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MMO = Massively Multiplayer Online.

So far I haven't seen much of the game that is actually massively multiplayer. It's an online FPS with some RPG elements which aren't very deep. It's only passable as an MMOFPS but even then we're stretching it but the game is enjoyable to play. I'm still having plenty of fun with it. #1.1.18
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I think too many people are over-reacting to this. Pricing plans are sometimes used to make the plan with the higher price tag look like better value. The idea is to get people to go for the higher price option which is perceived to be of better value.

Hosting the technology on Sony's end isn't going to be cheap. It's not like Sony are allowing you to rent an actual disk which would only require them to store disks somewhere and post them. The servers need to be r... #2.4
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They're just making excuses for pulling it out to make more money by selling it later as DLC or part of an expansion.

This smells of their SimCity nonsense again. Apparently that game couldn't work at all offline and server side processing was needed. We knew that was total BS and were proven right when they ended up creating an offline mode. #1.1.5
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It's pretty low for WoW but as an MMO in general I think it's still pretty much the highest number of subs for anything in it's genre. #1.4.1
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People seem to get the wrong idea about this. A lot of PC monitors will end up being something a little different. I also have a monitor that's 1680x1050.

If 33% are actually displaying at 1080p then that doesn't mean that the rest are at a lower resolution. Some of them will be at higher resolutions.

There are just so many different resolution screens with PCs (I'm assuming this includes laptops). #1.1.5
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I can beat them without too much trouble on normal. It's the heroics that are hard.

I enjoyed the class specific battles too. They're a nice addition to the game. #1.1
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I agree. Assassin's Creed has a great formula. The thing that hopefully sets this apart is the story and characters as with AC2 which is above the other AC games. #2.1.2
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Got any more of them codes left? #2.1.1
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If it's kills while holding points then it's not a simple KDR thing. One person could have a high KDR just killing people randomly but someone else could have more points with lower KDR killing people while holding points. #1.2.1
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It's not all turn base and tactical.

Since it's an RPG the exploration part of the game allows you to move around and interact with characters and the environment freely. When in combat it changes to a turn-based system. #1.1.2
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It's turn based so when in combat you can make a limited number of actions before it's the enemy's turn. #2.1
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Looking forward to what else these guys come up with in the coming years. #14
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I think it's a turn based RPG. Isn't Transister the one that's less tactics and more action? #1.1
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Does look pretty good. I seem to remember a WTF is.. video by TotalBiscuit. Was thinking of getting it in the steam sale but didn't due to my existing backlog. #1.2
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Objective is fine. I don't see the need to focus on it so much though.

I feel that it should be required for some genres that need it (i.e. twitch shooters and racing games) but for games like Uncharted 30FPS is perfectly fine.

Dropping the frame-rate allows for better graphics, AI, physics etc. so as long as devs are making valid choices with good reason I'm happy with both 30FPS and 60FPS.

What I don't want is to have games runn... #2.1
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I bought the Killzone launch bundle and that came with a physical copy of Killzone. I'd assume it would come with a physical copy of Destiny but if Sony have said otherwise then maybe it won't. #4.1.2
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An interesting debate? In the comment section? I think you're expecting too much from people on this site. #1.3.1
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True about all the new tech that made it's debut but from what I remember there wasn't a lot of it in terms of variety. WW2 however had a lot of varied weapons, vehicles, planes etc that it makes it easier to build an interesting game.

WW1 just seems to be darker and duller in comparison. It would be a good setting for a game like Limbo. #2.1.1
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Nice to see a Sim creator being released but EA is seriously milking this game.

They're deliberately limiting content in the core game so they can sell it for extra cash later in expansions. #2
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I agree. Would have thought it would hit 1080p as well. It's actually not all that demanding. As a Blizzard game it's been made to be playable computers that aren't that powerful.

When porting to consoles they want to keep them looking similar visually so they've opted to lower the resolution a little instead of lowering the graphical effects, texture resolutions etc. #4.2
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