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FWIW: SmartGlass can be used on Windows 8 devices (PC/Tablets/Phone), Android and iOS. Not sure about Sony.

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There would be some improvements. The most notable of which would be the increase in world size. The Xbox 360 version is limited to a defined area (can't remember off the top of my head) and players can quickly run into the world's edge.

Another improvement would a large increase in the number of players online.

I hope they do something about allowing custom textures but that's probably asking too much of Microsoft and Xbox LIVE.

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Depends on how it is setup...which we and Blow know nothing about at this point.

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Braid, sorry.

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I'm sorry but Blow is coming across as increasingly unhinged with his hatred of all things Microsoft. I know he feels like he got a raw deal with Limbo but he doesn't have anything to back up this assertion. And, even if Microsoft reaches the 300k claim in part by using virtual what?

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I think it looks more like an HTPC case than a VCR. I have a Silverstone case that looks very similar but just a different color.

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Possible if it is subsidized with Xbox LIVE subscription.

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I'm thinking GameStop is probably not considering the 360 Core Edition in their comments.

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Looks like those that disagreed with jcnba28 were the correct ones. Activision confirmed with me that is not one of theirs. It is fake. Do not use!

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Well, maybe not. The WhoIs for shows it was created today and not by Activision. Additionally, the pre-order link only takes users to Amazon and has an affiliate link in it.

I've contacted Activision but this looks like a site trying to take advantage of pre-orders.

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Indeed, nice catch. I've updated the article with that. Thanks.

And to the disagree, what are you smoking?

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Microsoft registered in 2004. This is fake.

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Walking and exploring in Journey is a player interaction. And yes, I am familiar with David Cage and Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy. However saying, "But it's David Cage!" is not a good excuse for sidelining the player as a viewer the vast majority of the time.

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@MariaHelFutura: And this why I didn't like MGS4 either.

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@MariaHelFutura: In a 35 minute video, approximately only 7 minutes of it involved player interaction. Approximately 28 minutes of it was watching. That's what I mean when I say the balance is way too skewed towards watching.

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Actually, they did. The thing is, The Walking Dead kept the player actively involved whether it was with QTEs, shooting zombies, walking around and talking, solving puzzles, etc. It struck a good balance.

The balance between interacting and watching is way too skewed towards watching with what has been shown for Beyond: Two Souls.

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Journey had far more player interactions than what has been shown for Beyond: Two Souls.

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Yeah, this was why I didn't report on the poster to begin with. I saw it right after posted it and it screamed "fake" to me.

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Someone on Reddit photochops a logo together based off of months old rumor = Top of the page news with no skepticism on N4G.


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