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More likely this is actually part of the new Create a Class feature for campaign, and at some point you will unlock the ability for free play where there's no restriction on the weapons you can choose.

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... Black Ops 2 has already been confirmed to have 10 Prestiges, with 55 levels in each Prestige.

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The 'new' hybrid optic is in MW3.

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The Cell has nine cores in it...

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Wow, this is kinda disgusting. They're making you pay for skins you can get completely free on PC. :\

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Stop submitting this crap

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I agree it's not stunning, but it's not as bad as some of you are making out.

I think it's look pretty decent for a game that isn't coming out for a good while yet. :)

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According to Call of Duty Wiki he was born in 1930, so in 2025 he'd be 95!

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That's not what it says at all. It's just a corporation in the story.

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True, but FPSRussia has said on his Twitter that it isn't to do with the historian, so I really don't know.

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For all the crap Bowling spewed about deathstreaks, panic knifing and other issues in MW3, his approach to how he thought the remake maps should be handled gained some respect in my eyes.

However, I'm not sure its because of this that he left - I think it's more likely that he suggested free DLC because he was close to going anyway.

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Bit uncalled seeing as I was trying to be nice. That's quite an insult considering how poor your site and content actually is.

And PM me back about what the 'plug' is.

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I don't find trophies ruin the games. I've gone on and off of collecting trophies, and neither way causes issues - if I want to collect them, I get more gametime out of a game. If I don't, it doesn't matter, I just play the game normally.

Also, most really spoilerific trophies are hidden, so I don't find that a problem. And, if you're worried about ending up with 0% complete on really bad games, make yourself another user without a PSN account to play ...

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He hardly ruined the ending for you did he? He said 'the killer' rather than name them, and there are multiple endings so stop moaning, especially as the article / video's title is 'hilarious ENDING'. :|

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:| There's hardly any ideas to make it better in this article, just a really brief list.

Personally, I've never really liked Zombies, but I prefer Spec Ops survival on MW3 because of the variation of enemies, and the fact that they aren't just running towards you trying to slap you.

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:\ I didn't say I'd buy it. If I do get Black Ops 2 I will be getting the standard edition from Sainsburys for £28.

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Better be something damn good in that £100 version.

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Looks cool. Shame PS3 have to wait so long to get it. :(

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Same thing happens with the PS3 if you try and use another account's save data - makes sense I guess.

Glad it's easy to fix too.

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I didn't realise GAME was in so much trouble. I shop in Gamestation pretty regularly, mostly for used games, but I see that's not going to be happening much longer. Although, with all these online passes, used games trade is going to decline a lot.

If GAME go, I'm going to shop online, and download from Steam for PC. Probably won't download from the PS Store - feels weird buying digital for console.

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