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it does need more though because none of the ones released so far have been really good.

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Don't understand why people are hyping this game. It looks so boring.

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damage control

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im excited now :)

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obvious b.s.

theyre just trying to stop people from getting mad that they are dumbing down games just to support 360

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finally a proper review not blinded by hype. this game is generic crap. first crysis still cant even be played on most PCs and yet it got high scores just for graphics. the gameplay sucked ass

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so damn true. microsoft is pushing its weight on top of this generation and really holding back games by forcing developers to support the xbox.

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actually they did a study and xbox has the youngest crowd. this is also apparent by going on xbox live where you will be greeted with hiphop music and children yelling insults. ps3 has the most adults.

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i think this is a dumb service. i doubt anyone is willing to pay money to listen to some boring radio while they play games

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wow they pretty much have no games. sucks.

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I will never buy PC games again if they are exclusive to that stupid steam service.

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wow its funny how gays want to be equal yet they make their own "gay gamer" sites. black people do the same thing with black schools and women with all womens schools. it just goes to show you that these people want attention and benefits, not equality.

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wow i like gears but to be honest that didnt look too fun

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wow this crappy game got a 9/10? all it has is tricks and ATVs. the graphics are poor the gameplay is bogus, the music is crappy and tries really hard to be like MotorStorm, etc.

watch MotorStorm with its millions of features, vehicles, and huge fun factor get low scores. reviewers these days are seriously a joke.

the demo for Pure sucked majorly.

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the game sounds amazing, i love the realism how heavy armor slows you down, etc etc. i really hope they fix everything before launch even if its delayed. it needs to be perfect. with that amazing bundle that has the playstation headset, i am buying this for sure. cant wait to form a really good team and go against other teams. this is what will make SOCOM superior to the rest.

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gays love getting raped in the ass thats why they love EA, Microsoft and GameStop. they love being taken advantage of and treated like dirt. its kinky to them.

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homosexuality isnt normal. just because something is around doesnt mean its normal. tons of people are depressed, tons of people commit suicide, many atheist societies have sex with animals (look up sweden and denmark). does that make it normal? um, no.

you are brainwashed. if it was normal there wouldnt be a distinction.

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