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Lol, he said COD will push the consoles. You mean if COD where to get behind the wheel of a semi truck and push them with its front bumper ? Then yea thats the only way.

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Guess nobody told you that the remaster wont play without the disc.

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Actually WW1 was mostly about Gemany, France, Britain, and other Euro nations. U.S didnt even officially join the allies at all. US soldiers did fight against the Germans but not in great numbers like WW2. But what do I know its only history.

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No reason ? Have you not played the last 10 Call it Doodie games ?

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Yes, encourage Good games kids. Dont buy another Doodie game.

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Lol, he said Stunning and COD all in the same sentence.

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Hey copying shit cuz you have no creativity works for the GOP presidential nominee's wife.

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Like asking if their will be another COD, no these companies hate making millions on every new title

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What, guys who have no real jobs other than making shitty videos taking bribes ? No waaaay !

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Yea but you can't push a new $400 console 1.5 years after another $300 console that replaces the $500 console that came out 3 years before that on the sole premise of.
" look kids it upscales to 4K ! "

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" You're all wrong about COD, this a whole new game" sounds familiar, its like I've heard that before.

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Relax Vince its a COD remaster not the FF7 remake.

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Well if we go by history it will have secret GPUs, powered by the cloud, they already have started with the 4x as powerful too. Its like we time traveled.

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Hope they learned how to Not make a crappy game rushed to market so kids can have something to play after watching the movie.

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Aren't they already beating MS ? You mean can they continue to beat MS with NEO ? Think they can.

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Course it can, MS has never lied......

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All theyve done is fragment their base and tried to boost their sales by making their fans buy not 1 console but 3. These is the same company that bought Nokia for couple billion and is now parting it out for couple hundred million.

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MS - No resolution matters none, its allllllllll about the games people.......... That is why we're coming out with two new Xboxes.....did I mention the last one is 4X as powerful as the current Xbox ? But yea screw resolution !

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They're also trying get you to buy 3 consoles within 4 years of launch. Thanks you MS ! Do you want
my firstborn as well ?

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Yea I stopped playing BBall in high school, not because I sucked but because I no longer cared about never winning

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