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People it's time to start voting with your wallets plain and simple. #31
One word, Activi$ion #23
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So how many more $20 DLC packs they got in the pipeline for this thing ?
3,4,10,20 ? Gotta love Activi$ion, glad I skipped this game boy. #27
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I'd take Bad Co 3 over BF5. EA is dead set on turning BF into a yearly COD game, hey if we wanted a slapped together turd every Nov, we'd buy COD ! #8
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What shots exactly ??? I've heard popcorn farts that where louder. #28
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Satire ? Yea everybody knows IGN are the definition of journalists with integrity. #9
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This service is geared toward casual gamers, if i really like a game, I'll buy it. Kind of like movies. You either like movies and buy them on bluray or just rent them forever. I don't buy every single movie that comes out cuz most of them suck. But I'd rather own Apocalypse Now or Band Of Brothers on Bluray than renting them. I'll never buy COD just rent it, but I will buy the New Uncharted or Last of Us. #20
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Yea it's a good thing the X1 is not trying to live of the 360s history, when does that Halo collection drop again ? How's that Halo 5 coming ? #16.3
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They can all they want but there is no one game or 3-5 games that will make come back from a 3 to 1 sales deficit. #23
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I smell another 900p X1 version. Hey Dev question for you, if resolution is a non issue then why release a PC version that is only limited by your video card ? Why not lock it in at 900p across all platforms ? Do we need a FC4 1900 X 1089 @ 90 FPS ? Not if its about the gameplay right ? Oooh that's right cuz if you did the PC version would sit on shelves. Anybody making a top tier game these days is in the the resolution race, they just don't want to admit for fear of losing X1 sales. #20
Well you first need good devs, not the chop shop re-skin pros at Clawhammer, Infinity Ward & Treyarch but more importantly you need someone other than Activision with their crappy model of a New ( not really new ) COD every November. Till then it's gonna be the same cut together Frankenstein FPS game is has been for the last 5 years. #1.4
Hasn't IGN given the last 4 COD like 8.5 - 9s as well though ? Just saying. #65
Awesome ! Another reason for some dummy to camp out ! Hey keep up the great work Clawhammer, you guys are worthy COD devs, adding more dumb killstreaks is what makes COD a great game ! Lolz #12
Noooooo keep the Lone Wolf, Rambo wanna bee, non objective playing K/D whores in COD. #6.1
Could of told me these where from a never released Black Ops 2 DLC, Would never know the difference. Don't forget to get your pre orders in people ! #11
Even if they put out some DLC, how long till that becomes more of the same endless grinding that it is now ? Destiny was flawed from the beginning. #11
I was tired of it after a week with the beta. #27
And that's Sony fault of course. #1.1.5
Probably due to remnants of the DRM. #14
" The scariest thing is gaming is how one of these consoles is underwhelming and the other one is even more underwhelming " there fixed it for you. #34
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