewhat close to PC quality the console crowd all of ...

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I found that Uncharted games were the best games out there last GEN. The graphics are quite good in terms of CONSOLES.

I just can't believe how many ppl think ND are gods in terms of graphics. If you look at it from an overall perspective including the PC games out there during the time of Uncharted and Last of Us the graphics were simply not that astonishing.

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First adopters always lose.

ummm lol its like going to an electric car and expecting to recieve money back from someone.

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When there is full backwards compatablity for the coming generations we will see ppl prefer digital.

Just look at steam.

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It all comes down to the games.

I play on all platforms

For the past 2 generations I've preferred Sony's game offerings vs MS, but IMO Xbox One has a better start off in terms of gaming.

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and the game will come in at a whopping full price, and ppl will justify it.

Ppl should just stick with PC game if they are so concerned about the upgrade in visuals and resolution.

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What boggles me is why do ppl still make excuses for the POOR battery life of the DS4.

I am a supporter of the Playstation, but its pretty sad that the controller does not last long at all vs the previous gen.

Even without use (and using the PS4 mainly as a Netflix player) you can see for some reason the DS4 drains battery like nutz

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The deal is because you have the charge the controller WAY to often. The DS3 and all other controllers on the market before use to last much longer.

What is the purpose of the light anyways for the camera... most ppl dont have the camera.

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and were gonna see the "remake" at full price!

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