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It's buggy but shows some potential. If you're tired of the Bob the Builders or Jackrabbits in Fortnite then H1Z1 is a decent change of pace.

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That MS check tho.

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I understand but did you have to make the female character straight outa Fortnite ?

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Yea they should have showed off some of videos of all the new features, which are supposed to be pretty good.

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WTF is this WW2.5 shiat.

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Before you start crying about DICE already made a WW2 game! Lets go through the run down.
BF 1942 -2002
BF Vietnam - 2004
BF2 -2005
Bad Co 1- 2008
Online only BF 1943 - 2009
Bad Co 2 - 2010
BF3 - 2011
BF4 - 2013
BF1- 2016
So please, enough with the tears. Besides It's already been leaked that DICE L.A is doing Bad Co 3
for release after BF V.

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Are you charging $60 for it ? then you already half failed.

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From the official DICE twitter" The tides of war are changing… can you feel it? "

Deff a WW2 reference.

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No another Call it Doodie game is a Mistake.

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Its Call it Doodie, every 9 year old is gonna line up to buy it, doesnt matter if they put out blank discs with COD scribled on them.

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Who's still getting wet over the Doodie games ? 8 year olds ?

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Hope the Vietnam War setting rumors are true the Vietnam DLC for Bad Co 2 was great. The man in black pajamas dude, worthy effin adversary.

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I smell a battleroyal mode.

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Too bad for the people out of a job but nobody is feeling bad for old Cliff, him and his old lady still have matching Lambos.

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So Mad Max 2.0 ? could be good.

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MS is building a future, and apprently in the future there are only like 7 games per year. Dim future, like Bladerunner, no sun dim.

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Fool me once shame on you EA, fool me twice..........

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Oooh it doesnt matter, Xbox is doing great, they're making a killing, they got record profits!
Least thats what all the Xbots say on N4G.

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No yea the Xbox is doing great! No MS got into this business to sell half of what the competitors sell, yes they prefer it that way actually. Denile is strong like bull.

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It would be a dream come true only problem is in terms of the MP they would have to go back to a more of a no frills, squad based, smooth and responsive, gun on gun gameplay that made BC2 so great and if BF1 is what they're gonna base it off of then it will be just as clunky.

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