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Not enough sexual imagery for H. R. Giger.

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he only wants them to release the good ones.

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Well then we're going to have to "wait and see" if I care about BF4 enough to get it. At this rate I probably won't, which is a shock because I usually love the BF series. I'm just not liking the direction EA/DICE is going these days.

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Listen to Trevor when you're driving the guy afterwards. Like most things in the last few GTA games, the scene is a political statement. Trevor notes that for all the torture and pain they inflicted on the guy they didn't get anything out of him that he wouldn't have told them if they just asked. Trevor tells him to leave the country and spread the word that torture is for the torturer to get his jollies inflicting pain, nothing else. This was actually one of the more blatant poli...

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Well yeah, they have more time to spend on singleplayer since the multiplayer is basically BF3+Commander on new maps. The sad part is that even though it's BF3.5 I'm still going to get it for the multiplayer.... I love the Battlefield series.

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I don't mind a subscription fee and honestly I prefer that to a cash shop (which usually turns into a pay to win affair), but the problem I have is that usually the subscription fees are WAY beyond what is necessary for the company to make a profit. I remember reading that currently Activision Blizzard could run WoW for a year on the profits they make from it in a month.

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You mean "why get a console period." If we agree that both Xbone and PS4 have exclusives that are on PC, then the question is why get a console. I've always kept a console just for the few exclusives that don't make it to PC.

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I didn't ignore it. I clearly gave my reason for choosing PS4 in the second half. I'll restate "I've tried Xbox and Playstation in the past and I've always been a bit happier with Playstation so I think I'll stick with just that this generation."

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Doesn't effect me in the slightest. I have a PC so if I get a console the obvious choice is the PS4. Most of the Xbox "exclusives" aren't really exclusive since they're coming to PC too. I've tried Xbox and Playstation in the past and I've always been a bit happier with Playstation so I think I'll stick with just that this generation.

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Someone clearly needs to rethink their priorities then!

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Huh, I wonder who the target audience is for this game. /sarcasm

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From my brief scanning of the article they seem mention that Frostbite and Ignite are derived from the same "code base." So yeah..... not the best article title, IGN.

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Planetside 2 is pretty fun if you don't mind the cash shop stuff and only having the one match style. I played it for a while but never was a fan of games with cash shops attached.

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Except EA doesn't need to "answer" to Frostbite since they own it. DICE is a subsidiary of EA.

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I think it still needs a lot of work. Most of the screenshots look fantastic but they all look way too bright. Still it's a huge job and I hope they pull it off.

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MMOs are not the same at ALL. MMOs are rarely focused on story (TSW is one of the good ones), and you share the world with a larger group of people. I miss splitscreen games, having a buddy physically there and yes, even farting and eating up my food, is a good thing to me. I don't know what games you grew up playing but I spent my early gaming days playing James Bond splitscreen on N64 and it was awesome.

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Everyone comparing PS3/Vita exclusitivity to Xbox/PC exclusitivity, you're missing one vital point. A game on PS3 and a game on Vita is never the same game, it's a "handheld" version. A game released on Xbox/PC IS the same game. That's why you can say a PS3/Vita game is exclusive and an Xbox/PC game is not.

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He says GTA IV is disappointing and yet it's STILL the highest rated video game of all time according to Metacritic. Also, I actually kinda liked Dead Island, Lair, and Dragon Age II. Now of course I liked the first Dragon Age a lot more, and Lair was only really playable after the very late patch that allowed proper controls, but I still don't consider them disappointing.

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Is it a bad thing that 4 out of the 6 deal exclusively with the Xbox One? Microsoft needs to be very careful with how they approach PR after E3.

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Considering the original PS3 launched with a price of $499 (20GB) or $599 (60GB), I think the PS4 and Xbox One are more than worth their price. On the PS4 side we're getting a FAR better console that's actually cheaper than the last generation was. It's a no brainer.

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