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To be honest I'd much rather it be a full on animated film. Their own in house animated cinematics are awesome. Would not mind having a full movie done in that way.

CGI orcs battling live action humans isn't the best way to do it IMO. #4.3
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Maybe a total of both expansions? #1.1.2
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That does sound pretty good. Would go a fair way to adding replay value. #1.2.2
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I was in the same boat. Took me ages to finish the game. I still have a bunch of quests I in my quests log.

I noticed that the main story quests give you shit loads of xp and can level up much quicker that way. #4.1
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The point of hard difficulties is to be difficult. I feel new game+ as good as it is takes the difficulty down since you start with an overpowered character. Might as well play on easy.

So I can understand not having it in the game to begin with but I do usually find that I feel like playing it again if the new game+ option is there.

I suppose having the option for those that want it isn't bad. #1.2
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I missed that in DoW2. #1.2.1
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Blu-ray wouldn't have become the standard high def format if not for the PS3.

The console was half the price of standalone blu-ray players upon it's release and even cost less than Sony paid to produce it.

It paid off for them pretty well. Not a horrible decision in any way for either Sony or those that coughed up the money for it. #1.1.38
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That's cool then. #2.4.2
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Correct me if I'm wrong but from what I saw on the MS conference it seemed that BC on the Xbox One was for digital games so discs won't work. #2.4
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I think it's down to the kind of atmosphere they're trying to create.

That yellowy thick smogginess lends quite a lot to the feel of the environment. Without it looks like the air is too clean. #4.1
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how do you select the dlc in game? it told me to check tutorial but that didn't have anything about it #5
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Considering you want to focus on the good heroes you just need get them first. You can get a good number of them from the gold you got playing through beta.

I usually wait for when heroes are on sale. 50% off means I can make the most of my gold. Plus most people stick to playing a handful of heroes anyway so I don't see it being that big of a deal however I do think hero prices should be a bit lower. #2.1
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The whole region is very European. The whole feel of the game too but then you find the American accents and they just don't fit. It's sound really weird and out of place.

If it was a game set in the North America or in an area where you'd expect to find people with those accents then fair enough but that just isn't the case with the Witcher. #1.1.3
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I do like Ciri.

On the topic of accents though, the American accents really kill the immersion for me. #1.1
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As long as it doesn't get downgraded. Who knows, maybe it will. #3.1.2
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Seems the game was designed for PC as smaller font size works better on it and the the amount of stuff on the HUD isn't that big of a deal. It does hide parts of the HUD when not in combat though.

As for labels I don't think there's an option for it. I agree they probably should have just left chickens and the like without labels. #3.1
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$9M would go a lot further in Poland compared to America or UK. #1.2
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WoW has been improved a fair bit with the new expac. Everyone seems to love the garrisons but I'm not keen on the way professions are now. Follower missions are cool as are many of the raid encounters.

The game still has a lot going for it. #2.4
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It does look to have better lighting. The models are the same but it seems the textures have been reworked a little to look cleaner and less pixelly while keeping the look of the original.

Having completely new textures with lots of detail that didn't originally exist could easily make it feel different so I'm not fussed. As long as it looks nice and sharp. #1.2
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It's attempted rape which you happen to come across while playing. The game requires you to actually help a poor woman in need. I think the other option is to drop her off with other cannibals.

It's not like there's an option to join in on the rape. #2.1.8
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