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The guide is at Toys R Us. I'd hate for you to go to the wrong store. :) #1.1
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Fail by Burnett, fail by the psychologist, fail by CNN, fail by politicians and fail by the media/political complex in general.

There's been no proof on what games Lanza played, how long he played it or if even affected his psyche if he did play games. Just a couple of unsourced stories from a couple of media outlets parroted by others. But everyone sure is quick to rush out saying the gov't needs to control an entire industry... #1
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As I mentioned in the article, this Best Buy rep has provided me with deals the last few weeks that other sites, including CAG, did not list in their previews.

The only reason I put "may" in the title is that I still have a hard time wrapping my head around Halo 4 being $20 only a couple of months after release. However, I wouldn't stick my neck out by writing this unless this rep had given me correct info in the past. #3.1
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Yep, that was a silly typo just in the headline that's been fixed. #1.1
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This is essentially the same information that was in the Kotaku leak yesterday. Supposedly that info came straight from the cache of AMD docs that were stolen. #1.1
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This has been swirling around Kramer since the early 2000s. I live in an Atlanta 'burb and can remember accusations involving this guy from at least 10 years ago. #1
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It's regularly $200....still. #2.1
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This makes as much sense as saying "Why the Los Angeles Lakers will never win the Super Bowl." #3
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A huge chunk of the production cost of the Wii U is the tablet. Assuming that the neither the PS3 or Xbox 360 will go that route, Sony and Microsoft can spend more money on the console itself. #6.1
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It's an unadvertised online deal. Link is in the article. #3.2
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Let's stop pretending that a committee of old people who know nothing about games, live ensconced in the Washington bubble and are only trying to show that they will do "something" know how to solve the issue of violent games and will do so in a way that does not stomp on civil liberties. #1.2
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We gotta go through this conversation every time a deal is posted about an Xbox LIVE Gold Card?

Simplest answer - Different strokes for different folks, man. #2.3
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It was $38.99 for most of the day. They deal is dead now though. The article has been updated to reflect that but the other XBL Gold sales listed are still good. #3.1
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Yeah, the first episode is still free. That's what makes this $10. The other four are $2.50 each. #1.1
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He's stuck in Detroit on a 4-12 team that loses even when he puts up bonkers numbers.

I'd say curse not broken for the sole reason he's stuck in the hellhole that is Detroit. LOL #1
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The game has been fine for the most part. The special promotions and now the DLC have been anything but. #1.1
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Yeah, that's harder to do unfortunately because of the way it has to be setup for co-op (different from War Games). Just one person with a bad connection can screw it up for everyone. #1.1
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343 is trying to keep the number of playlists at a manageable number so it doesn't become the mess that the Halo: Reach playlist became. As a result, they are rotating out playlists that aren't necessarily popular.

I'm not defending the practice, just pointing out their reasoning.

There's no skill ranking in Halo 4 yet but it is supposed to be coming in a future title update. Maybe they'll add a ranked playlist then? <shrug> #1.1
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You can expect to see this deal more widespread on Sunday. At Target definitely. #1.1
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