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Couldn't you say that this perception of a "consumer friendly" Microsoft is a result their anti consumer start? Furthermore, had the intro to this generation netted better results for Microsoft, they wouldn't have changed.

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@deepthroat I know what you mean showing this was a downright crime

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Cometh with what

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30 million ?

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Wasn't HoloLens a thing?

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And is it at this point numbers will matter?

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For those that own a switch, I saw a video of someone liking the sticker.......why?

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Got an external HD question:

If you format your external HD on your PS4, can you still use it on a computer? Can you plug it into your computer to transfer movies onto that external HD in order to watch those movies on your PS4?

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Can we quote you on that Nick?

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I would like to see Nariko as well.

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Got a question about external hard drive support. Will you still have to create a PS4 folder on your HD in order to play movies and such?

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Lat;s see what other clickbait arguments they can come up with:

-The necks of the Longnecks wouldn't be able hold the weight of the head defying physics........hence a terrible game.
-Too much color(contradicting Metal Gear Solid(Kojima's)......" ;lack of color".......hence a terrible game.
-Flight would not be possible with metal wings.......hence a terrible game.
-GG is know for FPS.......hence a terrible game.

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That's OK.............Trump stated this is fake news.

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That's OK.............Trump stated this is fake news.

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Not knocking their review but have to laugh at, "too many human encounters."

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I'm fairly positive actually certain the manufacturers of their respective console(Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo care greatly about sales numbers. Going back to when the 350 was introduced, Microsoft as well as fans cared about sales numbers. Microsoft as well as fans were concerned with sales numbers during the holiday season even making up metrics that show their console in a favorable manner.

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It's funny how people are are confusing pristine which is a description of appearance not action. It also seems like these naysayers haven't seen an actual race where if driven properly, a race such as the one in the video happens. It seems like their looking for races like they'd see in movies like Fast and the Furious(a tank rolling down the street, a car flying off the roof)

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Smartest console war

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This is a problem because there were holdin on winning the E3 console war after losing the sales console war, the holiday console war, the exclusives console war that M $ started.

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20 million ahead....I'd lean towards the smart move

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