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Smartest console war

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This is a problem because there were holdin on winning the E3 console war after losing the sales console war, the holiday console war, the exclusives console war that M $ started.

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20 million ahead....I'd lean towards the smart move

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Nobody's talking about sales though

Ms and Sony are talking about sales

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Nobody's talking about sales though

Ms answer Sony are talking about sales

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What's next for the Uncharted/Sony haters........................ ......the climbing in those kind of shoes are completely unrealistic?

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Better not get your drivers license then

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You mean they've been planning this since "The biggest lineup in XBox history?"

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Can someone explain to me how someone, no matter their allegiances, can say a game can look better or worse after a site like Digital Foundary runs all their tests on a game while displaying the metrics on screen?

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I'm an Uncharted and a PS4 enthusiast and a game's length is a valid argument. That being said, I heard it being said for games that last 5-10 hours like a first person shooter for instance. That coupled with the prices of current games. The biggest critique coming from gamers and critics alike is the length of a game vs. current price of a new game.

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A few suggestions/observations:

1) They should really change this sitename to (opinions for gamers)

2) Sounds like alot o people are making sites just to pose their opinion and then make it look like a news article

3) Alot of sites not normally submitting reviews are suddenly submitting reviews/opinions

4) There is no accountability for journalist theses days..........the likes and dislikes start seeping into ...

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Has the other VR options actually taken off?

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"they're forcing you to pay for online now, and the Wii U hasn't done so hot sales-wise. " - wonderfulmonkeyman

Yeah I remember going into the games store and Nintendo WiiU were being sold for free......point is no matter what you decide to'll have to pay

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I don't understand...........ever since Microsoft introduced their own console it's always been Playstation vs XBox and the fans followed suit.
PS2 vs XBox
PS3 vs XBox360
PS4 vs. XB1
Also I don't get how 360 and it's fans were touting about sales numbers about 360(at least for three years) against the PS3...........why the philosophical change?

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So sales does matter...contradicts other Xbox aficionados

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don't know what your looking at

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Which one did you like the best?..............the 1st, 2nd, 3rd one you bought?

55% failure rate if I'm correct.......and it wasn't an opinion piece like this article.

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The E3 console war?

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