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Click a lane, hope you don't die, worst.game.ever.

Fuck you Valve for putting your name to such a stupid genre.

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Wouldn't it be Far Cry but with lots of one liners and a greener forest?

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I'm glad I tried this, the game is not very good. It's not terrible, but it's repetitve and quite boring.

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This article is retarded.

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Sounds like you like fun. TF2 and BF3 is comparing a monkey on a unicycle riding around handing out cookies to an Indian man giving a lecture on tooth decay. Both fun to the right audience but in reality one is more fun than the other.

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The thumbnail of 2-dimensional boobs got me excited, then I realised it's just a drawing and I drew my own boobs and damn... Best. Ejac. Ever.

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Haha that's a huge ego boast. XD

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I nominate anyone on the internet to take over whoever is in charge of Square Enix.

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iCEnhancer for RDR for PC omgwtfmypants

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Thank fuck for that.

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I'm happy for the competition. It's also funny how many articles there are about Origin. Proof that EA has SO much control with their games. You gotta give EA props for having a selection of games that are enough for people to make articles about "origin going after steam?".

Steam in return, just needs a few more services (video and in-game FPS counter) and it's essentially perfect.

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Boohoo, bilionaire loses a few pennies.

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I have an iPod touch but never really use it for games, mostly because when playing a game the battery gets killed, and also because you suck cock.

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Naw, seriously though, wouldn't mind seeing a next gen console next year along with Epic's next game.

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Xbox 720p yyeaaaaa! Finally we don't get 654p! XDD

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iPod touch is extremely fairly priced. Especially the 4G with the retina display and 720p camera.

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Can't wait until Kinect 2. And it better not be more than $100. Kinect 2 with better fidelity (per pixel accuracy, all gestures imaginable, instant calibration, PC support etc) for $69... I'll buy it.

Kinect as it stands, kinda sucks cock.

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Nah, the Vita was going to rape the 3DShit from the start.

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