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"They're in there with their bear. There, I said it. "


Just a quick question. What if you're wrong, and Phantom Pain is Phantom Pain?

Just asking. #10.2
They're, their, and there.
They're is a contraction of "they are."
Their is third person plural possessive.

They're in there with their bear. There, see? It's not that farking hard. #3
Video game journalism: where dreams of a writing career go to die. #4.2
In the future?
Supply and demand were determined to set prices by Adam Smith (1723-1790), if not sooner. #11.1.1
Liquid Snake was killed before his arm was removed. As far as I know, all the Snakes died with both arms intact.

But, you know, never let pesky little things like facts get in the way of a good rumor. #2.1
Oh wait, my mistake. Liquid lost his arm after he died. It was grafted onto Ocelot after Gray Fox cut off HIS arm. #1.5.1
I was looking at the birth of the German Empire in the 1870s.

The reason for this is the Assassins were based on the Muslim sect Nizari Ismaili, the original Assassins, and the slogan, "Nothing is true. Everything is permitted." was attributed to them by German philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche(1844-1900), who apparently had quite a bit of praise for their moral code.

Then again, Nietzsche's mustache would crash all but the most powerfu... #2.3
Medieval Japan is riddled with intriguing ideas: ninja, Samurai, that sort of thing.
Because of this, the Ninja has become a cliche. THAT is why it will not happen in Assassin's Creed.

I wouldn't mind seeing it if it did. The ninja were masters of camouflage and covert movement (hiding and sneaking about) so they would fit into the AC... #2.1.1
1. Phantom pain is a reference to the sensations felt in a limb that isn't there anymore, nothing more.
2. Liquid Snake lost his arm at the hands of Gray Fox in MGS1. Big Boss died with both of his arms intact, so will Solid Snake. This story flatly contradicts existing MGS canon, no matter who the one armed man is.
3. The game play looks more like Resident Evil than Metal Gear Solid.
4. Metal Gear Solid is already a well established franchise with... #1.5
As much as I like GTA, particularly the PS2 generation, I'm hoping for a new contender. No one should be #1 forever. #12.2
And that makes the games less free.... how? I'm paying for the service, not the games. So, by definition, they're free. #5.1.5
This is how MSM covers video games.
It's sad really. Mainstream news sites like USA Today and this site ignore us, so we have to rely on people who read and write on a seventh grade level for anything noteworthy. #1.1
AC3's ending kind of suggests there won't be an AC3.5 #17.1
I called it Assassin 's Creed: Black Ops. #13.1
I think you would be looking for 1725-1730. 1860s is the Civil War.

AC3 began in 1735. #10.2
LoL. Get lost in the desert with one guy, switch to another guy and go pick him up. #6.1.1
He was playing on the fact that Nuketown is a tiny tiny tiny map, and consequently, not a suitable setting for GTA. #5.1.1
Yes. I kind of figured that from the picture.

And after seeing some of the comments I've seen. A weak joke is the least or this sites issues. #21.3.2
Which, oddly enough, doesn't affect the core of my comment: the author of this article needs some ethics.

Partly because the right thing to do is the right thing to do, but most likely because the information well will dry up because nobody will talk to him. Then the site will have to shut down and he'll be out of work. #21.2.1
So, apparently, standards of journalistic integrity have gone out the window next to standards for spelling and grammar.

When did it become okay to not tell someone he was On the Record? Or verify a claim? Or, here's a thought, make sure your precious little sound bite is actually NEWS.

Or is it "Yay! Bill Murray just told me he's working on MW4!" that you were trying to convey.

In other "news" Harold Ramis just... #21
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