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8.1 PopEmUp
Perhaps instead of highlighting a mistype error, you sir should have a look at your grammar. You've never stop me from laughing kid. Grammatically that just is not right. #16.2
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Only if you have games that allow you to enjoy the console
Along a similar line to your argument of waiting for consoles to be fixed. Presumably to enjoy a console you need to have games that people actually want to play? #1.1
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Having played the series from the start (excluding MSR) I can safely say this has been one of the highlights in Microsofts gaming stable.

To Bizzare Creations, best of luck with the new direction that they are taking.

Looking forward to sampling perhaps the last of the vintage. #6
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THC PRITCHARD - Talking Bolloxs
And you don't? Tw@t #8.3
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Maddens Raiders
So nice of you to respond in such a nice self opinionated manner. All I was saying is what I believe that you had inferred before that once the all mighty PS3 was out that you would not have time to comment on anything let alone flame other posts that have no bearing on PS3 owners.

As you point out the argument is old, but it is still clearly valid. I do not know of the show that you say that I should enjoy. I would expect a response, but it seems that you have used all your... #27.3
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Maddens Raiders
Why are you even in here commenting on a game which is not available on the PS3. Surely with all the triple A titles you should be far too busy to even bother? #27.1
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You may have watched the show, but do you actually own a next gen console yet???
Theres a question for you DJ.

Well do you own one yet? #3.3
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Check the website out.
When I pre-ordered my 360 there was no mention of any deals/bundles, but low and behold, as the time grew nearer the details dropped through my door that yes it is available, but as a bundle only. Fair play you could vary the contents of the bundle, but I still paid out over £ 400 for the console and five games.

When I bought a Wii, it was exactly the same. Got to the front of the queue, Yes sir we have two left. Only available as a bundle deal sir. Would you like one?... #9.1
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Shadow Flare
If only Motorstorm was a launch title! By my reckoning its been released 3 and a bit months after launch. Not taking into account the fact that PS3 was a year later to the market place. #5.4
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Repaired outside of warranty
I had a console since launch in the UK. After six months it started freezing up. This was replaced by the retailler as it was inside the warranty period.

Second console displayed the dreaded red ring three weeks before christmas, quite literally just over a week out of the warranty period. Spoke to the retailler who did not want to know. Spoke to MS customer support, who after going through the routine of various tests, agreed to send me a label to return the console to the... #17
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And you're Ken's Biatch #33.2
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It strikes me as though you are the one with selective memory. It would appear that Xbox fans are just giving back to PS3 fans the same sheeeeeet that the PS3 fans said about the 360 launch.

So maybe you should relax. #23.1
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The Great 1
From what I have read in the cinematic press, it is you who has the starring role! #41.3
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I believe if you read Mart's post he acknowledges that with time the attach rate does increase.

And, by the way the words is Avatar #17.4
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A really balanced argument

You put a really balanced argument there. Are you one of Sony's gimps by any chance? #9.3
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PS3 Fan
Well there's a surprise, a totally unbiased comment from a Sony Fanboy. Not!. I am surprised that you have actually got time on your hands to visit this site when you surely must be having such a great time playing on your PS3 #3
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The Idiot 1
Why don't you just sit down and give your mouth a chance to talk. What you say about the PGR series is quite simply incorrect. You are obviously one of Sony's gimps. If you want to pay over the top for your choice of console then so be it, but don't rant on about how bad PGR as a series is, because it just ain't true. Maybe its you who is the retarded one. #9.3
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Its Good
The deal is good on the basis that the price for the premium console is £ 279.99, the price for the extra wireless controller is £ 32.99 and PGR 3 retails between £ 39.99 to £ 49.99. Only trouble is PGR 3 was a launch title. A new game may have been more of an attraction. Although as the article says graphically its a great game. #3
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The Truth
The point of the post was/is about being in a freeworld and being able to make ones point. If Kingboy or others wish to vote articles as lame, be it 360, PS3, Wii or PC, then it is their choice. Likewise if 360 fanboys feel the need to make a point about Gears of War, then again that is their perrogative. I think that should clarify the point I was trying to make. Simple as that really.

It remains obvious to me that despite peoples entrenched views the two major consoles n... #12.3
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Point Taken
Once in a blue moon. My apologies if you have voted cool once in a while. #14.1
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