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Its 1280x720p w/ QAA in normal 720p output

when set to 1080p output "only" in the PS3 output settings, it changes to a weird anamorphic resolution BELOW 1280x720p

@Below: Seriously dude... what else do you believe, its 1080p AND 60fps? You sir are wrong, and redoubtably gullible.

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The evidence from the beyond3D is concrete.

No more bubbles, might as well explain myself... I hate the blind eye on this subject.

Its THERE people! Developers take shortcuts. Thats that! I love my 2 PS3's, I hate MS with a passion, but seeing multi-billion dollar teams cutting corners like this is disheartening.

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For soft, sub HD... Full-HD is awesome. It removes jaggies, and has ingredients to resolution-ize. WOW...

Seriously, anyone who's played COD4 and up on something other than a console KNOWS the difference. As a realist. I put 2 and 2 together... If developers behind 1st party PS3 and 360 titles can pull off ATLEAST 1280x720... Why is the multi-billion dollar Infinity Ward team releasing Modern Warfare 2 at 1024x600...

That means your seeing only 66% of th...

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The lag and disconnect issues was getting a little excessive...

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Double Post.

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Basically I had this sub-HD debate confirmed a little less than 2 days ago... I love my PS3 to death, and hate Microsoft with a passion, but my comments about this game and 1152x640 added up 40 disagrees and 10 agrees... and almost losing my bubbles. (Used to have a LOT more)

The Sony Defense Force will quickly flame their own before surrendering to any negative news.

**** the comment section. I'm done.

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His notepad says "VP2" on the top.

JT and KB @ E3 confirmed.

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See 3.1

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Just like GTAIV... :/

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I got a disagree... seriously? Who's the butt hurt Billy who did that?

Edit: LOL I got another.

Edit2: Are you serious? What is wrong with this site?! What don't you bots agree with? That RDR will output in full 1280x720p on the PS3? Because it DOESNT.

Not slamming the PS3 or nothing, more so I'm slamming Rockstar for not communicating with 1st party PS3 developers.

Edit3: Ok now you kids are just trying to be fu...

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The box only says what kind of OUTPUT the game can support. Look at GTAIV below for example, the box may say 720p, but its a sub-HD game. This is why...

Some PS3 and 360 games run at anamorphic renders, meaning it renders at weird resolutions, then stretches it to the desired image size, which ends up with less stress on the GPU. But! This technique is what leads to the blurry looking games.

All of the PS3 games listed below are sub-HD anamorphic rendering ga...

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Its going to be 1152x640(QAA) just like GTAIV...

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Theres a total of 3 full 1080p 360 games.

Fifa Street

NBA Street something...

and a XBL game

Truth is... it can output 1080p, developers choose not to though, because that kind of graphics horsepower is taxing, so its better to use it for visual effects, 60fps, etc.

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Mr.Pope, you saying the 360 version can't OUTPUT real 1080p?

the native resolution will of course, stay the same, but the difference between outputting in 1080p versus 720p can be important too.

Outputting in 720p will require most 1080p HDTVs to scale the video image, resulting in some substantial input lag for some.

While 1080p output will require ZERO scaling, ... a "one-for-one" transfer basically...

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Cuts DEEP.

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PS3: Split-Second = 1280x720 (2xAA)

360: Split-Second = 1280x672 (2xAA)

Note: Native resolutions aside, the 360 version shouldn't be knocked, it produces less torn fra...

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Ok, seems like you guys don't have any issues, but I've counted 8/9 of my BF friends (PC and PS3) having connection issues with BC2's multiplayer. These include...

Constant disconnects. Almost every other round.

Rubber banding.

Hit detection problems.

All around unplayable matches due to "lag".

I'm no expert, but when myself and 8 other technically proficient friends from around the ...

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DICE had in house testers for BC2, a public beta, a MP demo, and a few months full retail release...

Pretty sure it should work by now.

Lets see... 9 of my close gaming friends bought BC2. The game is an excellent shooter. Amazing graphics, kickass mechanics, etc

8 stopped playing due to lag, connection errors, etc


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[email protected] was really good, I've been waiting to see Treyarchs latest, and tell you truth... all of the stuff mentioned in this article beat MW2's "feature" list.

PS. In before "nerf cross bow" cry babies.

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