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Frame dips ahoy ! #32
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Lol, this is the biggest backhanded compliment of the X1 I've ever heard. So it has the most exciting games on it and in the works ? ( yea sure it does ) and it's still getting outsold by 2X ?
So the X1 has soured the consumer so much they rather buy the more boring system ?
How badly have you screwed up that no one wants your ( much more exciting ) console? #41
Wait, an actual gamer like Jackfrags had a different opinion than an MS talking head ? #7
So now MS cares about resolution ??? Thought it was all about gameplay ? #33
Funny, it has enough performance to run most games at what theyre where designed ? While others can only under perform. But the hell do I know I only looked up the definition of the word. #40
What happens when you have more money than talent on your side. #33
To be fair the X1 is kinda limping around with a busted flipper so burying it would not be a tremendous feat. Its like shooting a 3 legged dear and bragging about it. #44
MS anti consumer ? I will hear no such talk and a good day to you sir !! #1.22
Its clear MS has always aligned itself with COD, so keep it the way it is. #33.1
You can't just buy a game like the UC series or TLOU. They take time and talent, sure they can put a team and slap together a clone but to do a game on the level of a Naughty Dog will take time and you wont see an equal coming out of MS's camp for at least 2-3 years prob more and by that time UC and TLOU will have evolved even more. #34
Im thinking media blasting would leave a better finish #28
Another year another Doodie dropping. #14
No doubt, they get $ for timed, then sell 1 mill on X1 then another 2-3 mill on PS4, win, win. #1.6
I know who I'd rather Bang. Hint it ain't Drake. #35
Maybe its a Japanese thing, but this is what being HUMBLE is like. Got it Cliffy B ? #19
I"ll take the 1080p over 792p & some plastic stuff. #33
Ain't nobody got time fo dis game wit that Halo collection ! #14
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Wait I pay you to let me play your game but never really own it ? Sign me up ! #31
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Fuck yea ! Heard that Surface Pro was flying off the racks ! #17.2
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Cool story Forbes, that's why they just shut down the studio that was suppose to produce its exclusive video content. Yea all companies love loosing 400 million on hardware, Hell Atari was jumping for joy when dumped all those E.T cartridges in a landfill back in the 80s. Morons. #27
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