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2014, COD will be better than BF
2015, COD will be better than BF
2016, COD will be better than BF

6 months later, maan COD sucks ! I'm never buying a COD game again ! 6 months after that,
2017, COD will be better than BF.

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Sorry TF2 I'll be waay too busy playing BF1 for your ass.

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If this is a Prememium Product, then the two consoles before it where not Premium ?

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Hey we gamers have shown that we'll buy just about anything so I dont blame Konami for pumping out this turd. If gamers really cared about not buying shitty games then there would not be a Call it Doodie game every November. Konami is just trying to folllow the trend set forth by Activision.

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Just another gamingbolt bs click bait article, nothing to see here people, move on.

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Metal Gear Umbrella Corps

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Yea I wish the games on the PS4 ran better like they do on the X1. I want the majirity of my games running 960p cuz they're so optimized.

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Yea and every COD looks good for 5 minutes as well.

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P. T Barnum was right

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Lol, he said COD will push the consoles. You mean if COD where to get behind the wheel of a semi truck and push them with its front bumper ? Then yea thats the only way.

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Guess nobody told you that the remaster wont play without the disc.

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Actually WW1 was mostly about Gemany, France, Britain, and other Euro nations. U.S didnt even officially join the allies at all. US soldiers did fight against the Germans but not in great numbers like WW2. But what do I know its only history.

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No reason ? Have you not played the last 10 Call it Doodie games ?

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Yes, encourage Good games kids. Dont buy another Doodie game.

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Lol, he said Stunning and COD all in the same sentence.

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Hey copying shit cuz you have no creativity works for the GOP presidential nominee's wife.

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Like asking if their will be another COD, no these companies hate making millions on every new title

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