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"It's fun that someone from MS said it- needs to be said. I hope that someday people wake up and realise how much of a ride these HD remakes are."

Funny considering that both sides are re-releasing older games. They're doing JUST as much as a ride with older release games, as Sony is to the HD releases.

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Really? Did you not even read the article?...

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"The last update for Xbox 360 backwards compatibility in North America was 2007-11-27, raising the total number of Xbox games compatible with the Xbox 360 to 478. Approximately 51% of the original Xbox library is now compatible with the Xbox 360 (as of the 2007-11-27 update). The latest European update was in November 2007, now with a total of 476 compatible games. The latest update for Japan was released on 2007-11-28, with 122 working games."

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In a way yes, but that's also a drawback.

It basically goes that two sides of the same blade are sharp or "cuts both ways". It is something that could be dangerous to both yourself, as well as to your adversary, or both for your case and against it.

One example is imagine of you blocking an attack with a single sided sword (in which the blade is pointed away from you), and a double edged/bladed sword. If the person y...

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Yea. It's a double edged sword.

You have pros and cons on both ends of it.

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Right...tell the IT guy what happened to him...Even considering that they didn't implement a simple security check until recently, where as companies like Valve for example has that set up where they send a code before you can sign in on a different machine.

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People would rather still love to hate, even if they're wrong and/or never even played it. Rather than listen to those that even have the game, they'd still focus on reviews.

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"Meanwhile, consumers will be put off from purchasing an indie game at launch, simply because they know it will reach a bundle in a few short weeks. There’s clearly no intentional malice from anyone involved, but it is a potentially devastating message to present."

This statement I have to disagree with. People don't know WHICH games are going to be put in a bundle if they do any for a while. Jamestown, Super Meat Boy, and Shank for example was out for a while, ...

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"I'm no Xbox fanboy, but let's not all go crazy here until we hear from MS."

As much as I want to believe that, I doubt they would admit to those having their accounts hijacked like with what happened to me.

Granted they were able to recover all the points taken from me, I can never get those Fifa achievements cleared off my name. :(

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"Yea the PSN is the most secure considering it has never had these issues,"

Are you just trying to instigate here or what?

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Quote right here on the first paragraph of the article:

"Calm yourself - Deal Extreme has you covered with this dragon Xbox controller."

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Well the thing is random encounters is used in games that people don't even make note to. Like Skyrim and the dragons.

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It's hilarious watching disagrees on this site.

It's like an elementary school yard.

Apparently the fifa incident that happened to me is worse than an entire network going down for some days. -_-

Not everyone's biased on the internet.

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"I invite them all to go to PC, but I bet you they will all use XNA to make their game on PC too!!!"

You know there's literally 100+ other coding programs people use and get by just fine, if not more, than XNA.

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"Out of the things that I hated the most about the demo was the ramdom encounters."

It's...been in every FF game except for 11 and 12.

2106d ago 1 agree1 disagreeView comment and Live is fine, as that is the main website. Any other site though, avoid doing that.

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Tbh, the PSN Debacle is still worse, but stuff like this shouldn't be ignored.

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"What's the difference from doing this to hack just a regular Facebook or anything else?? "

Cause some other companies lock you out after doing x amount of inputs or have safeguards inputted in. Paypal, Steam, et

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You linked to one of a personal blog.....

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"Unless your a mind reader, how can you PROVE or DISPROVE that the reason that OTHER N4G members dislike him has to do with his skin color? "

I'm black, and I can tell he's instigating for the most part.

Take that with what you will.

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