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Yea well N4G articles say the direct oppisite Phill, and THEY know what they're talking about ! #15
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Oooh yea digital downloads are the future, it's easy and simple and you never own it just renting.
I'll stick to Disc thank you. #9
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Whew ! For a couple days I thought I would have to buy a COD in years, turns out I don't . Thank you Treyarch ! #23
I see a COD in this studios future. #19
What's to defend I thought the X11 has and will have the best game line up ? #22
Think VR is better as far as gaming goes, you want to be Immersed in the game. There you are trying to beat the 25th COD game and your girlfriend decides it the perfect time to vacume the carpet, and she WILL do that. #19
No bullet drop in this game ? #7
VR headsets will be the new motion control fad then go away. #30
Don't hold your breath, #25.1
Aaaaah crap, a COD WW2 game !? Here I was hoping DICE was doing a next gen WW2 game. Single player aside how can you have a WW2 online MP game with no tanks or other vehicles ? Gosh darn it DICE, get off you candy asses and show those hacks at Treyarch what a REAL next gen WW2 game is, you know they gonna half ass it like always. #27
If you're getting your swagger back, why and how did you loose it in the first place ? #20
They gonna have full custome livery on consoles ? Dont like the pre made stuff in Drive Club. #12
And I bet you lined up for Call It Doodie every Nov just like all the other Hypocrites here.

" Hardline is just a BF4 reskin ! Now excuse me, I have to go pre order COD 23, this one is gonna be the good ! " #2.5
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Hate to break it to you but gamers are not known for turning down DLC, no matter how expensive or crappy it is. #34
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Wrong everybody knows the PS4 or the games will not get any better and only the X1 will improve !
Least that's what all the " X1 will get a new better firmware update " articles lead us to believe. #11
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Means new Ford GT will be on other racers in 6-12 months. #19
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" Honored to pay to have the new Ford GT in Forza 6 " there fixed. Everybody does this BTW not just MS, Sony does as well. What you guys thought Ford did it out of the kindness of their heart ?
I'm sure it will be exclusive to Forza for 6 or 12 months then it will be on Project Cars and other Racers. #9
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We don't be liking any truth on things round these parts. Next you gonna tell us Reality TV shows are scripted. #1.1.2
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Good for them but then again the movie Babe about a talking pig also won an award. #24
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Oooh noo, only the X11 will improve. Sony and Nintendo don't beleive in improving at all. Have you learned nothing here at N4G ? #12.1
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