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Wow! The cheesiest way to end fan trailer.

Misty: "When's it Gonna End"

Ash: "When I've caught them all"

Caught them all huh. You can't catch the all if they release a 100 more of the fuckers every 4 years. #14
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Surprisingly N-Space are also the makers of every Call of Duty game on the DS so it looks like they might up the anti for next years COD... In 3D. #7
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Resi 6 anyone?
With the release of the Resident Evil 4 movie and the announcement of the 2 new Resi Evil films it wouldn't surprise me if tomorrows new game is Resident Evil 6 or at least something in franchise. #28
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Pokemon with guns - Nope doesn't work. #11
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It would be history in the making if the Duke finally got his release after what seems like 'Forever'. #6
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GO: Always back for more.
Ah Gray Oldham: Always coming back for more in the likes of Harry Potter, Batman, even Spyro The Dragon is now (hopefully) making a return to Call of Duty. #9
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I bet its some Cooking Momma rip-off called Cooking King or something like that. #4
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HAHAHAHA - That was the best thing i've seen since the Resi Evil: Degeneration Alt endings. #15
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I'd consider Sunny, Big Mama/Eva and Dr. Madnar to be the only returning characters in MSG: Rising due to there involvement in Raiden's story arc and considering that MSG 4 picks up 5 unseen years after MGS 2, i'd say i should fit snuggly between the two.

When i first started MGS 4, i was a little confused about who Sunny was until i realised that it was Sunny Gulokovich when i saw her mother in the picture on the wall.

It would be great to... #15
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What about the other EA game?
Does anyone know if EA's other PS3 exculsive: Medel of Honor: Frontline is going to have trophies? #10
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If they wanted Kinect support for RUSE that would delay the game even further then it already has been so i very much dout it. #10
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Caps tell everything?
Anybody eXpecting MGS4 to be Be cut frOm PS3 "eXclusiveness"? #17
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COD2 Players Rejoice.
Back to basics more like, i'd say this is going to be more COD 2 style playlist, which is fine by me as i'm a old school COD2 player, you know back when the only way to kill an enemy was with a gun, plus it was more fun. For me in COD: MW2 perks and Killstreaks are an added bonus and its about time they brought back the old school gameplay. #9
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3 Down and... How many more to go?
Valve? How many more times are you going to do this?

First Half-Life 2: Episode 3 is hinted on their site, followed in second place with a small image of Duke Nukem Forever just yesterday, and now Couter Strike 2 has made a "surprise" appearence on there website.

So Valve? How many games you got coming at E3? I'm counting 4 up to now. (inc. Portal 2)

PS. Wouldn't three of those games be suitable for a place inside a ce... #22
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Bob No1
I quite agree with the article to have Bobby Kotick as #1 - He's the devil in disguise no question about it. #11
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My idea is that this is pre-stage for future generation. People around there 15-20s (like myself) mostly understand the concept of what PEGI and the BBFC actually mean unlike most parents of this age that don't understand anything about the rating system as its new (well PEGI is anyway).

As i said this is just the pre-stage for the future generation. In 10 years time when most of us (15-20s) have kids of our own. We will make sure that none of them will play an 18 rated... #45
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No Chance in Hell.
WWF No Mercy has no chance due to almost half the roster of wrestlers an't in the WWE any more. Its just a game after all but having it re-released 10 years later is going to put strain on the licensing.

Out of the entire roster on WWF No Mercy i've counted less then 10 superstars that are still active today. #5
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I liked the last bit of info about Zombies. With dedicated Co-op? Whole new Co-op Campaign?

Could this mean what i think it means? A L4D style, Zombie Co-op Campaign?
I can only hope! #9
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I bet its the release date! #9
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The virgins should take note of this one, a guided tour for future reference lol. #50
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