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It's funny how people are are confusing pristine which is a description of appearance not action. It also seems like these naysayers haven't seen an actual race where if driven properly, a race such as the one in the video happens. It seems like their looking for races like they'd see in movies like Fast and the Furious(a tank rolling down the street, a car flying off the roof)

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Smartest console war

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This is a problem because there were holdin on winning the E3 console war after losing the sales console war, the holiday console war, the exclusives console war that M $ started.

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20 million ahead....I'd lean towards the smart move

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Nobody's talking about sales though

Ms and Sony are talking about sales

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Nobody's talking about sales though

Ms answer Sony are talking about sales

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What's next for the Uncharted/Sony haters........................ ......the climbing in those kind of shoes are completely unrealistic?

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Better not get your drivers license then

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You mean they've been planning this since "The biggest lineup in XBox history?"

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Can someone explain to me how someone, no matter their allegiances, can say a game can look better or worse after a site like Digital Foundary runs all their tests on a game while displaying the metrics on screen?

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I'm an Uncharted and a PS4 enthusiast and a game's length is a valid argument. That being said, I heard it being said for games that last 5-10 hours like a first person shooter for instance. That coupled with the prices of current games. The biggest critique coming from gamers and critics alike is the length of a game vs. current price of a new game.

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A few suggestions/observations:

1) They should really change this sitename to (opinions for gamers)

2) Sounds like alot o people are making sites just to pose their opinion and then make it look like a news article

3) Alot of sites not normally submitting reviews are suddenly submitting reviews/opinions

4) There is no accountability for journalist theses days..........the likes and dislikes start seeping into ...

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Has the other VR options actually taken off?

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"they're forcing you to pay for online now, and the Wii U hasn't done so hot sales-wise. " - wonderfulmonkeyman

Yeah I remember going into the games store and Nintendo WiiU were being sold for free......point is no matter what you decide to'll have to pay

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I don't understand...........ever since Microsoft introduced their own console it's always been Playstation vs XBox and the fans followed suit.
PS2 vs XBox
PS3 vs XBox360
PS4 vs. XB1
Also I don't get how 360 and it's fans were touting about sales numbers about 360(at least for three years) against the PS3...........why the philosophical change?

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So sales does matter...contradicts other Xbox aficionados

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don't know what your looking at

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Which one did you like the best?..............the 1st, 2nd, 3rd one you bought?

55% failure rate if I'm correct.......and it wasn't an opinion piece like this article.

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