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At least in Japan some people still have a sense of honor and shame, in this country you get a promotion for being the oppisite. #15
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Speaking of design, wonder what PS4's drag coefficient is. Seems pretty streamlined. #52
Upset by treatment of virtual animals, first world problem. #18
Seems like there a lot more pro X1 sites out there. Last 3 weeks it's nothing but X11 great holiday lineup, X1 is back, X1 catching up to PS4. Sounds like MS has been sending out checks love crazy. #65
You living in your parents basement ? PS4, X1, games, Custom PC ? Yea sure kid. #9.2.1
One small bit of advice if you want people to enjoy and for this game to this game to succeed:
Whatever Destiny did, do the Exact Opposite. Last thing we need is another grind fest where all the cool stuff is DLC. #18
How they getting screwed ? Everybody knew the price and specs before it went on sale. #61
What happens when video game journalists who got their job cuz they loved playing video games, not cuz they have digress in computer science or computer engineering. #3.8
I thought X1 was up to 10 mill ?? That would put the X1 behind by 4-5 mill ?? Somebody done lied. #17
Lots of gamers have the memory span of a dead Gerbil, hence COD selling millions every Nov. And I'm sure MS has the money to hire some company to make up 1000s of burner FB accounts just to get them high reviews. #27.1
Well since you asked, I choose to support the less evil game company, who wasn't try to enforce crazy anti consumer DRM methods, hasn't flip flopped, didn't resort to using fancy tech terms to try and convince me how their product would perform better, the company produced better hardware and selling it cheaper from the beggining instead of doing it out of desperation like you. But hey a lot of gamers have short memories so you keep piling it on. #28
I still laugh at the hate Ubi has and others get for buggy yearly released games, yet all you have to do is say the words COD and gamers get moist. If anything gamers have shown they will line up every Nov for this year's game in the series by the millions, yet we act surprised when it's crap. It's like going to Mickey D's and getting mad that your burger tastes crappy. WTF I paid $1.99 for this burger and it tastes like it cost $1.99 ! #10
Car analogy, you can tune a 1974 pinto till the end of time. Still a 1974 pinto that might blow up if rear ended on the freeway. #6.4
For adults who have rents, mortages, car payments, wives, ex wives, kids, pets, etc, etc, no it isn't.
For 18 years olds living in basements, having samiches brought down to them during nite long energy drink fueled gaming sessions, yes. #35
Please regail us with your review of Quantum Break, we wait with baited breath. #2.2
Agreed BC2 is still better than BF3 & 4. All it needs a graphical update for next gen and some anti air weapons for all the circle strafe heli whores. #16.1
I think we need a break from the modern setting, a palet cleanser if you will, a proper WW2 remake.
BF1943 using the FB Engine from BF4, a Band of Brothers ( Bluray box set now on sale at Costco for a mere $24! ) style game. A toned down bloody, gritty, tactical and historically accurate game. Then a proper Bad Co 3 game, then BF5. If I want the same shooter every year, I'll buy COD. #17
Actually the X1 version is superior to PS4's in that it has so much more wildlife it actually eats so much of the grass there are a lot bald areas throughout the game.
X1 powa ! #1.1.3
You stating the differences, then saying there really aren't many differences does not make sense. High res textures and lighting can make a nite and day difference. #5.1
I see Activi$ion is hosing down the Tony Hawk name and getting ready to hook it back up to the Milkamatic 2000 for another go round. Now if they would unplug COD and let it free graze for a year or two. #22
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