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What is the price they are asking? #1.4
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A stealth VR game would be off the hook #5
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So it is in Stanks estimation that the articles stating that the PS4 is selling is all bull? #1.2.4
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On the first hand, didn't Microsoft get enough input from consumer reaction when they first revealed their plans for a disc-less machine?

On the second hand, the contract to use the BluRay drive only said that they can use it for a few months?

On the third hand, isnt that like spitting in the mouths that already bought the XBox at at 499 price point?

All in all............points that the 500 price is killing M$

............. #33
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I see your point but the launch after the release of PS3 was the same............no games. They eventually came out. Even with the difficulty in developing for the platform, they still came. Look how the PS3 ended up........great games and numerous to bat. #3.1
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Very telling.

A lot of the XBoxer would say that the initial numbers were exaggerated. But keep in mind that next to the US, the UK was second in best selling Xbox country. #5
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"No sorting options/Too cluttered"

But the UI on the One is not? HUH????????????????????? Fanboyism? #20
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In to summarize what the respondents are saying..............please correct me if I'm wrong:

1. The current sales are false.
2. If both consoles were out in the same territories. Sony
s lead would be non-existent.........with those loyal to XBox saying the console would actually be leading.
and those territories area: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom, United States and New Zealand #39
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How long has the Vita TV been out? #12
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Please let there be video of this interview.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/progra... ------------petition them to release the interview #32
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These articles are absurd. If there was hidden power within the XBox, wouldn't they have released it already?

When Microsoft first revealed the One with DRM, they quickly did a 180 a week later due to public outcry and perception; a pretty quick decision to temper and salvage some fans. Seeing as the public perception as PS4 being more powerful, with the games showing the proof, wouldn't Microsoft be just as fast to release that added power to at least stop percepti... #17
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Does the US get the PS4/Vita bundle? #3
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I'm more concerned with the JIU not no mention the GUWK. But that's not to discount the AKO. Not to mention the SOL. #6
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Bing is a hot mess #11
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I wondered what I preordered...........the Playstation 4 or the PS4 #1
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.. #2
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That's actually a real good point. Let's go see the XBox 1 livestream games............waiting...... .. #8.1
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Love the design...........just curious given the added power and the small form factor how it sounds with it running. #2
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Is the disc still a feeder design?? #25
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I don't know if this has been brought up but...........the Xbox One requires a day one patch to reverse everything that is associated with the DRM issue. And since M$ is now known for quick reversals, who is to say that in the future that they might implement the DRM policy in a whim? #21
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