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Gorgeous ? Nice try

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They mean playing too much COD causes brain damage, which is 100% true without a doubt.

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How dare you state the obvious, you trying to get banned ?

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Keep that bun in the oven till its golden brown, last thing you want to do is put out a rushed and underpowered product. Know what I'm talking about ?

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Need a stand alone BF Vietnam game for modern consoles.

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They said the same about the last Tomb Raider remember? There is no magic game people stop it.

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Nintendo never spends more than it has to on hardware, last time they did that was on N64

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Making cases for a particular console to get an exclusive. This what they call Journalism right ?

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His voice would never cut it,

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I would buy a used Xbone for like $80 to play Battlegrounds till it drops on the PS4. And with everybody trying to buy the scorpio used Xbone prices will be super low

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Without a strong roster of games other than Atari games this thing will go nowhere.

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its a toy people, hell u expecting ?

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Real question is do we need another Assasin's Creed, Halo, Gears, COD ? Or any of the other tired games that drop every year like stale apples of a tree.

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Players choose wirh their wallets and we know who they've chosen.

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Greatest online service on the planet means little with small number of games to take advantage of it.

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When did you say the new Pokemon Silver/Teal/Moon/Apple Pie/Honeybee version was coming out ? Nintendo has been riding on the backs of Pokemon, Mario, and Zelda for the last 20 years, please bro.

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Take your time Sony, the longer you wait the more powerful the PS5 will be. You dont want to end up with a weak console that you have to keep refreshing every two and a half years like another console maker who shall remain nameless.

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Nobody tell MS that, they cut a check with a lot zeros to get it before the PS4.

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wheren't the first two xboxes also future proof ?

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And that's exactly as it should be, most people couldn't tell you which Xbox is which if you lined them next to each other.
Same with the PS4 and Pro. PS5 needs to be recognizable from the PS4 both in looks and power.

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