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Microsoft registered in 2004. This is fake.

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Walking and exploring in Journey is a player interaction. And yes, I am familiar with David Cage and Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy. However saying, "But it's David Cage!" is not a good excuse for sidelining the player as a viewer the vast majority of the time.

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@MariaHelFutura: And this why I didn't like MGS4 either.

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@MariaHelFutura: In a 35 minute video, approximately only 7 minutes of it involved player interaction. Approximately 28 minutes of it was watching. That's what I mean when I say the balance is way too skewed towards watching.

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Actually, they did. The thing is, The Walking Dead kept the player actively involved whether it was with QTEs, shooting zombies, walking around and talking, solving puzzles, etc. It struck a good balance.

The balance between interacting and watching is way too skewed towards watching with what has been shown for Beyond: Two Souls.

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Journey had far more player interactions than what has been shown for Beyond: Two Souls.

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Yeah, this was why I didn't report on the poster to begin with. I saw it right after posted it and it screamed "fake" to me.

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Someone on Reddit photochops a logo together based off of months old rumor = Top of the page news with no skepticism on N4G.


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Yeah, there are benefits to Win8 being on the PC, tablets, smartphones and console. It will make creating cross-platform games easier for starters. There are downsides too of course.

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Well, we are essentially using the boxed up navigation of Windows 8 now with the Xbox 360...

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Sorry, that was a typo I caught after I published.

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Yeah, it's been that way at Target for about three or four weeks now.

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Eventually but probably not anytime soon (next couple of title updates). Mojang is several months ahead of the Xbox 360 version with the PC version.

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I wouldn't do it for TV or internet but I might do it for Xbox LIVE depending on the subscription price if its the difference between paying $300 or $500 upfront. I would subscribe to Xbox LIVE anyways so it would be no real skin off my nose (again, depending on the subscription price).

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Depends. I think everyone is expecting some sort of subsidized model for the next Xbox. Whether Microsoft can get cable providers and internet providers to throw in even deeper subsidy cuts remains to be seen.

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The thing is, only those who really follow the game industry are aware of the Xbox 720 rumors. The vast majority of the public will be completely unaware of what the console may or may not have until it is officially announced.

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It's nearly physically and financially impossible to do really large sample sizes. This one probably has a margin of error in the 3-4% range (guessing since I don't know the particulars such as the confidence interval) which is pretty decent for a survey.

I've seen surveys with much smaller sample sizes (hundreds) touted as evidence for political movements, etc. Frankly, I'm ok with this one.

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You'd be surprised...

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Because Microsoft has a policy of not commenting on ANY rumor about a product before its officially announced. That may not always be the smart decision but it's not an indicator that it the always online requirement is true for games as well.

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