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Nobody tell MS that, they cut a check with a lot zeros to get it before the PS4.

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wheren't the first two xboxes also future proof ?

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And that's exactly as it should be, most people couldn't tell you which Xbox is which if you lined them next to each other.
Same with the PS4 and Pro. PS5 needs to be recognizable from the PS4 both in looks and power.

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If you're a COD fan then you're probably used to being shat on.

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50 million of that was just what MS paid em for 1 year exclusivity.

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The good thing about releasing a console first is that you're king of the hill for a good year or two in terms of power. Bad part is the other guys next console will be even more powerful. It was true in the days of Genesis vs Super Nintendo, Sega Saturn vs PS1, Dreamcast vs PS2 and so on.
MS should know this by now cuz its also true in the world PC gaming and even in the world of smartphones. So MS better use its time before the PS5 wisely and build a lead, cuz anybody in the ...

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PS4 might not be able to do 4k @ 60fps but we all know its not about the graphics people, its about the quality of the games, am I right ?

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Why dont we also stop saying its hot or cold outside when it is while we're at it. If X game borrowed or straight stole from Y game then it did.

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Sounds like a "ARK" all over. MS wrote a check that said "Never mention PS4" in small type at the bottom.

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This is where MS screwed up, I gurantee there are gonna some unhappy kids this holiday season when they find out Nana bought them the regular Xbox instead of the XboxX.

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Switch is a toy and a gimmick. just like the Wii.

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Most powefull console this year. Dreamcast was also the most powerfull when it launched. Where is it now ?

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War mode looks like fun, Like Overwatch protect the cargo. First COD I will be buying since Wack Ops.

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No console is future proof dummy, the day they make them with CPUs, GPUs, and RAM that you can upgrade is the day they will be sonewhat future proof. Till then stop calling any console that.

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Their core base will pay any price, $500 is not gonna help bring in people still on the fence and new gamers. Far as games they have timed exclusives but their True exclusives where not that impressive.

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3rd console in 4 years since X1 2013 launch. Maybe next time do it right from the beginning ?

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Dont think MS has learned from their mistakes.

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Keeping the annoying and OP hero class from the last one ? I'm out.

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They cant charge what the others do cuz compared to them its weak

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Being first out the gate with a new console is a double edged sword. Yes you have the most powerfull hardware on the market, but thats only for 1-2 years And like all tech harware being made these days 1-2 years can lead to your console looking underpowered when the competitions new hardware comes out. MS should know this.

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