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Where is the Kick-Ass game?

I thought it was going to be released this week? #8
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The Force Unleashed 2?
Many people don't realise that there is a lightsaber game coming. And its called The Force Unleashed 2.

Think about it:

#1 - The games coming out this Autumn - Around the same time of release for Natal & Move.

#2 - The Force Unleashed 2 was unveiled many months after the announcement of Natal & Move and the release of Motion Plus.

#3 - The first game was all about using Lightsabers & The Force.

#4 - Its likely that... #8
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It brings back memories.
Possibly some of the most memorable parts in the old GTA game where the Radios and there banter with all the ads and talk shows. #2
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Hell yeah for Kick-Ass, Awesome Novel, Awesome Movie, Awesome Game. #1.2
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The hate i see for Treyarch is unbearable. COD 3 was not a rushed game, Activision told them to make it in 8 months or bust but they delivered. The campaign was good and its the only COD game to support up to 24 players in MP.

COD: WAW got even better, i prefer WW2 games over Modern Warfare. WW2 is just a great setting and its great to see how war was dealt with back in the 40s unlike todays wars with new tech n all just seems boring.

As for COD 7: bring it on. I've... #13
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I had this problem the other day, putting in Little Big Planet for the first time and the game had TEN bloody updates that took over an hour to download.

This better be some they fix soon. #7
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But wait! There's other stuff.
Its cool that Jet Set Radio might become XBLA but looking that the other stuff on there too:
Trials HD is set 300g, atm its only got 250g. So does this mean more DLC is coming?
We already know that Quake Arena is on its way to XBLA.

And what the hell is Zeno Clash? #18
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Skate 2 had DLC so i can't see why 3 won't.

Great news btw. And since its an EA game it will probably have first hand buys DLC inside the case as well. #5
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At this rate there won't be anyone left at IW and all COD games will have to be made by Treyarch and that other dev.

In the end i think that IW will just be a name blowing in the wind and every member will have 'Respawned' at Respawn Entertainment.

Ether way Activision is screwed. #14
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EA - 1 V Acti - 0
I'm sure this will be a kick in Bobby Koticks nuts, cos he sure deserves one. #13
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Doesn't matter if its Black or White!
Its an interesting choice of colour, shows that its going back to basics with the colour pallet.

It maybe an indication that one game may be focused on Dark types (Black) and one on Good types (White, even though there is no Light type). #3
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Things just don't add up?
The strange thing about this article is, for one, that i have yet to or more likely never buy that map pack cos of its high price.

And why should i, 3 new maps and two that are on another game: No Thanks!

Its one of the most dire map packs in the history of the marketplace.

High Price
Crap Maps
Glitchy Game = Epic Fail.

I've seen Acti do stuff like this before. They'll lie to people saying that there map pack has 'smashed records... #30
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All they have to do now is confirm a beta and its a win for me.

I've always believed that Treyarch can make a good game, WAW was awesome and COD 7 sounds even better. #13
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You forgot the Avatar game #3.5
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WTF! Modern Warfare 2 just died for me. F*ck this glitchy game. Activision needs to go to hell. #17
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Didn't COD: World at War do this, i remember trying to join a match but if i didn't have the right map pack the guide button would pop up and ask me to buy it.

And BTW I found it F*cking annoying. #22
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My God, Sony are running out of ideas.
In the beginning, the Wii wowed everyone with its motion controller and its abilities nearly 4 years ago and Sony have have picked up right where it left off, Down the Drain.

Seriously, what are Sony thinking, going into technology that is only popular with casual and family gamers. Recently the Wii has become just a fad for kids and families. What the point of doing something that is similar to the Wii's controller only slightly better.

I can see this becoming a f... #22
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A sign of things to come!
Nowadays it feels like Facebook games are going to be the next big thing now Sony are in on the action, but just how far will this go before we see free games from M$ and Nintendo. #2
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Its about time they started thinking about Resi 2 & 3. When they were released on the Gamecube some years ago, they were just ports of the Dreamcast version. I think its about time they did a graphical reboot of Resident Evil 2 & 3 and possibly Code Veronica. #3
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PS3 vs 360
Isn't Doom 4 the one that's having cross platforming with PS3 and 360? #11
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