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Lucky you it only costs $20 to buy. Close to the price of a skirt in real life. Eff this game.

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Yea no, the way to do it right is to leave them the eff out of a $60 game.

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Who out there actually trusts anything EA says or does like you thought they changed their ways.

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No, YOU don't care, MS cares, and more importantly their STOCKHOLDERS care. You think MS got into this business to not sell consoles ? Yea you're right they got into this business to make your life more happy? How many cases of Xjuice have you been drinking ?

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"4. Microsoft comes out with a new Xbox, in an attempt to start a new "generation" before Sony."

That would be outrageously stupid. And stupid is what they would be, if they haven't learned by now that software drives the hardware, not the other way around. Without compelling exclusive games, this would be throwing away good money after bad. Get those first; then think about future consoles.

They already did that, its called the ...

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Funny how now poeple claim MS doesnt care about Xbox sales, Thats like the guy who cant win races saying he does it for the love of the sport not to win races. I'm sure they got into this business to not sell consoles, lol. They sure didnt mind selling xbox 360s. But they're right in saying that NOW they are focusing on getting people to join they're less than consumer freindly eco system. If you cant sell hardware then you gotta at least sell subscriptions. But you are really dri...

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Its no accident, sure Sony give a little some some for their troubles. Its not new btw, remember when COD games ran better on Xbox ?

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Xbox, where games go to die.

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Yet they are still hell bent on pushing their vision on gamers, go for it you. You want to trail behind Sony next gen as well ?

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MS, the Donald Trump of the gaming industry. All show very little go.

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no, but nobody can say this will help it. You really need to be driniking the Xjuice to think going disc less is the second coming of jeebus and will cause xbox sales to go throught the stratosphere. Xbox are still in a hole they dug whith the crap they pulled with the Xbone launch. If you do not learn from history then you are doomed to repeat it.

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Hopefully the next BF will have smooth crisp controls and not the stiff gunplay of BF1. We dont need 500 control options DICE, we shouldnt have to get a PHD to set them up to our liking.

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So it's out fault you got bent over a chair at Gamestop?

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Lol, stop it with the spin already jeebus christ. Yea killing Disc Based media where we the consumers have the choices and putting it all in MS's greedy hands a great idea, a super idea. Yes making consumers renters of their games who'm only have access as long as they keep their subscriptions going is a great idea.
As the article points out MS already tried this with the Xbone and we all know how that turned out. But hey they didnt learn the lesson, I say go for it MS, sho...

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Wish they would've added some more wildlife to the world so it wasn't so empty.

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Anybody who has ever traveled outside the US extensively (and it looks like nobody at MS has other than on vacation) will tell you that in places like Mexico, and the whole of Central and So America not to mention a lot of other places on earth that dont hace high speed internet access 24/7 Disc based media is still and will always be the preffered choice and in going only digital you are ignoring a good percentage of the consumers. Go to your local Walmart on a Saturday evening and watch the...

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And im sure MS is loving it, they've been trying to go all digital since the Xbone and we know how that turned out. I say you want to go disc less and only let their players rent games and never own them then go for it long as Sony gives me the option to keep buying discs if I want then the choice is clear.

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Sound familiar, thought the last two Xboxes where supposed to do that ?

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A game service where you rent the games and never own them is not a service I care for no matter if its Sony, MS or Nintendo.

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